Medical Vocational Allowance

If you suffer from a medical condition or injury that prevents you from working, you may be able to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA) to help cover the costs of your everyday living expenses. A medical vocational allowance is one of the ways you can qualify for these benefits.

The SSA has a manual, called the Blue Book, which contains a list of medical conditions that are used to evaluate whether or not you qualify for SSD benefits. A lot of people who receive SSD benefits do not exactly match one of the conditions listed in the Blue Book. If your medical condition does not match a listing, but you are still seriously disabled and unable to perform any type of work, you may still qualify for disability benefits under a “medical vocational allowance”.

A medical vocational allowance includes a thorough review of your medical records. The SSA will also determine the type of work, if any, that you are reasonably able to perform with your disability, which is also known as your “Residual Functional Capacity” (RFC).

If the SSA rules that you are unable to perform any type of job with your medical condition, even though you do not meet a listing in the Blue Book, you can be approved for SSD benefits under a medical vocational allowance.

If you are applying for disability benefits and worry that you do not meet one of the SSA’s exact listings, consider getting help from either a disability advocate or an attorney who can help you prepare your application and included materials.

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