SSI Back Pay Installments

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 12/10/2015 - 12:41

Does anybody know whether that SSI back pay comes on a certain day of the month? I got my first installment the same week I was approved for SSI it came on the same day I got my first benefit. But I should receive one in January and I'm trying to figure out when I will see it? If anyone has any experience with receiving them in would love to hear about it!


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HI Wayne,
If you're receiving benefits based on income, you would receive two installments of up to $2000 six months apart and the rest in your last installment.

Renee (not verified)
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So I am an SSI disability, I have received the first and second installment of back pay. Last installment is due in June of this year. I have a great need for a vehicle, and was told it's an approved purchase. I have no other means of transportation, to doctors appt. The grocery store, doing my laundry etc. So I applied for early release of balance. Showed proof of intent to purchase a vehicle, 5 pages of proof including a purchase agreement with seller. Was then told I have to get a Dr. Note stating it's medically necessary. My doctor says it's a basic need and I do need to get to appointments but it doesn't fit parameters of medical necessity. So no note. What can I do. Also lady at ss office actually said to me on the phone "that's what you get for being welfare social security. Please help..loosing out on a great deal.


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HI Renee,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may want to contact your doctor again regarding this, if your condition affects your mobility, it may be considered necessary.

Linda (not verified)
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Did it come in a separate check. . And did it show on your ss online account in payment history


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Hi Linda,
Back pay comes separately from monthly benefits, and it may be reflected in your payment history.

Mary (not verified)
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If you got your first back pay in September when will you get the next on and when in March is it the first of the month

Mary (not verified)
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If you call the office in Clarksville Tennessee they tell you not to call and if they want to talk to you they will call you they are so messy here I hate to call never get the right answer it's just hell here


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Hi Mary,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may want to contact the SSA's main line at 1-800-772-1213.

Jeffrey (not verified)
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Does ssi back pay come paper check or direct deposit?

Joe (not verified)
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Is there anyway I can get second installment quicker. Like for your child's needs, like tutoring and learning tools

Anonymous (not verified)
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My daughter got her first installment in aug.
An her 2nd one in fed but I have not received any thing yet
I'm late on my rent possible eviction can I use daughters back pay for that

Yaschika (not verified)
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I had my appointment wit the ssa on feb 1 she told me that my backpay will be sent out on the 2nd when should i receive it

Nancy Ruth Lovett (not verified)
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When will receive my next back payment

Karina (not verified)
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What will happen to my sons 2nd backpay installment if hes account is closed will they keep the money or send a check or do i have to open another account nd take ssi office the info


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Hi Karina,

You should try to open another account and let the SSA know immediately after, so they have the most up to date information.

Karina (not verified)

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Ok ive opened the account but when i took them.the new info for the account they said i needed to have a review done i spent the money in things my son needed nd to pay for my car cus it got impounded i dont have no receipts will they not give him the rest of hes money owed nd will they take him of hes ssi monthly payments

Brandy (not verified)
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Hello, I've been reading some of the questions and answers. I got approved on August 2017 for both SSI & SSDI. I got the first monthly payment until January 2018, some of the other people said they got their first lump sum 4 months later. So SSI sends the lump sum in 3 installments correct? How long does SSDI take to send the lump sum? And is it also in installments? Please advise,
Thank You


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Hi Brandy,
You are correct--SSDI should be about four months after, and it'll all be at once. SSI is indeed in three payments, each one 6 months after the prior.

Diane Morales (not verified)
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I was supposed to have received my back pay from my disability on September 2017, but never received it. So they said it was sent out, but I never received it, so they reissued me a check for my first back pay January, now when will i get my 2nd installment?


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Hi Diane,
If you got your first check in January, you'll receive your second check in June and your final check in December.

L (not verified)
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Okay so my daughter got her first installment on september 15 2017 when would she get her 2nd

Leeah (not verified)
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The bank closed my son dedcutied account and now its time for his 2 installment what should i do


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Hi There,

I recommend opening another account with another bank and then notifying the SSA of that change.

Courtney parker (not verified)
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If i got alil backpay in december whens the next month i should get more backpay?

Larry Dries (not verified)
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I want to know if l can get back pay if my already on SSI. I was trying to get Disables before. They told me we have to more we were over what the standard were. I was trying to get SSI in 2008. When l could work anymore that is when they were telling me l had to more. Been trying to get SSI and i just got it a little over a year ago. Because l wasn't trying to get the back pay from SSI. But things l changed not. Me and my wife are separated
And she has filed for Divorce. I want to know if not that things have changed can l get the back pay i was trying for from before. Because l have SSI not but can l get the back pay from 2008 or not. I hope you understand what l wrote and mean. Please let me know.
Larry Dries


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Hi Larry,
I am sorry to hear that! It's possible that your wife's income disqualified you from SSI when you applied in 2008, so it's possible you will not be entitled to any back pay prior to your separation.

kevin (not verified)
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i got approved for my ssi and the lawyer was pay already when will my money come


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Hi Kevin,
That's great, congratulations on your approval! Unfortunately attorneys always receive the payments first, but your benefits should start in just a couple of months.

Sheila peeler (not verified)
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I want to know do they sends sis and back pay comes out together

carlos suarez (not verified)
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So if you get ssdi you will get your back pay in one lump sum?

Toni lyn VanWo… (not verified)
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My last installment when will i get it

Daniele Clark (not verified)
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I was wondering when a receive my next regular ssi back payment?

Theresa Brassfield (not verified)
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I'm in need of getting my back pay ASAP. Because I want to get off the street an in a home again so please help me to get my back pay early if at all possible or tell me how I can go about doing it


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Hi Theresa,

You may be able to qualify for expedited payments from the SSA. The SSA has a section on its website regarding what next steps to take. Best of luck!

Christina (not verified)
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My son was awarded disability back pay at the end of 2015. Jan 2016 I got his first installment, they never sent the second, I called them and asked them if I was suppose to get it at 6 months and they claimed they didn’t know what happened and I got his second Dec 2016, I was expected to get his last one six months from then. I just checked his account and they never made it and it’s been 14 months!!! I am going to be calling them because the last one is approx. $8,000.00. They still have to make that payment because they never made it even though I just now realized it right??


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Hi Christina,

I am so sorry to hear about that. I would recommend speaking with a Social Security attorney or advocate regarding that situation.

Julie (not verified)
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I have a question, my son receives ssi an they shut it off after December payment, well I fixed it an then they screwed it up again but it’s now fixed as of today , how long until I get the back payment

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