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The Social Security Administration has benefits available to help those who are seriously disabled and cannot hold down a job. These benefits can be a great asset when faced with mounting medical bills. However, the application process for disability benefits is a long and arduous one. The majority of cases are initially denied benefits, frequently more than two times. If you are planning to apply for disability, consider contacting a Norman Social Security disability attorney for help.

Norman, Oklahoma is the third-largest city in Oklahoma with a population of approximately 110,925. A part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, Money Magazine named Norman the sixth-best small city in America. The city was incorporated in 1891 and is home to the University of Oklahoma, the largest university in the state.

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Soon after incorporation, two prominent businessmen began to lobby the government to allow for the construction of a university. They wished to see Norman grow rapidly as a city and in 1890 they established the University of Oklahoma, 18 years before Oklahoma even reached statehood. The city has indeed seen rapid growth since that time, nearly quadrupling its population from 1915 to 1940.

In 1941 Max Westheimer field was created and used as a Flight Training Center for the U.S. Navy. By 1950 the population had more than doubled due to the remaining military presence and veterans returning to the area for a post-war education.

Nowadays, the University of Oklahoma employs over 10,000 people, making it one of the biggest employers in the city. The National Weather Center, a place for climate research, is located in Norman, and because of this several private meteorological business are present, such as Weathernews Americas, Inc. and Weatherbank, Inc. These corporations employ a large number of residents. The majority of jobs available tend to be white collar occupations, with only about 15% of positions available being considered blue collar.

Applying for Norman Social Security Disability Benefits

Around 13% of the population in Norman who are of working age are living with some sort of disability. Of that 13% only around 61% are employed. For those who cannot find sustainable employment, Social Security disability benefits are an option. Many people think they will be able to file a claim for benefits without the help of legal counsel, but this often proves to be a mistake. Approximately 65% of claims filed without legal representation are denied. Because of this, you should consider hiring a Norman Social Security lawyer to help with your case.

Having a Norman Social Security disability lawyer assist you with your claim dramatically increases your chances of a favorable outcome. It’s been shown that 90% of claims that are filed with the help of an attorney are approved. The entire process of application is very stressful and confusing, often taking more than two years to fully complete. A Norman disability lawyer usually helps to shorten this process by getting your disability claim approved in the initial stages, as opposed to after an appeals hearing.

Hiring a Norman Disability Attorney

The paperwork is lengthy and many claimants are denied disability simply because of a technicality such as missing medical documents. Your Norman Social Security attorney will complete and submit all of your paperwork for you. He or she will also gather all necessary medical records and physician statements.

If for some reason your case is denied and you must go through the appeals process, your Norman disability attorney has the ability to cross examine expert witnesses called by the ALJ.

You won’t have to be concerned with payment for your Norman disability lawyer, because it will come directly out of the retroactive disability benefits owed to you. The SSA will send a portion of your check, either $6,000 or 25%, whichever is smaller, right to your attorney to cover your fees.

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A Norman Social Security Disability lawyer will also handle disability claims in the following cities located in Cleveland County, Oklahoma County, Canadian County, Grady County, McClain County, and Pottawatomie County: Moore, Newcastle, Oklahoma City, Bridge Creek, Tuttle, Minco, Blanchard, Washington, Goldsby, Edmond, Noble, Slaughterville, Etowah, Macomb, Shawnee, Bethel City, Pink, Midwest City, Tecumseh, and Choctaw.

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