Why Doctors are Crucial When Applying for Disability Benefits

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A good doctor is always necessary regardless of whether or not you apply for benefits. However, the Social Security system relies heavily on official medical evidence when determining disability. Without the help of a trusted physician, the application becomes extremely difficult.

Below are the top three reasons why working with a physician is necessary when applying for benefits.

They can help you compare your condition to its Blue Book listing.

The Social Security Blue Book is the master list of disabling disorders. When a person applies for benefits, a Social Security representative compares their medical diagnosis with its entry in the Blue Book to determine if they get benefits. Even though the Blue Book is available online, it is common for certain disorders’ entries to get long or confusing.

In fact, a majority of respiratory disorders, heart disorders, kidney/liver problems, or gastrointestinal disorders rely on exact numbers from certain diagnostic tests to determine a person’s disability. Without the help of a doctor, it may be difficult to determine whether or not you qualify for benefits.

Even if you decide to apply without consulting a doctor, it is near impossible to receive benefits without the test results a doctor can provide you.

Why Doctors are Crucial When Applying for Disability Benefits

They can help you to take new medical tests (or redo old ones) to provide on your application.

Medical tests also play an understandably large role when providing evidence of your condition. The SSA is very picky about which test results are and are not admissible. Even if you feel the medical evidence you have is already good enough, the timing of the tests may even disqualify you from benefits.

To play it safe, working with a physician can help you determine which tests you should receive (or redo) in order to fulfill your Blue Book requirements. They can also help you to compile other medical evidence such as medication lists, hospitalization history, or general check-up notes to include on your application.

They can officially recommend you as a benefits recipient with a written testimony.

When applying for disability benefits, it is always recommended that you provide more evidence than less. This can even include written testimonies from people who can attest to the severity of your condition, such as old bosses, coworkers, therapists, or physicians.

In a physician testimony, they can explain how you are disabled, why you are disabled, your limitations, and why you deserve to receive benefits. A strong physician testimony can hold a good deal of weight in a disability case.

Why Doctors Are Helpful

Doctors can use their medical expertise to provide their opinion on your residual functioning capacity. Doctors can be trusted to examine the duration that you can or cannot properly perform movements that would usually occur throughout an average work day. Doctors can properly explain why your body is prohibiting you from completing these activities.

Considering a Disability Attorney

If you have questions or concerns regarding the disability application, or are unsure where to find a physician that can help you, it may be smart to speak with a disability attorney. Their legal expertise can be of great assistance to you before you even start the application.

From helping you compile paperwork, to staying in contact with the SSA, to even potentially expediting your application, disability attorneys can be an invaluable resource.

Consider a free consultation with a disability attorney near you to increase your chances of getting disability benefits.

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