Lump sum back payment

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 09/26/2011 - 13:04

I received two lump sum payments, but I have not spent all of the funds. I want to make a funeral arrangement and buy a car. How soon must I spend the lump sum payment.

Jenna (not verified)
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I have been receiving ssi for about 25 years. I feel that i should have been given SSD or SSDI, can i reply again as i live in another state and feel i was given the wrong type of SS. I did work for a few years and have been disabled from birth and have exrays to prove such before i was 18. Also my exhusband who is about 12 years older has received ssd for several years and is now about 67-68 years old...My parents also died several months ago and they had railroad retirement. Jenna

D (not verified)
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Hi Jenna,
Unfortunately, SSDI has a large requirement for work credits. If you did not earn enough income before applying, you would not qualify. Now that you've been on SSI for so long, you do not have a work history that is recent enough to qualify for SSDI. You could potentially qualify for spousal benefits off of your husband's account.

Matt (not verified)
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Hi, my father was awarded fully favorable a few weeks ago, and received his award letter today. In the letter it states his monthly payment, and that he is eligible for back pay from October 2013 (Condition began April 2013). It states that he is receiving nearly 40k in back pay, and states that the attorney's fee is a $6000 maximum. However, on the front page of the letter, it only states that on July 2nd he will receive his June payment, and nothing about the total described in the gist of the letter or when it would be received. And in the final page/breakdown of benefits, it shows his monthly payment correctly, minus 0.00 adjustments. However, the back pay is 00.00 minus a 0.00 adjustment. What is going on here? Is he not getting the back pay, or was there a computer error somewhere? He was told on the phone about a week ago that he WOULD be receiving back pay, but the question was as to how far back it would go. There was no mention of him being completely out of getting any back pay. He called his representative, and he had not seen the letter yet to analyze it and giver my father a clear answer as to what is going on. Hoping someone here can help. Thank you

D (not verified)
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Hi Matt,
This is very strange. Your father should definitely be receiving back pay, especially if it noted that the attorney will be paid as well. If you for some reason do not receive your back pay within 120 days of applying for disability benefits, I would contact the SSA. Be sure to save the paperwork that states that he will be receiving back pay! This could be important evidence that you are entitled to it later, but hopefully it will arrive as expected.

Shalinda (not verified)
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I have a claim from 2013 for my lump sum payment that was stolen my payee didn't tell me it came she spent it and it been 1year and 11 months since it happened and I cAlled the social security office up here and they told me that I would get a letter in the mail when they find their findings how much time does it take before I actually get my money back?

D (not verified)
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Hi Shalinda,
That is a very unfortunate situation. I am not sure how long it will take for you to get your benefits back. I do not believe that people have their funds stolen often so there is not a lot of data on that.

Anonymous (not verified)
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How long can they hold my ssdi back pay its been over a year and I haven't received no back pay yet

D (not verified)
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Hi there,
That is an exceptionally long time to wait for your back pay, but it is not unheard of. How long have you been receiving your monthly benefits? If you have been receiving your monthly benefits for more than 12 months, I would DEFINITELY contact the SSA. It usually takes about 4 months to get your back pay after you receive your first check.

Kay (not verified)
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My car is broke can I request financial hardship if that is the only way I can get back and forth to the doctors and grocery shopping to get some of my back pay to purchase a reliable car

D (not verified)
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Hi Kay,
It is possible. You will need to have hard numbers showing how much the car costs exactly and how you need it to see your doctor. But someone on the forum said that they have done this before! So just gather enough information and you should be fine.

Anonymous (not verified)
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My son is on ssi and is due back pay he has recieved two back pay ( partcial payments ) since 4 of 2015 if we move out of state due to his fathers job will this affect his back pay


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Hi there,
It might affect his monthly benefits, but it should not affect his back pay, as those are payments he is already owed.

Ken G (not verified)
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I was awared ssdi in april 2015, still waiting for back pay of $40k ...i called the ssa office 3 times and each time they said it was being proceesed ...its been 8 months now , what do i do ??

Jenny (not verified)
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I am about to get divorced.i just recieved my first 2100 payment on back pay. However i used it to pay off some bills. Can i get advance pay to move and get apartment


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Hi Jenny,
It is unlikely that you can get an advance on your back pay unless you are able to pay that you have a severe medical need for the back pay.

Florence (not verified)
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When should I get next back pay I receive my second one july1st when would I receive next one

Anonymous (not verified)
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Hi just wondering if anyone would no.. I received my first bp on oct 20,2015 does anyone no when i can expect the next

Private (not verified)

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I was supposed to get 22nd installment on April 20th but it's April 26 so how long will it take do u know


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Hi there,
I would not be able to say, I would contact the SSA for more information. Their number is 1-800-772-1213

Latina (not verified)
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Hi, my son recieved his first backpay installment on June 29th 2015. When will he receive the second one?

Lavonderia (not verified)
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I got my notice of decision on November 30 2015 how long do it take for my award letter to arrive and my back pay to come?


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Hi Lavonderia,
If you have been notified that the SSA has made a decision, I would expect to know that decision any day now!

GLF (not verified)
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I was approved for SSD in August and began receiving the disability payments in September. I have been disabled for 12 years. I was approved for SSI but turned it down because I was told it would be deducted from my back pay and it would also take longer to receive it. It is now January. I have been told it would be released in a month...a week...a different thing every time I call. My attorney called the payment center and was told it was scheduled to go into my account last week. That didn't happen. It is a substantial amount and with not having income for so long, I have so many bills to pay. Does anyone know what I can do to help the process? Or to get actual facts? Is there an advocate for Social Security? I am currently live with my 82 year old mother who has cancer and want move her back where are family is from before she is too ill to travel. I can barely take care of her. Thank you for listening. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Hi there,
I am so sorry to hear about your situation! I unfortunately do not have much to suggest that could help you. Maybe someone else on the forum has had a similar experience? Typically, the only way to have back pay expedited is if you have a severe medical need, such as emergency surgery or something along those lines.

Lynda (not verified)
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do i owe taxes on my lump sum payment at the end of the year? I ve never had to file on my disability before. I have been told that i do and will, but not from a very reliable source. Looks to me like the SSA would have taken that out before they sent the lump sum check, wouldnt they? please help with a straight answer...i cant afford an attorney..thanks in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.

Hello (not verified)
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Hey there I just won my ssi case and suppose to be getting all the back money back from when the cut me off but my question is . is the money gunna b under my name or my c/o name I'm above age now

Chritine (not verified)
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I applied for SSDI in June of 2012. I was approved in October 2013. Received my 1st check in May 2014. I never received any arrears. Could you please give me some advice on how to find out why every one else received theirs and i never did.


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I would contact the SSA, they would be able to clear up your eligibility for any back pay, if any, that you would be eligible for. You can contact them a 1-800-772-1213 or at

Anonymous (not verified)
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I took a eviction summonds intO the SSAD asking for an advance of my back payment and was told I would have to wait until a judgement was entered for eviction in order to receive it. I just read all I needed was the letter of intent. what is the truth?


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That's a great question! I tried to find what the housing laws were regarding things like this, but I found that it would depend on your state. I would contact the SSA for more information about what you might need for an advance of your back pay.
Their number is 1-800-772-1213.

Leticia Emanuele (not verified)
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I've been on Ssi for several years. I found out my husband died in 2006 so I filed to receive widows benefits. I was told I'd get a back pay for around $50,000 and a $500.00 monthly payment. I found out the other day that my back pay is being given to the government to pay them back for what they've paid me on Ssi and cut widows benefit from $500 to $200. I'm in the state of Kansas. Is all of this possibly accurate, can they do that and take my backpay ? I don't understand what's going on please help me. Thank you.


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Hi Leticia,
We're not affiliated with the SSA so we wouldn't know the particulars about your case, but I would contact someone at the SSA to clear this up. Someone may have made a mistake or assessed your eligibility for benefits incorrectly. The SSA's number is 1-800-772-1213

Iyana (not verified)
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I was told by ssi that i will recieve my back money the beginning of march. But i havent recieved anything. When they say that does it necessarily mean the beginning. Should i go talk to someone or should i wait


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Hi Iyana
I would definitely contact the SSA about this to confirm when you're getting your back pay.
Their number is 1-800-772-1213.

lynn (not verified)
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I am currently in a nursing facility, have applied for disability and want to get my own place when I'm approved, will I get back pay since medicaid has been paying for my stay here ?


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Hi Lynn,
I'm not sure if you would get back pay as those details would be handled by the SSA and we are not affiliated with them. I would contact them for more information about your specific case regarding back pay. You can contact them at 1-800-772-1213

A marceilo (not verified)
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Hi Inwas recently awarded benefits. I need to show proof that I paid my landlord a lump sum of $$ for back pay rent and future rent payments from my settlement. Does ssa call your landlord? All ssi wants is a letter from landlord saying I paid him a lumps in for rent.


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I would not rely on the SSA to call your landlord. Make sure that you have documents that say you had paid your back rent to your landlord with the lump sum, and then submit that document to the SSA.

Anonymous (not verified)
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how much will it be 5 years


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If you're talking about lump sums for five years of back pay, it would depend on if you are getting SSI or SSDI payments, and how much you have been awarded monthly.

Sean bairefoot (not verified)
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I would like to know if I can loan check from SSI today for emengrancy instead get on 1st of april?


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Hi Sean,
I would contact the SSA about this, their number is 1-800-772-1213, they would be able to determine if they can give you an advance on your SSI benefits.

John William Kudlacz (not verified)
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Can I receive both social security and railroad retirement at the same time?

shelbyy (not verified)
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My son started getting check in Sept he got one installment back pay hasn't receive second I call 800 numb r they saying I got prove what I spent money on begone he get second

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