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Silver Spring, Maryland, is an unincorporated community that serves as a major business hub of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. With a diverse population, its nearly 72,000 residents enjoy quiet neighborhoods filled with tall trees, and appreciate its proximity to both Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland.

Silver Spring tends to be affluent, with a median household income of $74,158. However, the cost-of-living is also a whopping 38.1% higher than the national average. Many of those who live in Silver Spring work in the educational, healthcare, and social assistance industries, with the area’s major employers including Lockheed Martin, Discovery Communications, and Choice Hotels.

Applying for Silver Spring Social Security Disability Benefits

Approximately 3.4% of Silver Spring residents are currently receiving Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, many more are likely living with a disability while their claim for benefits is pending. Those who are applying for benefits in the Silver Spring area may assume that Social Security disability benefits will be available to them when they need them, but this may not be the case.

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Over 70% of applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied. Although the Social Security Administration (SSA) does provide a means to appeal these denials, if a Silver Spring worker does so, they may be in for a wait of two years or more before their case is resolved. Although Silver Spring residents may have, on average, a higher-income than most, this also means that they likely have higher payments (such as mortgage and car payments,) and it could be extremely difficult for them to live on little or no income for many months. One way that a disabled worker in Silver Spring can minimize the chances of this happening is by hiring a Silver Spring Social Security disability attorney.

Some Social Security attorneys are experienced in handling Social Security disability claims, and can assist in gathering medical records and other relevant evidence and getting it submitted to the SSA. They can also obtain statements from your doctor and other witnesses that can support the fact that you’re disabled and unable to do any work.

The first step in the Social Security appeals process is called a “Request for Reconsideration,” and after the 3-4 months it took for the first decision to be issued, the reconsideration decision can take another 2-4 months. Unfortunately, only a small number of denials are reversed at this level. If a second denial is received the claimant can then file a “Request for Administrative Law Judge Hearing.”

The majority of disabled workers in Silver Spring who are currently receiving Social Security disability benefits likely were granted those following their disability hearing. However, the wait to actually have a hearing can be very long. The office that schedules Social Security hearings for disabled workers in Silver Spring is the Washington D.C. ODAR Office. The average wait for a hearing out of this office is one of the nation’s highest, at 430 days.

Hiring a Silver Spring Disability Attorney

Although it can be extremely stressful to wait more than a year simply to have your chance to state your case to a judge, the good news is that if you hire a knowledgable Silver Spring disability lawyer, they can use this time to prepare your case to its fullest. The SSA has specific guidelines that are used to determine if you’re disabled, and a Silver Spring Social Security attorney knows how to use your medical records and other evidence to demonstrate that you meet this criteria. They can also prepare you for the judge’s questioning, and cross-examine any witnesses that the SSA may hire to appear at your hearing.

If you’re considering applying for benefits in the Silver Spring area, or are currently undergoing the Social Security appeals process, you may wonder if you can afford to retain the services of a Maryland disability lawyer. Luckily, there is no upfront cost to hire a Silver Spring Social Security lawyer. Maryland Social Security attorneys work on a contingent basis, meaning they only receive a fee if, and when, you’re granted benefits. If your application for Social Security disability benefits isn’t approved, you won’t pay your Silver Spring Social Security disability lawyer. If your application is approved, their fee will consist of 25% of the total of your back payments.

A Silver Spring Social Security disability attorney will also handle claims for disabled workers in nearby Howard, Fredrick, and Prince George’s counties, as well as cities such as Frederick, Seven Oaks, Takoma Park, Blair Portal, and Rosemary Hills.

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