Lump sum back payment

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 09/26/2011 - 13:04

I received two lump sum payments, but I have not spent all of the funds. I want to make a funeral arrangement and buy a car. How soon must I spend the lump sum payment.


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Hi Roshell,
It's unlikely. SSI back payments are usually only expedited for an extreme medical emergency, such as surgery or life-saving treatments.

carol (not verified)
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I receive ssi, my back payment will be a lot of money and they have to give it to me in 3 installments 6 months apart. My question is how long do i have to spend my last installment been that it will be more then the first 2 installment


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Hi Carol,
You will need to spend your first installment before you receive your second installment, so around six months.

Timothy. brown (not verified)
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need lump sum against mY $20,000. the most .I can get buying car for my mother.


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Hi Timothy,
I am not sure what you are asking here. If you are getting a lump sum payment, you can indeed always use it for purchasing a new car so long as you don't have two cars on SSI benefits.

bresha brown (not verified)
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My son is due for another installment payment which is due every six months. They said they released the payment into my account today which is Thursday but its not showing up in my account. How long does ssi installment payments take to post in your account?

meme (not verified)
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If i received my Back paying. November 9 2015 when will i see second on


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Hi Meme,
Back pay is usually done with installments six months apart. If you haven't gotten your back pay some time in the coming month, I would contact the SSA to find out if there are any problems with your back pay.

NIKKI (not verified)
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hi why is my son second lump sum late??


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Hi Nikki,
We're not affiliated with the SSA so we would not be able to say why it is late. I would contact them at 1-800-772-1213, they would be better able to help you with this.

Stacey crow (not verified)
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I would like to purchase a home and get it all set yesterday.of said amount of 6500.for place...

Peter Langiewicz (not verified)
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Hello I have recieved 10,000 in back payment and only have gotten two 2,000 payments 6 months apart I had to pay these to my care takers and retro rent. I am about to get married and really need an early release of my remainder back pay what can I do to get this ?


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Hi Peter,
I'm not sure if they would be able to give you your last lump sum early, but if you call 1-800-772-1213 the SSA may be able to help you further with that.

Lyndda (not verified)
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I am a rep payee for someone who just received $40k in retroactive back pay due her
What do I do with the money and how long to spend it.Can I put it in a separate bank account?She already has one savings account that she receives her monthly ssi payment direct deposited into.2k is the most she can have in an account.I guess I can always call Social Security.I am new at this.


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Hi Lynda,
If you are a representative payee for someone getting SSI, you have nine months to spend the lump sum money, after that it gets counted as a resource. Generally people spend that money for housing, transportation,paying off any debts, ect. I would definitely contact the SSA, they would be able to give you guidance as to what you can do with that back payment.

kev (not verified)
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How do I find out if I got all of my lump sum


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Hi Kev,
You would have to contact the SSA to find out your back pay amount, their number is 1-800-772-1213.

Laura (not verified)
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I was wondering if i could get an advancement on my backpay so i could move back home to Texas. I won my case in Wisconsin but i want to go back home

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