SSDI checks for kids

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My X receives an SSDI check monthly as well as my 2 sons. I have had full custody for 6 months but she is still controlling their checks and refuses to document how she is spending their money. What are my options to get control of the checks to insure the money is properly used.

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Hi there,
I would contact the SSA and let them know that the money is not being used for the children's benefit, and they would be able to assign a new payee for the children's monthly benefits.

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I have primary placement for my child for three months now ( court order) my sons mother receives SSD for our son and is a very bitter money hungry lady so she is refusing to give it up, since she has direct deposit she continues to get it, but does not have the child. I went into SS to provide court order to change payee and when she found out she went on a rage rampage and told SS not to give me the check because she was petitioning to get him back, which she can't however they SS Dept listened to her and is now holding the check saying they are going to involve a third party payee, which is not right when the child lives with me, he has a lot of medical expenses so I don't know what to do or how to appeal this, I've went in serval times to SS office and they can't help, what should I do now to appeal this?


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Hi Alex,
You may want to collect all the information about your ex's ability to gain custody and provide it to your local SSA office. Additionally, a payee does not need to have custody of the child, but if the SSA feels that the child's benefits would not be used appropriately, they may change the payee based on that fact.

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My child's grandparents have custody of my child. Can I still be collecting SSI for her even though I do not have custody?


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Hi Rita,
You may collect SSI for her if you use the money for your child's benefit. A representative payee does not need to have custody.

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Hi, I am disabled with multiple myaloma. My son also receives bennifits from my disability. I take care of him most of the time and we struggle to make ends meet. My ex wife Was having an affair while we were married And is now remarried and has a full time job. I give her half of my sons SSD through a devorce agreement. They make three times what I get in SSD and she expects 1/2 of my sons SSD and uses most of it for a better life style. It doesn't seem right. What can I do to stop her from getting 1/2 of my sons SSD?


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Hi Darryl,
You may want to renegotiate your divorce agreement, as someone who takes care of the child most of the time, it may be a good idea to have more of those benefits for your child's care.

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I am divorced and my ex-wife and I share joint placement and joint custody of our child (13 year -old son with Autism, Cognitive Disability, Anxiety, and ADHD). My ex receives SSDI for my son, however, she is concerned because recently he has refused to stay overnight at her house. He used to stay with me for a week and then her for a week. The past couple of months, he has been refusing to stay at her house. He goes to her house everyday as we are homeschooling him now and he works with his mom in the morning and then stays there at her house for in home therapy (She works from home as a transcriptionist so she is home with him when the therapist is there). He comes back to my house in the evenings (She works till 8:30 so he would need to be with my wife and I from the time the therapy ends and while she is working) and sleeps at my house. My wife and I run him to music lesson, horse therapy, and Special Olympic bowling/basketball/track during the weekday evenings. On the weekends, we split up time depending on what is going on, but lately he comes back to my house to sleep. My ex wife is concerned about receiving SSDI for him since he isn't sleeping at her house. I told her that he is there everyday during the week and there on the weekends so she isn't doing anything wrong receiving the SSDI. She is feeding him and caring for him each day, he's just not sleeping there. We are actively trying to get him to be able to stay overnight at her house...therapy is talking with him and we are working on a plan to get him to be able to stay there again, but for now, he is sleeping at my house. For primary placement, do we need to change anything since he isn't sleeping at her house? As long as I'm not trying to get primary placement for SSDI, do we need to change anything? She is getting the SSDI and is using it exclusively for our son...clothes, food, music lessons, field trips for school, helping with medical costs, etc. In addition, since he received SSDI, he also gets Medicaid assistance which is a huge help for the cost of in home therapy and other therapy appointments at the doctors office, as well as medications. My insurance is billed, but the medicaid picks up what isn't covered by my insurance.

Thank you in advance for your response.


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Hi Kam,
It doesn't appear that you or your ex are misusing the funds at all, and a person outside the child's current residence may be able to receive funds for them. Additionally, eligibility for benefits may not depend on having the child in the house. If you're in doubt however, it may be a good idea to contact a local SSA office, you can find a listing of them here:…

Kam (not verified)

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Sounds good. Thank you!

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I am so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we are not affiliated with the SSA so we can't say for sure, but I would recommend calling them at 1-800-772-1213 to see if they can shed some light on this problem.

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My x-wife and got divorced after 17 years of marriage. Almost a year and half ago. We were separated for almost 8 months before divorcing. I've maintained full custody of them since day one. We were supposed to split custody 50/50 as long as she complied with drug testing and actually full filled her parent time. In which she did not. So my lawyer suspended all her parent time. She got unto a car accident almost a year ago? She is set to receive SSDI benefits after her last surgery on Dec 12,2017. I've heard she is going to get a large amount? Will she still be able to receive back benefit pay for my children even though she has only contributed maybe 5% of their living costs. And has only had maybe 8 over nights with them in a year? Or should the dependent benefits be given to me? Since I'm the primary care and support giver? Am I entitled to a portion of her benefits as well? Do to being married for 17 years?


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Hi John,
You may be able to have the payee for your child's benefits reassigned, you may want to contact the SSA with information about this, you can call them at 1-800-772-1213.

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I am on permanent disability with a dependant and both get ssdi. My son just turned 18 and his check started coming in the mail and credit union wont deposit in my usual acct now. SS sent a "you must direct deposit" notice" with check but they stopped it not me? Only option is to have son get government photo id to have him as joint acct. Is this correct?


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Hi Breanna,
Child SSDI benefits based off of your work record generally end when a child turns 18.

Anita (not verified)
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My Grandson lives with me and he gets survivor benefits from his father my son.His Mother still gets his check.What to do?

Aaron (not verified)
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my ex wife signed our son up to receive SSA benefits. I have not been notified ect how do I find out that she has done this?

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My ex has started receiving SSDI. We have three childern togther. How do I find out if they get any benifits and how do I receive them? Do the benifits come in each childs name?


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Hi Cann,

Each child may qualify for auxiliary benefits if they are under 18 or enrolled full time in school. You will have to contact the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 or make an appointment to visit your local office.

Sue (not verified)
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If my child’s dad receives SSDI can my child receive it? He’s not on the birth certificate and I am not able to get child support from him because he receives SSD. He’s willing to put his name on BC. He’s agreeing to everything just didn’t know if it was possible. Or what steps to take.


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Hi Sue,

For your child to receive auxiliary benefits, the father receiving SSDI would need to be listed on the birth certificate. To apply for auxiliary benefits, the you'd need to visit your local SSA office.

Tyler (not verified)
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I have full custody of my daughter and support her fully who is 3. The mother has no visitation rights unless I allow it. The mother said she is applying for SSD and wants to have money sent to my daughter, is that considered child support?


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Hi Tyler,

Auxiliary benefits (the benefits your daughter may be able to get under her mother's SSDI) are not the same as child support. They are two different programs.

Michelle Poling (not verified)
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My husbands 2 children receive ssdi benefits around $780/month through his case plus he pays over $650/month out of his disability check. Isn't that double dipping??


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Hi Michelle,

Well his children are able to receive auxillary benefits based off of his record, only until they are 18 though.

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My son dad got his first payout for ssdi how will I know if my son get a check have blood test and past do child support Paper


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Hi Paris,

Child support and disability benefits are two separate entities. But since your son's father is receiving SSDI, your son may be able to receive auxiliary benefits under his father's record.

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I just got approved for SSDI. My ex-wife and I have a child in common. I was told that my child can receive monthly SSDI benefits. The SSDI amount that my child would receive, does that come out of my SSDI benefit amount??

Meme (not verified)
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My daughter been receiving SSI but it stoped in she’s really disabled what should I do


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Hi Meme,

It could have been because of the household income increased, which stopped her benefits. You can try to appeal the decision.

SARA (not verified)
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My husband Ian receiving SSDI and our daughter was approve for auxiliary benefit...if I start working will that affect her check?

Geri (not verified)
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My son got held back in kindergarten so now he won't graduate until he is 19 years old will his benefits stop at 18 or 19 years old.

Tracie (not verified)
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My sons father receives a good amount of disability a month and he just added our son on to his disability

I am also his payee because he had no one else

I am moving soon and Our three year old will be living with me

I know child support can’t be deducted from disability payments but would my son get any type of payment out of his SS sent to me to support him?

I am guessing yes because when his daughter moved out but was still in school she was still getting the payment and it was being sent to her new address after age left

I am just hoping I would get some kind of help from him supporting our son when I move


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Hi Tracie,

If your son's father is receiving SSDI then your son may be able to get auxiliary benefits. He will have to claim your son as a dependent for him to get them.

Anonymous (not verified)
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My son does not receive an auxillary check although I am on disabilty. What can I do?


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Hi There,

If you did not add him to your application then that may be why. Or if you are receiving SSI then your son would not be eligible as auxiliary benefits are only for those on SSDI.

If you are on SSDI and he is under 18, you can apply for him to receive auxiliary benefits by visiting your local SSA office.

Katty (not verified)
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My son’s father is retired and I receive SSID for my daughter every month thru him. I was wondering if i can give him a child support while my son is still collecting SSID.
Thank you


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Hi Katty,

Disability benefits is a federally run program and child support is decided by the courts, so they are separate programs. If the court mandates child support then that does not stop when receiving disability benefits.

Christa (not verified)
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I never married my sons dad. He receives disability check monthly. How do I get my son to receive a check from his dad?


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Hi Christa,

If your son is a dependent of his father and his father is receiving SSDI, then your son may receive auxiliary benefits under his father.

Tab (not verified)
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My daughters father gets disability.. he is incarcerated I know his check will stop. Will hers stop as well?


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Hi Tab,

Even though her father is incarcerated, your daughter will continue to receive those benefits as long as she remains eligible.

Karhy (not verified)
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My son was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and I was told he qualifies for SSI, I have an appointment next month. I was wondering how much he is going to get?

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