Charlotte Social Security Disability Resources

Disabled workers in Charlotte may be unpleasantly surprised by how lengthy and stressful the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits in Charlotte can be. This is because over 70% of applications are denied, and those disabled workers are then required to progress through the Social Security Administration’s confusing appeals process.

To have your claim approved, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re unable to perform any job for at least a year to qualify. The first step is to complete an application for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income, which can be done online at, or at your local Social Security office in Charlotte, NC. If a denial is received, you can appeal by filing a Request for Reconsideration. If you receive a second denial, you’ll then have to wait for your turn to testify at an Administrative Law Judge hearing. While the good news is that more than half of these hearings result in the claimant being awarded benefits, the wait for a hearing can be long – more than a year.

Charlotte Health Resources

Having medical records that demonstrate continuing treatment for your disabling condition(s) is critical in getting your claim allowed. The SSA will want to see test results, doctor’s notes, and other objective evidence regarding your medical conditions. However, for some disabled individuals in Charlotte, it can be difficult to afford the necessary healthcare. See the Charlotte healthcare resources below for some options if this applies to you.

Charlotte Community Health Clinic
6900 Farmingdale Drive
Charlotte NC 28205
(704) 316-6561

Bethesda Health Center
133 Stetson St.
Charlotte NC 28262
(704) 596-5606

Care Ring Low-Cost Clinic
601 E. 5th Street 140
Charlotte NC 28202
(704) 375-0172

Project HealthShare, Inc.
1330 Spring Street
Charlotte NC 28206
(704) 350-1300

Metrolina Midtown Medical Office
1918 Randolph Rd. 670
Charlotte NC 28207
(704) 335-0304

C.W. Williams Community Health Center
3333 Wilkinson Blvd
Charlotte NC 28208
(704) 393-7720

Shelter Health Services
534 Spratt St.
Charlotte NC 28205
(704) 334-0000

Find the nearest SSA office.

Charlotte Mental Health Resources

If you’re seeking Charlotte resources for counseling or other mental health services, you can contact Mecklenberg County Area Mental Health’s MeckLine at 1-877-700-3001. If a psychiatric condition affects your ability to work it’s important that there be records supporting this as well.

Charlotte Supplemental Disability Benefits

If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in Charlotte, you could be eligible for an additional $500-$800 per month from the state if you reside in an adult care home.

Charlotte residents who receive SSI are automatically enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program. Others can apply for this healthcare assistance at or by contacting the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services located at 301 Billingsley Rd., Charlotte, North Carolina, 28222. Their phone number is (704) 336-3000.

The monthly Federal social security disability benefit for an independent individual is $943 and $1,415 for a couple. You can apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) at a Social Security Office in Charlotte, NC. At the Charlotte Social Security Office, you can get help from an SSA representative. 

Your Charlotte Social Security Disability Claim

Even if you provide the SSA with all of the appropriate medical records, there is still a good chance that your claim will be denied. It can be very beneficial to have guidance and assistance during this stressful process, in the form of a Social Security Disability lawyer that takes cases in Charlotte, NC. A disability lawyer can make sure that all relevant evidence is submitted and is being properly reviewed. They can also obtain statements from others regarding your disability, and can assist you with paperwork and answer your questions along the way.

Luckily, there’s no upfront cost to hire a helpful Social Security attorney. Disability attorneys work on a contingent basis, meaning that you don’t pay them if you aren’t awarded benefits. If your application is approved, they receive a fee equal to 25% of your retroactive benefit payments (up to a maximum of $6,000).

For a free evaluation of your claim, contact a Charlotte Social Security lawyer.

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