Social Security Disability Resources in Tampa, Florida

As of a July 2015 study, over 2.3 million people in Florida experience some form of disability. This is in part due to a larger proportion of citizens over 65 than most other states in the country.

Unfortunately, Florida is also known for a lower disability approval rate than most other states as well — almost a full 5% lower than the national average.

To give yourself a better chance at receiving disability benefits, continue below to learn more about the disability offices and services available near you in Tampa, FL.

Social Security in Tampa, Florida

Address: 3415 E Frontage Rd, Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (800) 772-1213
Office Hours:
MON: 09:00 AM — 04:00 PM
TUES: 09:00 AM — 04:00 PM
WED: 09:00 AM—12:00 PM
THUR: 09:00 AM — 04:00 PM
FRI: 09:00 AM — 04:00 PM

Directions to the Tampa SSA Office:

By car: The Tampa SS Office is most easily accessed via I-275 South. From there, take exit 40A for N Westshore Blvd, then continue through W Lemon St. and make a right onto E Frontage Rd, where the Social Security Office will be on your right.

It is also accessible through FL-597 South, which directly passes Tampa International Airport.

By public transit: While there are no buses that directly take you to the Tampa SS office, the 30 bus to Westshore Blvd @ Cypress street will bring you within .9 miles of the office.

Otherwise, it is recommended that a car or taxi be used.

Tampa, FL Social Security Office Information

Tampa’s ODAR Office

For matters with more legal requirements than general questions or Social Security applications, the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) is available.

This is the location where all applicants who appeal their case can meet with an administrative law judge (ALJ) for reassessment.

Address: 333 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130
Phone: (886) 964-5052

Tampa’s 18 Presiding ALJs:

  • Judge Charles J. Arnold
  • Judge Robert Balieu
  • Judge James C. Cartledge
  • Judge Margaret Craig
  • Judge Amber Downs
  • Judge Kurt G. Ehrman
  • Judge Rhonda S. Greenberg
  • Judge Paul L. Johnston
  • Judge Carl C. McGhee
  • Judge Scott T. Morris
  • Judge Angela L. Neel
  • Judge Daniel A. Piloseno
  • Judge R. Dirk Selland
  • Judge Steven D. Slahta
  • Judge Gonzalo Vallecillo
  • Judge Glen H. Watkins
  • Judge Wallace E. Weakley
  • Judge Barbara J. Zanotti

Average Hearing Wait Time: 19.00 months
Average Processing Time: 639 days
Average Dispositions Per Day Per ALJ: 1.62

Tampa Senator and Congressional Information

There are multiple methods that Social Security disability (SSD) applicants can try in order to expedite their application. The first involves contacting a local congress or senator office to request an update on your application status.

While this doesn’t improve your chances of acceptance, it does have the potential to get you your results faster. Other methods, such as speaking with a disability attorney, may also be useful here as well.


Kathy Castor
Address: 4144 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813) 871-2817


Bill Nelson
Address: 225 East Robinson St. Suite 410, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (407) 872-7161

Marco Rubio
Address: 201 South Orange Ave. Suite 350, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (407) 254-2573

How a Social Security Attorney Can Help

Filing for Social Security and staying up-to-date on your application can be tricky and tedious. For your best chance at receiving benefits, consider speaking with a Social Security disability attorney.

Not only does their experience statistically boost your chances of being approved, but federal regulations prevent them from taking money upfront.

Even then, they are only allowed to take a certain percentage of your award once benefits are awarded.

Before taking the next step towards receiving benefits, schedule a free consultation with a disability attorney in Tampa today.