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Canton, Michigan, more properly known as Canton Charter Township, is located between Detroit and Ann Arbor in Southeastern Michigan. Its close distance to the two major economic centers makes it an ideal sleeper community for most of its 90,000 residents. Canton is located less than 25 miles from Detroit and a mere 17 miles from Ann Arbor.

As more and more people who work in the major cities move into suburbs and outlying townships in recent years, Canton’s population has seen remarkable growth, making it one of the fastest growing communities in Michigan.

While the majority of the population in Canton works in Detroit and Ann Arbor, the township does have some industry of its own. The largest local employer is the Plymouth-Canton School District, but large companies like Yazaki, which makes its North American headquarters in Canton, Sysco, and IKEA are also among major employers which maintain operations in Canton Charter Township itself. Major retail employers include Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Home Depot.

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Of course, with most of the population of Canton Charter Township working in Detroit and Ann Arbor, the industries and other employers of those areas factor significantly into local life. Major area employers include all of the major American automakers, as well as numerous factories and plants which manufacture parts for the automakers, and the University of Michigan (including its hospital).

Many of the occupations held in the Detroit-Ann Arbor-Canton Charter Township area are hard on the body and mind, and there is a higher than average level of disability amongst the area’s residents. If you live in Canton Charter Township and are unable to continue working because of a disability, you should call a Canton Social Security disability lawyer right away.

Applying for Canton Social Security Disability Benefits

Proving that you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits isn’t easy. Over 70% of initial applications for disability benefits are denied. Even if your employer and your doctor agree that you are disabled, and even if Worker’s Compensation or a Disability Insurance company has labeled you as disabled, you may find it difficult to demonstrate that you are completely disabled to the Social Security Administration. Most people do.

Hiring a Canton Disability Attorney

A Canton Social Security attorney knows what it takes to substantiate your disability claim. They know what the SSA is looking for, and they know how to make sure that your application and all medical forms are put together with the right verbiage to ensure that your disability claim has the best possible chance of being accepted, often right in the initial application stage.

Your chances of having your initial claim accepted improve by about 50% if you are represented by a Canton Social Security disability attorney. While many claims are still rejected, your chances of having your claim approved improve even more dramatically if you are represented by a Canton Social Security lawyer during the appeals process.

Regardless of what stage of the Social Security disability claims and appeals process you find yourself in at the moment, bringing in a Canton Social Security disability lawyer will improve your chances of having your claim accepted and ultimately collecting the benefits which are due to you.

An initial consultation is free, and your Canton Social Security disability lawyer will only collect if your cash benefits for disability are approved. In most cases, your lawyer’s fees will be drawn directly from the back pay which is owed to you, leaving all of your ongoing benefits payments for their intended purpose: helping you to get by while you are disabled. To have a Canton Social Security attorney review your case with you, simply fill out the request for a free evaluation included on this page.

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