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Does anybody know whether that SSI back pay comes on a certain day of the month? I got my first installment the same week I was approved for SSI it came on the same day I got my first benefit. But I should receive one in January and I'm trying to figure out when I will see it? If anyone has any experience with receiving them in would love to hear about it!


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Hi Tina,

Every case varies, so I really can't say for sure. You can call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to see if they can shed some light on that.

Andrew (not verified)
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My son got approved for his ssi how long after i open bank account for him will they deposit the back pay will it be before January?

Benny (not verified)
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I got my second installment November 2. So will when do I receive the last one . I have herd so many different things.


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Hi Benny,
You may receive it about six months from then, as the SSA sends SSI back pay installments six months apart.

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I got my first SSDI back pay in September when will I get my next 1


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Hi there,
You should receive it six months from your last installment if the SSA has awarded you SSI back pay. You may want to contact the SSA for more details.

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My Social Security Web page is showing a payment was processed on 12/21... It is now 12/26 and it still has not posted my Direct Express card account... My last payment posted within 48 hours... What's the deal? Should I call Social Security, or Direct Express?

Alisha Breckler (not verified)
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My last back payment for SSI was the end of June when will the next one be

Charles (not verified)
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Can I get all my back pay no

Anonymous (not verified)
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If got disability and back pay in December and already payed for January but that had me living with people not paying bills and paying me 500 a month now Today got it straightened out now I get more a month should they owe me back pay on that to


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Hi there,
they may not as your eligibility for benefits may gave been different during those months than now.

Willie f. walker (not verified)
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I was approved for ssi the 7th of December when do I receive my ssi benefits

Anonymous (not verified)
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My daughter second Backpage should have been on December 20th since I have not received that I called and asked if I could get it cuz my car has broken down and I really need it transportation to get her around the lady was really nice said it was for stuff like that she was going to work on it when we got off the phone to release it me how long will that take


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Hi there,
I could not say, you may want to follow up with the SSA regarding this as they would have information about any expedited back pay.

Dexter c. Johnson (not verified)
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I got my last back pay in August whens the next one

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