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Does anybody know whether that SSI back pay comes on a certain day of the month? I got my first installment the same week I was approved for SSI it came on the same day I got my first benefit. But I should receive one in January and I'm trying to figure out when I will see it? If anyone has any experience with receiving them in would love to hear about it!

James (not verified)

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I got aback payment in August 26 2019 when will I get another payment

Anonymous (not verified)

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Hi I'm in the process of expecting another installment of backpay for my son. Did yours come in 6 months?


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Your installments of back pay should come in 6 month increments. If it does not, I would recommend calling your local SSA office.

Marsha mcginnis (not verified)
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When will I receive my next installment payment

jazmine (not verified)
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my son has back pay of 2500 $ from ssi they sent me a check for $1960 do they still have to send me a check for 540 because he was over 2000 $ of back pay

Karina (not verified)

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Hi jazmine i wanted to ask a.question did they ask you to open a dedicated account for your son so they can feposit hes backpay or do they send u a check for the backpay

Neka (not verified)

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I also had to to a dedication account for my son they will not send a check for backpay for "A Child"

Eunice Glover (not verified)
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Got my first installment june 1st 2017 when is my next one social security said n 6 months


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Hi Eunice,

We aren't affiliated with the SSA, so we can't give you an exact date, but I would say sometime within the first week of December.

drew mccutcheon (not verified)
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I have received my 1st and 2nd installment (my latest one was in June). I was told by SSA that I would receive my third installment today and have not. What should I do?


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Hi Drew,
You may want to contact the SSA regarding this, you can do so at 1-800-772-1213.

Danae (not verified)
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My daughter got her first Ssi check June 1,2017 and her first installment June 5, 2017... the Social security office told me the next installment comes every 6 months. So does that mean December 5,2017 my daughter should be gettin her next installment?

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