The Disability Application Process - Filing Paperwork

How to fill out form SSA-1365

Ticket to Work is a Social Security program which enables disabled persons to work on a trial basis. The goal of the program is for disabled persons to find suitable employment which they can do despite their disabilities and which will allow them to be self-sufficient.

When you are approved for the Ticket to Work program, you are assigned a ticket holder number. This will be your Social Security Number with a special Ticket to Work (TW) suffix added.

How to fill out form SSA-545

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses Form SSA-545 for those who people who are disabled but want to become self-sufficient. The program, referred to as PASS, allows people on Social Security disability to try to obtain education or funds needed to start a business with the goal of eventually getting off Social Security disability benefits.

Here’s how you fill out the Part I of the form:

How to fill out form SSA-561

If you have applied for Social Security disability benefits and been denied, you can request a reconsideration. To do so, you must fill out Form SSA-561 and turn it in. A SSA-561 form is titled Request for Consideration and you will not be able to appeal your decision without filing one out.

Filling Out SSA Form HA-4608

Form HA-4608 is the Social Security Administration’s form used to waive your right to appear in person at your hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). If you waive your right to appear in person, you may still have a hearing, with the ALJ deciding the case on the merits of the paperwork and other evidence you submit. You may also opt to have your representative appear for you without your presence.

How to fill out SSA form HA-4632

Form HA-4632 is the form used by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to list all of the medications you’re taking while filing for Social Security disability benefits. It is important to fill this form out thoroughly and not to leave anything out. When you’re building a case for Social Security disability benefits, the more evidence you can show to demonstrate that you are both seriously disabled and doing what you can to cope with your disabilities, the better.

Filling Out SSA form HA-520

Most experts will tell you that your best chance of having your Social Security claim accepted is during your hearing before an administrative law judge. However, you don’t need to give up on your claim just because the hearing doesn’t go in your favor. Administrative law judges can and do make wrong calls. Your next step after your hearing is to request a review of the administrative law judge’s decision. You do that by filling out and filing Form HA-520.

Filling Out Form SSA-789

The Social Security Administration (SSA) periodically reviews disability claims. When a beneficiary’s health is expected to improve at the time disability benefits are approved, the SSA usually schedules reviews every three years. In cases where the claimant is not expected to improve, the reviews are every five to seven years.

How to fill out form SSA-3368

Form SSA-3368 is the basic form used for adults who are claiming disability benefits. You can fill the form out yourself or have a representative such as a Social Security Disability lawyer help you with it, but you should not have your doctor fill out any of it. The SSA has other forms which they will ask your doctor to fill out on your behalf. You should include copies of all of your pertinent medical records when you turn this form in.