Chesapeake Social Security Attorney or Advocate

The best time to call a Chesapeake Social Security attorney is before your claim is mired down in the disability appeals process. Ideally, you should have a Chesapeake Social Security lawyer work with you from the very beginning of the claims process. Your Chesapeake disability lawyer can help you ascertain, right from the start, whether you are likely to be entitled to disability compensation and how to best go about making your case.

You didn’t ask to become disabled and you shouldn’t have to wait forever for your claim to be addressed. Your Chesapeake Social Security Disability attorney can help make sure that your claim is not unnecessarily held up in the red tape of the Social Security Administration’s bureaucracy.

Even with a Chesapeake disability lawyer, you could be in for a bit of a wait. Without a Chesapeake Social Security lawyer, you’re almost sure to spend months or even years waiting in line for your claim to land on the right desk. Even then, if your claim is not filed in just the right way, you could find yourself fighting a system which assumes you are healthy and able to work until you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are, in fact, completely disabled and unable to perform meaningful work.

Although Chesapeake is one of the largest cities in the Commonwealth of Virginia, most residents don’t actually work in Chesapeake, instead commuting to nearby Norfolk or Virginia Beach. The major industries in the area include the tourism industry, the defense industry, and the shipping industry.

Applying for Chesapeake Social Security Disability Benefits

Nearly 20,000 of Chesapeake’s residents live with some form of disability. Many are able to continue working or retrain for positions which can work around their disabilities, and Chesapeake has an impressive 62% of its disabled population in the work force. With that said, however, there are still many who are unable to find or perform work because of complete disability.

To speak with a local disability attorney or advocate, fill out a free disability review today.

If you are completely disabled and even suspect your disability may last for a year or longer, the first thing you should do is contact your local Social Security Office and inform them of your intent to file. This will lock in the date of your disability’s onset. The very next thing you should do is contact a Chesapeake disability lawyer. Your Chesapeake Social Security Disability attorney can help you get all of the disability benefits to which you are entitled.

Whether you have spent your entire life working or have never held a job, if you are completely disabled, you are entitled to Social Security disability benefits. Your Chesapeake disability attorney will help you work out which particular benefits you should apply for. Generally speaking, those who have worked at least five out of the past ten years will qualify for SSDI, while those who have not will qualify for SSI if their net worth and income indicate an adequate need for government assistance.

Hiring a Chesapeake Disability Attorney

There are many variances in the laws governing Social Security Disability, making it difficult (albeit legal) for a claimant to represent himself. In most cases, a Chesapeake Social Security Disability lawyer can help you get through the process much more quickly. Your Chesapeake disability attorney is also much more likely to win a claim than you are by yourself.

Some may balk at having to pay 25% of the back pay to which they are entitled to their Chesapeake Social Security attorney, but for most people, it’s much better to pay a quarter of your back pay than to wait endlessly, dealing with all of the hassles of the Social Security Administration by yourself. And, of course, there’s no guarantee that you will even win your claim. While no Chesapeake disability lawyer can 100% guarantee that you will win your claim even with representation, having an experienced Chesapeake Social Security attorney handling your affairs does give you the best chance of success.

Your Chesapeake disability lawyer can help you no matter what part of the process you are in right now. However, the sooner you have a Chesapeake Social Security lawyer working on the case, the better your chances are of having your claim approved in the earlier stages of the appeal process rather than having to go to Federal Court.

A Chesapeake Social Security Disability lawyer will also handle disability claims in the following cities located in Norfolk County, Virginia Beach County, Newport News County, Hampton County, Portsmouth County, and Suffolk County: Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Hickory, Deep Creek, Suffolk, Lynnhaven Roads, Hobson, Bartlett, Smithfield, and Surry.

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