Elgin Social Security Attorney or Advocate

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be an arduous process, as most people who apply will ultimately be denied, often more than twice. An easy way to increase your chances of receiving benefits is to hire legal representation, and those who retain a qualified disability lawyer or advocate are eventually approved for Social Security Disability benefits.

Elgin is one of the fastest growing cities in Illinois and has a current population of 108,188. It is well-known for its historic architecture of the Victorian era. Although it is now a railroad and industrial city, in its earlier years the dairy industry was important to the economy. Corn and soybeans are crops grown in the area, and popular manufactures include electrical equipment, household appliances, and pharmaceuticals. Close to one-quarter of the jobs in Elgin are in the manufacturing industries, and the city is also home to Judson College.

19% of the population living in Elgin is in some way disabled. Out of those, about 64% are employed. Social Security Disability benefits are a vital asset for disabled people unable to perform work of any sort. If you are part of this demographic and are considering filing for benefits, you might want to contact an Elgin disability lawyer to assist you.

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Only 35% of people who decide to file without legal representation are approved for benefits. Having an Elgin Social Security Disability attorney represent you will dramatically improve your chances of approval. Many applications are denied simply because of improperly filled out paperwork or not having the correct medical documents. To help combat the chances of you being denied due to a technicality, your lawyer can help to complete and submit all paperwork correctly. He or she will also gather all necessary medical records and physician’s statements needed to present your case.

If you retain the services of an Elgin Social Security attorney, your chances of being approved rise to almost 90%. The application process is very lengthy, and in recent years has become even longer due to the large amount of backlog the SSA is experiencing. Some claims may take up to two years to complete, usually after entering an appeals process. Legal counsel can often help you get your case approved in the initial stages without having to be subject to the appeals procedure.

If you’ve already begun the process of filing for benefits and have been denied, you can still contact an Elgin Social Security Disability lawyer to help you with the appeals process. In fact, this is usually the time when legal representation is most beneficial. During the first part of the appeals process, the Request for Reconsideration, 80% of claims are denied for a second time. You are most likely to get the decision overturned in your favor during the hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge, and your Elgin disability lawyer will be especially helpful during this time.

During the hearing, your Elgin Social Security lawyer may send you for additional medical testing to strengthen your case, and will likely subpoena witnesses who can help prove your claim. You won’t need to worry about compensation, because your attorney will only seek payment if you are approved. You will receive a retroactive benefits check that will cover the months when your cases was pending. The SSA will take out 25% or $6,000, whichever is the smallest amount, and will send that money directly to your attorneys for payment.

If you are disabled and want to apply for Social Security benefits, your best bet is to get in touch with an Elgin disability lawyer today. He or she will provide you with the best chance of being approved for the benefits you so desperately need. Simply fill out the form on this website for a free disability consultation.

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