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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 10/03/2014 - 18:04

Is there a website where you can check the status of my claim


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Hi There,

That seems like a long time. You may want to check in with a rep from the SSA. If you are working with a disability attorney you can also see if they have an update regarding that. Best of luck.

Debra may (not verified)
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Post hearing comments. The alj judge is reviewing your case and we are developing for any additional evidence before the alj issues a decision What does it mean?


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Hi Debra May,

It means they are still processing the information from your hearing. If they need any additional evidence they'll reach out to you. Good luck!

jb (not verified)
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per ssa web site It says that my application is under review and that a medical decision has been made? Additionally, I have a court date for 5/6/19. What does this mean?


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Hi JB,

It means the SSA is still working on processing your application. The court date is to get some additional information, such as if your condition can keep you from working with your specific skillset.

DeeDee (not verified)
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I applied in August 2018 for ssi and SSDI - ssi was denied today on "my social security" online account, but the separate SSDI part says A DECISION HAS BEEN MADE, blah blah .. I'm homeless and sleeping on couches now. I know no one knows the ANSWER, but can anyone comfort me till I find out? I need some encouragement.
I've called my agent several times - super nice fella, but suddenly it's like I'm not even alive anymore, as he has not returned a call for over 3 weeks.
Thank you friends :-)


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Hi DeeDee,

SSI and SSDI have different technical requirements. It sounds like they are still working on processing your SSDI claim. Best of luck to you!

Debora Bircher (not verified)
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My SS was in review & a decision was made w/out any new information. I called & was told 3 days to receive a letter but couldn't b told outcome over phone?? Can u help??!


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Hi Debora,

The letter you should be receiving will explain whether you were approved and what your benefits will be or if you were denied, why and how you can appeal it.

Edwards (not verified)
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What does this mean?: The Disability Determination Service for your state is processing the medical portion of your benefit application. If they need additional information or evidence from you, they will contact you directly.


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Hi There,

It means they are reviewing the medical records you sent in with your application and if they need any further paperwork from you, they will reach out. Best of luck.

Donald Kendall… (not verified)
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Have they made a decision on my claim yet


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Hi Donald,

I would recommend checking your mySSA account. We are not affiliated with the SSA, so we wouldn't be able to tell you.

milly (not verified)
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good morning, on my online ssi says this ; prehearing review; your case file has been sent to an administrative law judge hearing office. we are reviewing the case and developing evidence to support your hearing request.a social security representative may contact you or your appointed representative if we need any add info or documents. we will notify you once we schedule the date time and place.can any tell me what this means, thank you


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Hi Milly,

It means your request for a hearing regarding your disability claim is being processed. If any more information is needed or you get a hearing then the SSA will contact you or your lawyer (if you're working with one). Good luck!

Lisa Henry (not verified)
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I have tried several times to complete a disability application. It stops after my contact info button and says "We cannot process your application at this time". Is this a page error, or are they not going to allow me to apply for some reason?


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Hi Lisa,

Are you applying for SSI or SSDI? You can only apply online for SSDI and need to apply in person for SSI. You may want to call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to find out an exact reason. You can also try applying in person at your local SSA office (make an appointment before you go!).

Sgd (not verified)
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Checking my claim for accuracy. What does that mean.

Ed (not verified)
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I called the SSI office and they said my reconsideration paper was on review for medical reason what do that mean

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