Using an RFC When Applying With A Bone Marrow Transplant

If you are waiting for a bone marrow transplant and can’t work because of your medical condition but you don’t meet the Blue Book requirements that must be met in order to get Social Security disability benefits you may be able to be approved for disability benefits with a residual functional capacity evaluation. Residual functional capacity means what you’re capable of doing, and the Social Security Administration will look at your residual functional capacity to decide if it’s possible for you to work or not. If they decide you can’t work because of your condition then you will be eligible for disability benefits.

How To Use The RFC When You Need A Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow transplants automatically qualify for disability benefits after the transplant. But if you’re waiting for a transplant and you can’t work you can use an RFC to be eligible to collect benefits while you wait. Submitting a claim for benefits along with an RFC filled out by your doctor and medical evidence of your limitations can get your claim for benefits approved in many cases. For example, if you’ve been working as in a restaurant your entire adult life but your medical condition leaves you so fatigued and weak that you couldn’t be on your feet for an entire shift or carry heavy trays and drinks then you could use an RFC to prove to the SSA that you need benefits because you can’t do the only job you have experience doing.

What To Include With Your RFC For A Bone Marrow Transplant

When you are submitting an RFC with a claim for Social Security benefits you will also have to provide medical documentation to prove that you can’t work. Your doctor will need to describe in detail your condition and how it limits your ability to work. If you need a bone marrow transplant that means presenting evidence like a doctor’s diagnosis, blood tests, a lab report of a definitive test that establishes a hematological disorder signed by a physician, a lab report of a definitive test that establishes a hematological disorder that is not signed by a physician and a report from a physician that states you have the disorder, or a persuasive report from a physician that a diagnosis of your hematological disorder was confirmed by appropriate laboratory analysis or other diagnostic methods.

Get Help With Your RFC For A Bone Marrow Transplant

It’s a good idea to work with a lawyer that specializes in Social Security cases and RFC evaluations to help you with your claim. A lawyer who works only with Social Security cases can help you decide what medical documentation you should submit and walk you through the process of filing a claim for benefits with an RFC.

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