SSDI checks for kids

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/24/2016 - 14:12

My X receives an SSDI check monthly as well as my 2 sons. I have had full custody for 6 months but she is still controlling their checks and refuses to document how she is spending their money. What are my options to get control of the checks to insure the money is properly used.


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Hi There,

If your husband is awarded SSDI and your daughter is under 18 & unmarried, then she may be eligible for auxiliary benefits.

Stephanie (not verified)
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My daughters father recently applied for SSDI if approved she will be entitled to benefits as well as she was listed as his dependent. If he receives a check for example of 1200 would she be entitled to 1200 also or how does that work?


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Hi Stephanie,

She's eligible for up to 50% of his benefits, with a household maximum of 150% of his benefits. So going off your example, if your husband receives $1200 then she'll be eligible for up to $600. Your household would then be at the maximum amount as his benefits + her auxiliary benefit would be 150% of his.

Shelby Hosey (not verified)
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If I get social security disability can my kids get a disability check from me and child support from their dad


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Hi Shelby,

If you are receiving SSDI then they will likely be eligible. Auxiliary benefits and child support are different entities.

Troy (not verified)
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Ever since i was 5 or 6 my mom always got ssi check for me cuz of my ADHD bipolar disorder and othrr things my mom would get payment and i would never see a dollar from it im 18 now what do i do the checks stop coming in is it to late to do something


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Hi Troy,

When someone turns 18, they reevaluate if you are eligible for benefits based on the adult requirements. If you were found to no longer be eligible they may have terminated your benefits. You can appeal the decision, or reapply if too much time has passed they found you to no longer be eligible.

Mary Jordan (not verified)
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If get marry will it effect my son's SSI benefits?


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Hi Mary,

SSI is based on household income, so your spouse's income may impact his benefits. You can check the SSA's online chart to see if the household income will be within the limits for your household.

Tamara (not verified)
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My ex husband is on SSDI and both of our children receive Auxillary benefits. My son is 18 and graduates hisgh school this month so his benefit is ending. Will our younger child’s benefit increase now since she is the only one receiving auxiliary benefits?

Wendy (not verified)
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Hello. I would like to know if I could get a ssd benefit from my ex husbands social security.I divorced him by default and he does not pay child support. My son has IDD. Thanks


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Hi Wendy,

Your son may be eligible for auxiliary benefits based on your husband's benefits. To qualify, your son's father will need to be receiving SSDI. Your son will need to be a dependent, under 18, and unmarried.

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My husband is the payee of our adopted daughter. She receives SSI benefits until 18. Because her birth father passed away. She is 16 and recently went to live with a friends family. (Her choice) She now wants a new payee for her benefits. Can she legally do this??


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Hi Kim,

Your daughter may request a new payee (though she must give adequate reason for changing). You & your daughter should go to her Social Security Administration field office and request a change of payee. She will be given a form to fill out, and guidance will be provided if necessary.

Elizabeth (not verified)
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My son has cerebral palsy and receives a check. His father and I were never married but he has custody of him (and our other 2 boys) but all 3 live with me fully time. He doesn't send any of the money or even tell me what the check is spent on. And when I do ask him about it he flips out. Is there anything I can do about this.

Pablo (not verified)
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I’m set to receive SSDI in the amount of 1900.00 a month. I currently pay my ex-wife child support in the amount of 400.00. I understand our son will get a monthly benefit around 950.00 a month due to my disability. My question is, do I still have to pay child support after my son gets his benefits from my disability. We both have joint legal but she is the custodial parent. I get my son 100 nights a year. Another question is do I get control of my sons benefit or does my ex-wife control the funds?


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Hi Pablo,

Child support and disability benefits are two separate entities. Child support is decided by the Courts while Social Security disability benefits is a Federal benefit. If you were court ordered to pay child support then it likely needs to continue.

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My estranged husband get ssdi and i get a check and the 3 kids i have gets one also i just want to know can i get it raised i get 163.00 per kid and i just wondered if they can get more because he gets over 2000.00 a mo just for him


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Hi Jayme,

There is a household income cap for how much the house can receive in disability benefits. It may be that your family is at the cap.

Tony (not verified)
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I'm on SSDI and my 18 YO autistic son has received an auxiliary benefits extension based on that. If he get's a job will his auxiliary benefits be impacted? Is there a certain amount that he can earn without any changes?

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