Utah Social Security Disability Lawyers

Ask anyone who has ever tried to claim Social Security disability benefits in Utah, and they’ll tell you the same thing: It isn’t easy. Not only is the process long, but the majority of claims are initially denied. While approval rates are better during the appeals and hearing process, there’s still no guarantee. 63.9% of Utah’s initial disability claims are denied. 89.5% of these denials are upheld during the reconsideration stage. Your best chance for an approval of Social Security disability benefits in Utah is during your hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). Utah has only one hearing office, located in Salt Lake City.

The approval ratings for hearings in Utah are 59.1%, compared to 58% nationally. On average, a case is heard 353 days after the claim is filed. The national average is only slightly better at 350 days. You will want to use your time before your hearing wisely. Be sure to continue all medical treatments prescribed. If you lack insurance or are otherwise unable to secure normal medical treatment, make use of public health clinics.

Hearing Office Approval Rate Processing Time in Days
Salt Lake City 59.1% 353

There are eight administrative law judges operating out of the Utah office in Salt Lake City. These ALJs are responsible for all of the disability hearings throughout the state. Their approval rates differ considerably. Whichever ALJ handles your claim, it is to your advantage to work with a local Social Security disability attorney who is familiar him or her. Local Social Security disability lawyers will be familiar with each of the Utah ALJs and will have a good idea of what kind of information and evidence you will need to provide to convince that particular ALJ that you are unable to continue working and should be approved for Social Security disability benefits.

Your chances for approval during your hearing are considerably better if you are represented by a local Social Security disability lawyer. Social Security lawyers do not charge up front fees, and only collect from you if your disability claim is approved. Better still, all of your lawyer’s fees will be collected from the back pay to which you are entitled and cannot exceed 25% of that back pay. You will not lose any of your ongoing benefits. For a free initial consultation, simply fill out the form included on this web page. Your consultation is confidential, professional, and free.

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