South San Francisco Disability Attorney

If you are a South San Francisco resident in need of Social Security Disability, it is highly recommended that you hire a South San Francisco disability attorney. Without the help of a professional who is extremely knowledgeable of the inner workings of the SSA and knows exactly what chances your claim has of being approved for benefits, you are not likely to receive benefits at all, or at least in a timely manner.

About South San Francisco, California

Unlike its name suggests, South San Francisco is not merely an overgrown suburb of San Francisco. A city of over 63,000 at the last census, South Francisco’s population has tripled since World War II. The large influx of residents has led to the construction of sprawling housing projects in parts of the city formerly used for agriculture, which has impacted it as an economic factor.

Industry, however, still plays a major part in South San Francisco’s economy. In fact, the city’s slogan “The Industrial City” is emblazoned in large white letters on what became known a Sign Hill.

South San Francisco has a large industrial park which provides most of the economic stimulation to the city. It has attracted large companies, particularly those involving biotechnology, and is home to one Fortune 500 company: Core-Mark. The city’s largest employer is Genentech, which employers 8,500 residents.

Even in an economically strong area such as South San Francisco, there are those who are not employed because of a personal disability. 35,600 of South San Francisco’s residents are part of the working class, and over 6,000 of these are physically or mentally disabled and many are unable to work. Of these 6,000, about 40% remain unemployed.

Disability Benefits in South San Francisco, California

As one of the 6,000 disabled residents of South San Francisco who is not able to perform any of the Industrial City’s many and varied jobs, you should apply for Social Security Disability benefits with the legal help of a South San Francisco disability lawyer.

To ensure the proper use of the disability program, the SSA has made it very difficult to be approved for disability benefits. Even though you may eventually be approved in a disability hearing, this decision may take place several months or even years after your initial application. Statistics are against first-time applications, but there are still 30% who are accepted the first time they apply.

These claims have solid medical and vocational documentation to support the applicant’s case for disability, and are usually filed with the assistance of a South San Francisco Social Security Disability attorney.

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Hiring an Attorney in South San Francisco, California

You can apply for disability benefits on your own, but considering the chances that you may overlook important details vital to your disability benefits approval, it is best to immediately seek the professional, SSA-specialized resources of a South San Francisco Social Security lawyer to guide you through all steps of the application process.

Contrary to the misconception that a South San Francisco Social Security attorney is only an option for the affluent, these services are available and affordable to anyone who is filing for SSDI. If your South San Francisco disability attorney is unable to help you receive disability benefits, you will not be required to pay hefty fees.

If you are truly in need of disability benefits, you shouldn’t risk the endangerment of your continuing health and financial stability by filing for Social Security Disability uninformed and unprepared. Contact a South San Francisco Social Security Disability lawyer to help you prepare and file your application and further secure your chances of being approved for benefits.

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