Warner Robbins Social Security Attorney or Advocate

There are tens of thousands of disabled individuals living in the State of Georgia. Many of these individuals are unemployed and unable to work due to their disabling conditions. To make matters worse, the majority of Social Security Disability applications that are filed in Warner Robbins, Georgia are denied at the initial stage of the application process.

This leaves most applicants going through the frustrating and lengthy appeals process in order to obtain the benefits they so desperately need. If you plan on filing an application for disability benefits in the Warner Robbins area, or if you have filed a claim and have been denied the benefits you feel you are entitled to, you need to consider retaining the services of a Warner Robbins Social Security attorney.

Warner Robbins, Georgia is located in Houston County. While some areas of the city have suffered economic setbacks and abandonment, the city is working to revitalize those areas and new businesses are being drawn to Warner Robbins, bringing new economic growth. The median household income in the city is approximately $41,000. The cost of living index is approximately 13 percent lower than the national average.

Applying for Warner Robbins Social Security Disability Benefits

There are more than 6 million people living in the State of Georgia. Of these residents, approximately 241,000 receive Social Security Disability benefits. The average monthly benefit amount in the State of Georgia is $1,054.70. In the Warner Robbins area, it takes an average of more than two years for a Social Security Disability applicant to begin receiving Social Security Disability benefits.

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The initial application stage of the Social Security Disability claim process only takes about three to six months to complete, so why is it that so many individuals have to wait more than two years before being approved for benefits? It is because in Warner Robbins, approximately 70 percent of the initial applications for disability benefits that are received by the Social Security Administration are denied.

To make matters worse, nearly 88 percent of first appeals are also denied. What can you do to increase your chances of receiving disability benefits from the Social Security Administration in a timely manner? One thing is to provide enough medical evidence to prove that you are incapable of performing substantial gainful activity. In order to have the best chance for a successful Social Security Disability application or appeal, you need to consider the services of a Warner Robbins Social Security lawyer.

Hiring a Warner Robbins Disability Attorney

Hiring a Warner Robbins Social Security Disability attorney can increase your chances of filing a successful application for disability benefits or, if necessary, filing a successful appeal. If you have not yet filed a claim for disability benefits, your Warner Robbins Social Security Disability lawyer can help you prepare your application in a way that will increase your chances of a favorable decision at the federal benefit rate. If, for some reason, your initial application for Social Security Disability benefits is denied, your Warner Robbins disability attorney can represent you during the appeal process.

While it is true that nearly 88 percent of first appeals are denied in Warner Robbins, hiring a Warner Robbins Social Security attorney can increase your chances of obtaining a favorable decision at the second stage of the appeal process. This stage of the appeal process is the disability hearing; you can file for a disability hearing by filling out form SSA-3441. At your disability hearing your disability claim will be reviewed by an administrative law judge. This judge can overturn the SSA's decision to deny your disability benefits.

Statistics show that your chances of being awarded benefits at this stage of the appeal process are significantly greater with the representation of an attorney. In fact, as many as two-thirds of disability applicants will be awarded benefits as a result of their Social Security Disability hearing. Hiring a Warner Robbins disability attorney is crucial if you want the best chance receiving of a favorable decision from the administrative law judge.

If you are worried that you will not be able to afford the services of a Warner Robbins Social Security lawyer, you will be pleased to know that you do not need to come up with any up-front, out of pocket money to hire your lawyer. Warner Robbins Social Security Disability attorneys work on a contingency basis, collecting 25 percent of the amount of the back payment you are awarded by the Social Security Administration.

This amount will never exceed $6,000. If you do not win your disability case you will not be required to pay your attorney for the representation provided. Not only does this make hiring a Warner Robbins Social Security Disability lawyer affordable, but it also ensures that your lawyer will do everything in his or her power to win your disability case for you.

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