Vancouver Social Security Disability Resources

Eligibility under Social Security Disability (SSD) guidelines in Vancouver, MN require you to show you’ve been permanently or totally disabled for an extended period of time and unable to hold a job because of it. To apply for Vancouver disability benefits, you’ll need to visit your local Social Security office or call the SSA at (800) 772-1213. To find the SSA office closest to you, do a quick search using your zip code on the Social Security Office Locator webpage, here, or call the number listed above.

About 35% of initial applications for Washington disability benefits are denied. If you’re among those who are denied, you can request a second review. If denied again, a subsequent appeal can be filed and your case will be reviewed by an administrative law judge. You should expect a lengthy wait before your hearing date is scheduled and your case is heard. For some, it can be as much as a year and a half between filing the initial Vancouver disability benefits application and receiving a final approval or denial after an appeal hearing.

Vancouver Health Resources

Your local SSA office checks your application for all the essential forms and other paperwork before sending it on to the Disability Determination Services (DDS). DDS is an agency tasked with reviewing the medical portion of your claim.

Medical records are critical to any Vancouver disability benefits application and must show you’ve had ongoing treatment for the condition(s) that are causing your disability. With limited income, paying for medical treatment is difficult, if not impossible. Here are a few low cost and free Vancouver disability resources for healthcare.

Sea Mar Community Health Center
1601 E Fourth Plain Blvd,
Bldg 17, Room B307,
Vancouver, WA 98661-3753

Sea Mar Community Health Center
204 E 35th St,
Vancouver, WA 98663-2237

Sear Mar Community Health Center
7410 Delaware Ln,
Vancouver, WA 98664-1408

New Heights Clinic
8000 NE 58th Ave,
Vancouver, WA 98665

Legacy Clinic Salmon Creek
2101 NE 139th St,
Bldg B, Suite 460,
Vancouver, WA 98686

Free Clinic of SW Washington
4100 Plomondon St,
Vancouver, WA 98661

Clinica de Salud Familiar
9102 NE Highway 99, Suite G,
Vancouver, WA 98665

Vancouver Mental Health Resources

Some applications for Vancouver disability benefits are based entirely on a disabling mental or psychological condition. There are also disabled individuals who have mental and psychological components which affect their physical health. It’s important for a strong SSD claim to contain documentation of ongoing treatment for any mental or psychological conditions that play a role in disability. Here are a few Vancouver disability resources for low cost and free mental health treatment.

A Better Way Counseling Service
2819 E Evergreen Blvd,
Vancouver, WA 98661

Sea Mar Community Health Center
Vancouver Behavioral Health
7803 NE Fourth Plain Rd,
Vancouver, WA 98662-7246

Edie Dietzen Counseling
800A Officer's Row,
Vancouver, WA 98661

Vancouver Supplemental Security Benefits

For SSD recipients who live in group homes or long term care facilities, Supplemental Security Income is also available in Vancouver, and sometimes, SSI is available for others who show sufficient need for additional assistance in paying for daily needs. Medicaid waivers and Medicare insurance coverage are often available to SSD recipients as well. For more information on applying for SSI, you should contact the Vancouver SSA office at:

Social Security Administration
6615 E Fourth Plane Blvd, Suite 200,
Vancouver, WA 98661

To learn more about Medicaid waivers and Medicare eligibility, contact:

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
5411 E Mill Plain Blvd, Bldg #1,
Vancouver, WA 98661

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Your Vancouver Social Security Disability Claim

An SSD application that contains thorough and extensive medical records has the highest chances of being approved for Vancouver disability benefits. A Vancouver Social Security lawyer can increase your odds even further. Paying for legal help when disabled can be difficult, but a Vancouver Social Security attorney charges no upfront fees and is only paid if you’re approved for benefits. If you receive SSD, the attorney will be entitled to 25% of retroactive benefits, up to a maximum of $6,000.

To receive a free SSD case evaluation from a Vancouver Social Security disability attorney, click here.

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