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Every year the Social Security Administration receives millions of Social Security Disability claims from disabled workers. Of the applications received nationwide, as few as 30 percent are actually approved during the initial stage of the application process.

The remaining 70 percent of applicants must pursue the lengthy disability appeal process in order to obtain the disability benefits they are rightfully entitled to. Hiring a Fullerton, CA Social Security Disability attorney may actually increase your chances of avoiding a disability appeal or, if necessary, overturning the SSA's decision to deny your benefits.

Historically Fullerton was the center of agriculture, producing large crops of oranges and other citrus fruits. Today Fullerton benefits from a diverse economy with the educational, medical and manufacturing industries playing a large role in the progress of the area. California State University, Fullerton, St. Jude Medical Group, Fullerton College and Alcoa Fastening Systems provide many of the area jobs for Fullerton residents.

Applying for Fullerton Social Security Disability Benefits

There are more than 135,000 residents who call Fullerton home. In the State of California, approximately 2.9 percent of the population receive Social Security Disability benefits. The average benefit payment for a California Social Security Disability recipient is $1,083.80 and it will take Fullerton disability applicants an average of 358 days to complete the disability claim process.

Why does it take so long for Fullerton Social Security Disability applicants to complete the disability application process when the initial disability claim should take only three to four months to complete? The reason is due to the fact that nearly 70 percent of claimants must pursue the disability appeal process in order to receive the benefits they are entitled to.

Because of the backlog of disability appeals in the system, it takes nearly a year for Fullerton applicants to obtain a date for a disability hearing. Fortunately, working with a Fullerton Social Security Disability lawyer can increase your chances of filing a successful disability application, eliminating the need for an appeal. If, for some reason, your initial disability claim is denied, using Fullerton Social Security Disability Resources can increase your chances of successfully appealing the SSA's decision to deny your benefits.

For more on disability benefits in California, see How To Qualify For Disability In California.

Hiring a Fullerton Disability Attorney

When you hire a Fullerton Social Security lawyer to represent you in your disability claim, your attorney will work with you to ensure that your disability application is filled out properly and that you have all of the evidence necessary to prove your case to the Social Security Administration. Your lawyer will also ensure that your case is presented to the Social Security Administration in the best light possible, improving your chances for approval at the initial stage of the application process.

If your initial application for Social Security Disability benefits is denied for any reason, a Fullerton disability attorney can represent you through your disability appeal. Statistics show that individuals who are represented by qualified disability lawyers are more likely to receive disability benefits than individuals who try to represent themselves.

If you are disabled and need to file a disability claim or appeal a denial of your benefits, it is crucial that you consult with a Fullerton disability lawyer as soon as possible. The longer you wait to retain the services of a Fullerton Social Security Disability attorney, the harder it may be for your attorney to win your disability case for you.

If you have already filed a Social Security Disability application with the SSA and that application has been denied, you should contact a Fullerton Social Security Disability lawyer as soon as possible. You will want your lawyer to begin the first stage of appeals, which is a Request for Reconsideration. While it is possible for you to file this request yourself, the request will likely be denied regardless of who files it and you will want your lawyer working on your case as early in the appeal process as possible.

To speak with a local disability attorney or advocate, fill out a free disability review today.

Because the Social Security Administration denies almost all Reconsideration Requests, the stage of appeals that you and your Fullerton Social Security attorney will be focusing on is the disability hearing. This is when you will be able to take your case before an administrative law judge. Nearly two-thirds of appeals are won at the hearing stage of the appeal process and statistics show that your chances of receiving a favorable outcome are increased with proper legal representation.

When your Fullerton Social Security attorney prepares for your disability hearing, he or she will review your claim, how the current disability laws affect your claim and will begin to prepare the evidence to support your disability case. Your Fullerton Social Security lawyer will also ensure that you are prepared for your hearing on a persona level, explaining how to respond to the questions asked and how to present yourself before the administrative law judge who will be hearing your case.

A Fullerton Social Security Disability lawyer will also handle disability claims in the following cities located in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County: Anaheim, Santa Ana, Cerritos, La Miranda, La Habra, Placentia, Yorba Linda, Tustin, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Brea, Seal Beach, Long Beach, Cypress, Lakewood, Buena Park, Whittier, Paramount, and Compton.

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