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Even in a wealthy city such as Yorba Linda, people suffer from disabling conditions which rob them of the chance to earn a living and support themselves. Statistics show that those who file for disability benefits from the SSA with the assistance of a licensed Yorba Linda Social Security Disability attorney stand a greater chance of having their application accepted and receiving benefits in a timely manner.

About Yorba Linda, California

Yorba Linda, California is most well known as being termed the richest city in the United States based on its average annual household income of over $120,000. The city of 64,000 located in Orange County lies 13 miles from Santa Ana and 40 miles from Los Angeles.

Yorba Linda is famous for being the birthplace of former president Richard Nixon, commemorated by The Richard Nixon Presidential Museum and Library, a popular tourist site.

The majority of workers in Yorba Linda are employed in management and professional careers, while the largest industrial focus is education, health and social services. Care Fusion is the number one employer in Yorba Linda, with Nobel Biocare following at a close second.

While Yorba Linda enjoys a minimal 3% unemployment rate, there are still residents who find themselves in desperate financial need, especially those with physical and mental disabilities. Of the 34,900 working class residents of Yorba Linda, 3,421 have some kind of disability. Thirty percent of these are unemployed, a testament to the difficulty of maintaining employment when suffering from a truly disabling condition.

Social Security Disability Benefits in Yorba Linda

These residents of Yorba Linda may face a desperate financial situation if they are unable to secure Social Security Disability benefits. Although many disabled people may meet the basic requirements, such as minimum work credits (formally known as quarters of coverage) and low or no income, proving to be disabled by a medically verifiable condition is the key to being awarded benefits.

Without hiring a Yorba Linda Social Security attorney, you may be unaware of holes in your medical evidence which will mean a swift rejection by the SSA without a detailed explanation. You may also be unaware of the specific medical tests and physical impairment requirements the SSA has set for your condition to be considered disabling. A Yorba Linda disability lawyer is familiar with the requirements of a disability application with your condition and will ensure that your claim provides sufficient proof of your disability.

If you choose to file for disability benefits on your own without a Yorba Linda Social Security attorney, you are risking not only a denial of benefits for preventable reasons, but subsequent denials at the appeals court level when you have to testify before an administrative law judge, your last and statistically best chance of receiving a disability benefits approval.

Filing for disability and going through the appeals process can mean several months and even years of waiting, without the guarantee of ever receiving benefits.

To speak with a local disability attorney or advocate, fill out a free disability review today.

If you think you can’t afford a Yorba Linda Social Security attorney because of the already fragile financial situation caused by your disability, this is an unwarranted concern. If you contact a Yorba Linda disability lawyer, you will find that payment terms for their services are usually based on whether or not they are successful in helping you get approved for SSDI benefits.

A Yorba Linda disability attorney will be qualified, specialized, and completely focused on the goal of your benefits approval. Navigating the world of SSA procedure, protocol, and terminologies alone is not recommended, especially when it is already so difficult to be approved for disability benefits.

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