Medical Re-Exam Date (MRED)

When an individual is approved for Social Security Disability those benefits do not continue indefinitely without follow-ups from the Social Security Administration. Each and every Social Security Disability recipient must undergo continuing eligibility reviews to establish their continued eligibility for the Social Security Disability benefits they receive. The length of time between each of these reviews is dependent upon whether or not the Social Security Administration believes that there is a chance for improvement to the beneficiary’s condition.

When a beneficiary is approved for benefits, their condition is given one of three labels including MIE (Medical Improvement Expected), MIP (Medical Improvement Possible) or MINE (Medical Improvement Not Expected). If a beneficiary’s case is labeled as MIE (Medical Improvement Expected) then that individual will undergo a continuing disability review within the next six to 18 months after the approval of their initial claim. The case will then be scheduled for re-examination and a medical re-exam date is set to determine whether or not the individual is still entitled to receive Social Security Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

When your Medical Re-Exam Date arrives you will be provided with a continuing eligibility review and your disability case will be re-examined. If your condition has improved, your Social Security Disability benefits will stop. If, however, your re-exam shows that there has not been improvement or there has not been enough improvement to disqualify you for Social Security Disability benefits, then your Social Security Disability benefits will continue and you will be scheduled for another Medical Re-Exam Date in the future.

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