Request for Review of Decision: Form HA-520

When most disabled workers apply for Social Security Disability benefits, they find that they need to appeal a denial of their Social Security Disability claim. In most cases, an appeal will consist of a request for reconsideration and a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. In many cases, a hearing is successful and a Social Security Disability applicant receives benefits as a result of this hearing. In some cases, however, the hearing does not go as planned and the disability applicant must then take his or her appeal to the next step.

When a Social Security Disability hearing results in a further denial of an applicant’s SSD benefits, the applicant has the right to appeal the decision of the ALJ who heard the case. This is done by asking the Appeals Council to review the decision that the ALJ made in regards to the applicant’s hearing.

The request for the Appeals Council to review the decision made by the ALJ is made by submitting form HA-520 to the Social Security Administration. If you want to appeal a decision that has been made by an administrative law judge, you must submit this form within 60 days of receiving notice of the judge’s decision regarding your case.

If you are working with a Social Security Disability attorney, you will not have to obtain and submit this form on your own. You will need to discuss this stage of appeal with your attorney and he or she can submit the form for you on your behalf.

If there is new evidence that pertains to your disability since the time of your hearing, you should also submit that evidence along with form HA-520 when you appeal the decision of the ALJ regarding your Social Security Disability claim. 

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