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Disability can potentially strike any of us at any time. While none of us would choose to be disabled, the choice really is not ours to make. However, if you do find that a physical or mental condition has taken away your ability to work for a living, a Greeley Social Security attorney can help you to find some financial relief in the form of Social Security Disability benefits.

The application for disability benefits is essentially a legal document which also contains detailed medical information related to the severity of your impairment. Your Greely Social Security lawyer has the specialized training and skills to be able to navigate through this complex process and arrive at a successful outcome.

Greeley is a city of approximately 93,000 people located almost 50 miles north-northeast of Denver in Northern Colorado. Because of its close proximity to the neighboring cities of Evans and Garden City to the south, the entire metropolitan area is sometimes (errantly) lumped together as Greeley.

Greeley was founded in 1869 as an experimental community called Union Colony, which was intended to serve as a home for a simpler and more traditional way of life. The name of the city was later changed to Greeley in honor of Horace Greeley, who was the editor of the New York Tribune and is credited with the phrase, “Go west, young man”. Greeley is home to JBS Swift and Company, one of the nation’s largest meat packing and processing companies. Swift employs over 3,600 people in Greeley. The city’s second-largest employer is North Colorado Medical Center with 2,700 employees.

Greeley is also home to the University of Northern Colorado. The college boasts a total enrollment of over 12,000 and features over 100 undergraduate and nearly 50 graduate programs across a multitude of disciplines. Additional educational institutions in Greeley include Aims Community College, the Academy of Natural Therapy, and the Institute of Business and Medical Careers. With these facilities available, it is no surprise that over 16 percent of Greeley’s residents have a Bachelor’s Degree, while over 10 percent possess a Graduate or professional degree.

Among Greeley’s population aged 21 to 64, almost 20 percent have some sort of disability. Of those people, about 60 percent are employed. While those numbers are pretty encouraging, the fact is that over 3000 people in Greeley have a disability which prevents them from being able to work.

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For those who find themselves in this position, Social Security Disability benefits can help. These funds are intended to fill in the gaps created when we are unable to work due to illness, injury, or a congenital condition. While this is wonderful news, the fact is that the process of getting approved to receive these benefits can be difficult and time-consuming. For this reason, it is suggested that you secure the services of a Greeley Social Security Disability attorney.

For the majority of claimants, the first attempt to receive benefits is not successful. While many are entitled to these benefits, errors or inaccuracies in their application documents may cause their claim to be denied. A Greeley Social Security Disability lawyer can help you avoid these costly mistakes.

If your case is among the unfortunate majority who must enter the appeal process, the appeal hearing will be before an administrative law judge. If denied at the hearing, you can file an appeal with the appeals council. If that is denied as well, your only recourse is to file an appeal with the federal court.

If you have an impairment that prevents you from working which prevents you from being able to work for a living, you probably already have enough on your mind. Having your case evaluated by a Greeley disability lawyer will allow you to focus on getting (and staying) as healthy as possible.

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