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The Social Security Administration receives approximately 3 million claims for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income each and every year. Many of the applicants who submit claims to the Social Security Administration do so assuming that they will be approved for benefits within a few short months and do not foresee any complications with a disability claim.

Unfortunately, that is rarely how things work when it comes to the Social Security Administration and disability benefits. The fact of the matter is that the Social Security Administration denies approximately 70 percent of the claims that it receives each year. This is why it is important to hire an attorney if you wish to increase your chances of avoiding the process of a frustrating disability appeal.

If your application for disability benefits is denied during the initial stage of the application process, hiring a Plymouth Social Security Disability attorney can increase your chances of overturning the SSA’s decision to deny your benefits.

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Applying for Plymouth Social Security Disability Benefits

There are approximately 3.3 million individuals living in the State of Minnesota. It is estimated that approximately 113,000 of these residents receive Social Security Disability benefits. Many of the Plymouth residents receiving Social Security Disability benefits have had to go through the extensive appeals process in order to obtain the benefits they are entitled to.

It is estimated that only about 30 percent of disability applicants are approved for benefits during the initial stage of the application process.

For individuals living in Plymouth, it takes an average of more than two years to be approved for Social Security Disability benefits. While the initial application process only takes three to four months to complete, those filling appeals often wait more than a year to receive their day in court before an Administrative Law Judge.

This is due to the backlog of disability appeals in the Social Security system. The Minneapolis ODAR office, which is in charge of scheduling disability hearings for Plymouth residents, takes an average of 534 days to schedule a disability hearing. Fortunately, once that day arrives, nearly two-thirds of applicants are awarded benefits as a result of the hearing.

When appealing the Social Security Administration's decision to deny disability benefits, it is crucial that you work with a Plymouth Social Security Disability lawyer. Statistics have shown that applicants who work with a an attorney are more likely to win an appeal than applicants who go on to represent themselves. A Plymouth Social Security lawyer will help you gather the evidence that will be necessary to prove your case to the Social Security Administration and will help you prepare for your hearing before the ALJ.

The appeal process can be confusing and the disability hearing can be an overwhelming experience if you do not bring legal representation with you. While two-thirds of applicants are awarded benefits as a result of their disability hearing, this may be due to the fact that many of them bring a Plymouth disability attorney with them to represent them during the hearing stage of the appeal.

Hiring a Plymouth Disability Attorney

If you have not yet filed an application for Social Security Disability benefits, you may want to consider hiring a Plymouth Social Security Disability attorney prior to filing your disability claim. Your attorney can help you present your application in the best light possible, improving your chances of being awarded benefits at the initial application stage.

If you have already been denied Social Security Disability benefits during the initial stage of the application process, it is crucial that you discuss your disability case with a Plymouth Social Security Disability lawyer. Your attorney should begin the appeal process as soon as possible. The longer it takes you to file an appeal, the longer you will have to wait to receive the benefits you may be entitled to.

Fortunately, hiring a Plymouth Social Security attorney does not have to put an added financial stress on you or your family. Disability attorneys work on a “contingency” basis, which means they do not get paid unless you win your disability claim.

The amount your Plymouth Social Security lawyer will be paid will depend on how much back pay you are awarded by the SSA. Your lawyer will receive either 25 percent of your back payment amount or $6,000 (whichever is less) once your case has been won.

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