SSDI checks for kids

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/24/2016 - 14:12

My X receives an SSDI check monthly as well as my 2 sons. I have had full custody for 6 months but she is still controlling their checks and refuses to document how she is spending their money. What are my options to get control of the checks to insure the money is properly used.

JB (not verified)
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I’m on SSID. My son lives with me one week and his mom a week. She is the sole payee for my dependent. I am struggling while she’s remarried and doing well, collecting state benefits illegally (husband works full time, yet they are “estranged”). She doesn’t work. Can I change the payee to myself? I need it to care for his needs much more than she does. I’d even be willing to “split” his dependent pay. This was not court ordered, only voluntary on my part. PLEASE HELP!


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Hi JB,

To change the payee to yourself, you would need to contact your local SSA office. I am not qualified to speak to the specifics of you case in particular so the SSA office, or a lawyer would be your best bet.

Julie (not verified)
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I have been on SSDI since 2015. I adopted a child in 2018 is he eligible for auxiliary benefits?


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Hi Julie,

Your adopted child should be eligible for auxiliary benefits if they are a dependent, under 18 and are not married.

tonya (not verified)
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I have kidney disease am applying for disability do Include my son will he receive benefits?


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Hi Tonya,

If you receive SSDI, your son is a dependent of yours, under 18 or enrolled full time in school and unmarried then he will likely be eligible for auxiliary benefits. Be sure to list him on your application if he meets the requirements.

claire (not verified)
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I have had my little sister living with me and my girlfriend for 3 months now , i do not have any kind of custody , but she is hearing impaired and gets an SSI check every month , my mother however has control of the check every month and does not use it to help me with my sister. can i have control over the check even if i do not have custody of my sister?


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Hi Claire,

To change payee you will need to make an in person appointment. Ideally you would have all parties involved at the appointment.

Susan (not verified)
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I’m disabled (ssdi). My son (now18) lives with his father. My sons father did not want to receive auxiliary benefits for our son when I became disabled. My son would like to know if he can collect his auxiliary benefits now?


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Hi Susan,

the only way to receive auxiliary benefits at age 18 is if your son is still enrolled full time in school! If he is, then he may be able to.

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My brother is currently incarcerated and needs a copy of his son’s benefit letter. He gave me a notarized letter, his ID and the child’s birth certificate. His mother is being very bitter and does not want to give it to him. My brother is fighting for his life! and is untitled to the letter I feel because he is listed on the birth certificate and that’s his son. Please help me. I don’t know what else to do.i also have a list that the lawyer ask for documents and his son’s disability letter is listed I can bring it into my local office. Please help. And no he does not live with him if that is going to be a question. Thank u help me save my brother. God bless.


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Hi There,

I would recommend calling the SSA and speaking with a representative who may have his information available.

Jill (not verified)
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Hi. I have a court order for past due child support. I have my kids though. So when they calculated how much of a benefit my children receive they based it off of the percentage I actually get which is only 40%. So my children are not receiving the full 50% of my actual amount I get. It comes out to be about only 20% of it. Is that right? Shouldn’t they receive 50% of the whole amount? Thank you!


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Hi Jill,

It could because the SSA has an overall household limit of 150% of your benefits. So your children might not receive the full 50% to keep you under the limit.

Curt (not verified)
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My daughter receives a disability check because I am on SSDI and she has graduated from high school and now is going to college. Does she still get the check while she goes to college.


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Hi Curt,

If she is enrolled full-time in school, then she should be able to receive the auxiliary benefits.

Alex (not verified)
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I have custody of my daughter and her mother receives SSDI, is my daughter entitle to receive benefits?


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Hi Alex,

If your daughter is a dependent of her mother's, under 18 or enrolled full time in school and is unmarried then she may be able to receive auxiliary benefits!

Anonymous (not verified)
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I currently collect disability both of them. I received my benefits after I was divorced.
I have a 14 year old son who also receives benefits through me. I had to apply and he was awarded the benefits.
At the time, my ex had a DVI against him.
I had full custody of my son and now my ex is a convicted felon as he tried to kill me. I had to send my son to Boarding School for troubled teens because he was physically and verbally abusing me. I have been using his monthly money to pay back loans as my ex would not help pay for it.
Time Sharing has changed my ex now has 100% physical custody and I have parental rights and visitation. My son wanted to live with his father. Can he collect my son’s disability? At this point, my son does not qualify for it anymore due to his rehabilitation at Boarding School. He is doing great in school, has lots of friends, etc.
How do I go about letting SS that he no longer needs these benefits?


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Hi There,

You can call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 or visit your local SSA office!

Anonymous (not verified)
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My fiancé got approved for SSDI. We have 2 kids together ages 3 and 4. His mom is currently his care giver because of his brain injury. My question is do I have to apply for my kids to receive benefits or does his mom need to apply for them?

Concern (not verified)
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I know a 16 yr old she gets ssi and her mom us her payee but mom uses it for drugs.dont have a place to I let her stay with me .but she has the right to get her money.her mom hasn't gotten her in school or anything.what can I do?


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You will have to change the payee in person. Make an appointment with the local SSA office and try to bring all parties involved. The daughter, the mom and the new payee. The will be able to dive deeper into this specific case and let you know what your options are.

Anonymous (not verified)
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My ex is signing custody to me of our son, he currently gets my sons SSDI checks and I'll have custody starting next week. How do I go about changing my ex getting my sons checks when he won't have custody of him when I will. I already have a savings account in my sons name for his checks I just don't know how to have the money deposited in his account when i officially get custody. My ex has never given my son his checks and doesn't even spend it on him but his other 4 kids instead. My son hasn't even lived with his dad since he got custody he's been staying with his grandparents. I don't want my ex to continue getting my sons checks since he will no longer have custody of him. what do I do?


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You should contact the SSA to get the payee changed from him to you. You can schedule an appointment with the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 or visit your local SSA office!

Robert (not verified)
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I am legally blind and receive Social Security disability income. My adult son (23 years old) receives supplemental security income due to autism. I was informed by Social Security he is eligible to receive A auxiliary payment due to my Social Security disability income. Is this accurate and how do I apply for said benefits if The information is correct.
Thanks in advance, Robert

Anonymous (not verified)
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If I change my daughters last name back to mine, will she still receive disabilty from her dad? He said If I change it she wont get it anymore.


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Hi There,

As long as she is still a dependent of her father's, then she should still receive the auxiliary benefits.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I receive SSDI and my children receive auxiliary benefits as well. I am currently rly in a custody battle with my ex husband and he wants 50% custody. Will their benefits be in jeopardy if they are not with me the majority of the time?

Nichole dunn (not verified)
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If child gets ssi check an child doesn't live with the person that gets it are they still allowed to get check


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Hi Nichole,

Children will have a representative payee assigned by the SSA. It is possible that they do not live with the person as long as the money is going toward the needs of the child.

Renee (not verified)
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My daughter receives auxiliary benefits per month. She also lives with me. She will now be staying with her dad almost 50/50.Will the auxiliary benefits be cut in half as well?or will I continue to receive the full amount per month?.


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Hi Renee,

If you are the designated payee for your daughter, you will continue to receive all her benefits.

Philip (not verified)
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My son has an eye condition that he got from me and my ex, his mother has disability for him. We have joint legal and physical custody (50/50) but I take him to all specialist appointments and my ex doesn't keep him on her scheduled weekends so I really have him the majority. I do not get any part of the disability, she has a part time job, her husband works full time, and I suspect fraud because I see new vehicles and new things popping up at her house all the time while my son sometimes wears clothes that are too small. Should I be able to receive at least half of my son's disability or possibly all of it since I'm the parent that's the most proactive with him?


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Hi Phillip,

It sounds like you should look into making yourself the representative payee. You can do this by making an in person appointment at your local SSA office. It will work best if all parties are present at the appointment.

Rebecca (not verified)
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If my husband loses his disability income will this affect my childrens income that they draw off from his benefits? This would be their only support


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Hi Rebecca,

If your husband is no longer receiving disability benefits then their auxiliary benefits will also be stopped.

Judy (not verified)
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My grandson lives with me and his dad died but his mother gets his check how can I get the check for my grandson


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It sounds like you need to change your grandsons representative payee to yourself. The best way to do this is to make an appointment at your local SSA office. It works best if all three parties involves are present.

Channel (not verified)
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My kids father was denied for Disability in December 2018 he file for a repeal in January 2019 his repeal court date was in June 20,2019 and he got approved in August 2019 how far do they have to pay him up to for SSDI ? And I just replied for my two kids on Jan 2,2020 how long would it take for my two kids to receive there first payments if there father already started getting his payment since August 2019 ? My son is 5 and my son is on SSI would that effect my son income ?


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Hi Channel.

The SSA will determine a "date of onset" for when they believe your husband began experiencing his disability. He'll receive back pay for the time between that when he was approved for benefits, minus a 5 month waiting period. For example, if the the SSA determined his date of onset was 10 months before he was approved, he would received back pay for 5 of those months.

I'm not sure the time it will take for your children to receive auxiliary benefits as it varies on a case to case basis.

The auxiliary benefits may impact your son's SSI depending on the amount. You can call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to find out if it will in your specific case.

Quesha (not verified)
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I have legal custody of my niece and my sister gets a ssi check for depression, shes never worked before and I was wondering could my niece get a ssdi check because her mom gets an ssi check?

Cheryl (not verified)
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My husband get ssdi. He also get a check for our daughter. He never helps me with anything and never uses the money he gets for her on her. What can I do?


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Hi Cheryl,

This is a situation that I would recommend speaking with your local SSA office about. They will be able to help you navigate the situation and potentially change the payee. Without knowing the full details of the case, I would not be able to make a recommendation.

Natasha D wess… (not verified)
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Need some help with! Talk to someone about mymoney and my kids SSDI i have not gotten it yet y'all can call me back Asap


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We are not the SSA so we will not be able to help you with the exact details of your case. Here is the SSA's phone number, I would recommend giving them a call: 1 (800) 772-1213

Diane (not verified)
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I am receiving ssdi and hav sole custody of my grandkids can they draw off me


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Hi Diane,

Your grandkids can receive auxiliary benefits from your SSDI if they are under 18 (or under 19 & enrolled in high school full time), if their parents are deceased or disabled, living with you before they turned 18, in the year before you were eligible for SSDI your grandkids received at least half of their financial support from you. IF the child is under a year old, then he or she must have also been living with you since birth.

If you've legally adopted your grandchildren, then your grandkids would need to be unmarried and under 18.

Anonymous (not verified)
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Can my daughter receive money if her father can't work but is still waiting on disability Even though he has a defibrillator permanently to start his heart if it stops. What can I do?

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