Major depressive disorder, ADHD, agorophobia, PTSD, histionic personsality disorder, acute anxiety, panic attacks

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I applied about 4 years ago on my own for disability benefits based on my many issues. It became impossible for me to work at all about 8 years ago. My application was not approved. At this time I sought out a disability advocate to represent me. They filed the appeal which was denied. In truth I have been suffering from my conditions for over 30 years & have gone through a myriad of medications. My advocate listed my onset as 8 years ago when I could no longer work. The appeal filed through my advocate was denied. I have been under constant doctors care since I applied & also seeing a therapist. After the appeal was denied, my advocate set up a hearing with ODAR face to face with an ALJ, having a vocational expert on the phone during the hearing. When the hearing rolled around, all my doctors provided written opinions that I am unable to work & a list of my current medications. I felt so hopeful because of the strong support from my doctors & therapists & the fact my hearing was face to face with the judge & it would be obvious to him of difficulty to control my emotions or even comprehend the questions. I was subsequently denied, again. My advocate talked to an attorney who said we should send in a request for reconsideration based on the fact that the ALJ gave no merit to my doctors statements. The request for reconsideration was submitted to the appeals council 8 months ago. My mental health continues to deteriorate & I have been put on 4 addional drugs. It has been suggested to me by my doctor that when I need to, I go to treatment at a hospital, which scares me. What more can I do??? If I did not beleive I needed disabbilty assistance I would not have applied for it. I am at my wits end & feel like I am on the verge of another nervous breakdown. For the record, I am 57 years old.

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Hi There,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may want to submit the updated medical evidence, it may be able to help your case as your condition may have worsened.

Richard (not verified)
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I work full time but was diagnosed 3 years ago with ADHD. Would I be eligible for disability payments?


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Hi Richard,

It's tough to say because it is not always black and white, but you can fill out an application on the SSA's website and see if you might be able to qualify.


Suzie C. (not verified)
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Hi Richard. My name is Suzie n I have a 7 ur old son that was diagnosed w ADHD.he has Apr at school for speech n special classes n help w reading n memorization. I too was layer diagnosed with ADHD, MAJOR ANXIETY DEPRESSION 1 EPISODE N CRYING SPELLS SO MY QUESTION TO U IS CAN MY SON N I BOTH BE ABLE TO RECIEVE SSDI BENEFITS WHILE RECEIVING Tanf n food stamps? Or do I have to stop receiving cash aid (tang)??


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Hi Suzie,

I am sorry to hear that. If you are receiving SSDI and also qualify for SNAP benefits because you have limited income and resources, you can receive food stamps under SNAP.


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I've never been diagnosed with any mental health problems, but after a failed suicide attempt several doctors shrinks, etc. said I was suffering from major depression.
being depressed caused my suicide attempt they said. I told then dealing with SSI.GOV caused them.

Amber (not verified)
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Hello, i am 26 years old I suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression and SVT( heart condition) I have been experiencing social anxiety and have not been wanting to work in public due to social anxiety. Do I qualify for SSDI?


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Hi Amber,

One or more of your conditions would have to meet their corresponding Blue Book listing. I would look over the Blue Book with your doctor to see if you meet the medical qualifications.

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