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Located seven miles to the northwest of Denver, Arvada is the eighth largest city in the state of Colorado. As of 2010, there are over 106,000 residents in the city. Like many communities in the area, Arvada’s history is tied to the discovery of gold in the Rocky Mountain area in the early 1850s. Some prospectors became wealthy, but most failed. Many stayed in the area, clearing the land and farming in the area’s fertile soil.

Agriculture has remained important to the local economy. Numerous cash crops are grown, with celery being the area’s most important crop. Other than those working in the area’s agricultural industry, most residents of Arvada work in Denver or Boulder, using the city as a sleeper community.

Denver and Boulder provide a wide array of employment opportunities for Arvada residents, including manufacturing and white collar jobs. There is a good mix of heavy, light, and sedentary labor jobs available in the area.

Applying for Arvada Social Security Disability Benefits

Over a third of Arvada residents hold a Bachelor’s degree and over 90% have graduated from high school, making the city one of the more educated cities in the US. Just over 14% of area residents claim to have a disability. This is slightly lower than the national average. Of those working age residents who live with a disability, over 67% are able to find meaningful employment.

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Unfortunately, this leaves nearly 3,000 Arvada residents disabled and unemployed. For those whose disabilities prevent them from continuing to work, Social Security Disability benefits are often the best option available to maintain some sense of normalcy in life.

The process of filing a disability claim is often a long one. Except in the cases of the most clearly debilitating conditions (which often qualify for a Compassionate Allowance and a faster disability determination), the burden of proving that your disability prevents you from performing any kind of work for which you are qualified rests on your shoulders.

Hiring an Arvada Disability Attorney

Many claimants make the mistake of trying to fight the system on their own. Arvada’s disabled residents stand a much better chance of having their benefits approved if they are represented by an Arvada Social Security Disability attorney. Whereas claims which are filed without the help of an Arvada disability lawyer have an abysmal 30% acceptance rate, claims which are filed with the representation of an Arvada Social Security lawyer have a 90% acceptance rate.

Many of these claims are approved at some point in the disability appeals process, where the services of an Arvada disability attorney are particularly helpful. If you filed your claim by yourself and have received a denial, contact an Arvada disability lawyer to work with you on the appeals process. Your Arvada Social Security lawyer can help you regardless of which stage of the process you are currently in.

Many Social Security Disability claims are denied due to improperly filed medical records, incomplete medical or vocational records, or even forms which you may have forgotten to turn in yourself. Your Arvada Social Security lawyer has worked with many disability cases and can help make sure that these kinds of errors don’t keep you from receiving your benefits in a timely manner.

Arvada Social Security attorneys receive all of their compensation from the back pay of approved claims. They will not charge you anything up front, and won’t ask you to pay them directly, except to cover legal fees which are incurred on your case. The Social Security Administration limits the amount Arvada disability lawyers can collect to the lesser of $6,000 or 25% of your back pay. Your benefit payments will not be affected, and you will not be asked to pay more after you have started receiving benefit payments.

An Arvada Social Security Disability lawyer will also handle disability claims in the following cities located in Jefferson County, Clear Creek County, Park County, Teller County, Douglas County, Arapahoe County, Adams County, Denver County, Broomfield County, Gilpin County, and Boulder County: Denver, Aurora, Berkley, Twin Lakes, Leyden, Lakewood, Engelwood, Commerce City, Westminster, Thornton, Northglenn, Golden, Boulder, and Wheat Ridge.

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