SSDI length of time for back pay?

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When I initially met with my attorney, I was told that back pay would go back one year from application, minus 5 months (I had already waited over 2 years to file because I was told I would have "full recovery" after my 2 fusion surgeries). I've received my acceptance letter but not my back pay yet, and during my search for more info on the process I came across a SSDI page stating that even if it takes 24 months for your claim to get approved, you can only receive pay for 12 months. Can anybody help clarify this for me please? Also, I have friends who received their back pay before or immediately after their approval letters (NY), but I've seen posts by people saying it took several months so I was wondering if there was a formula for when I can expect mine? I'm not looking to go on a spending spree, but I have a mortgage, car payment, property and school taxes, and children to feed and clothe as well as one in an expensive college. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and all input is appreciated.

Anonymous (not verified)

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How long does it usually take after you receive your 1st check?

Amanda (not verified)
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I was worderning if I was receiving ssi of payment of 715 last year an I got approved for social security benefits of 746 last year but haven’t receive no payment until February 2 what would my back due payment might be

tabitha (not verified)
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if I'm awarded ssd and sis do i receive back pay from both ?


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Hi Tabitha,
If you waited for more than five months to be approved then yes, but your SSI back pay will come in three separate payments while your SSDI back pay will all come at once.

Dawn (not verified)
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How long do it take to get approve for ssdi I will be getting my father social security benefits I already found out the amount when I file

Lisa Barrett. (not verified)
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I received my award letter. My monthly ssdi benefits will begin march 2018. My case has been awarded back to December 2012. When will i receive the backpay. I also applied for benefits for my nine yr old. They told me in my local office she is elegible for 720 a month and that will also get awarded to my same back date. The worker in the office said i will get her backpay before i get mine. I am confused

Cristenboisa (not verified)
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Hi I was awarded Social Security disability last October of last year and I still haven’t received my backpay how long does it usually take to keep saying it’s in the payment center to check back in April how much time would it take usually ?


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Hi There,

It usually takes around four months. I would recommend calling the SSA and speaking with a rep if you don't get anything this month.


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Hi there,
It usually takes about four months to get back pay, so I'd expect yours to come sometime this month.

Alisa (not verified)
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After two and a half years I was finally approved for disability 2 weeks ago. My house is going into foreclosure is there anyway I can get my money fairly quickly


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Hi Alisa,
I'm happy to hear you were approved. You may be able to file for expedited payments due to hardship--you'll need to call the SSA to discuss this option.

Candy (not verified)
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my hearing was held in October 2017 and as of last week I still have no decision however i was informed this week my case has now been assigned to a writer? What does that mean and how much longer can this take to get a decision?


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Hi Candy,
Hopefully your claim will be approved soon--it often takes about five months to hear back after a hearing.

roberta (not verified)

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Why does take so long for a answer to come?
I had a appeal hearing in November 2017, how long do i have to wait for an answer? Or how do know if i was approved??

Lisa (not verified)
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Was approved my ssdi on Jan 4.2018 Received my award letter Feb4th stating my monthly benefits will start on March 28th. My question is where is my back pay? My lawyer is receiving his payment on Feb 28th. I need mine, about to be evicted.

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