How many hours can you work if on disability

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How many hours are you allowed to work if on disability

Caitlin (not verified)
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I want to get a part time job and I'm on SSA and SSI. I am aware of the 2019 SGA. Im confused as to how many hours can you work because you cant exceed that limit. Is that with your benefits plus the money you get from work. Or just from working alone. If that makes sense.


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Hi Caitlin,

It's your earned income from working, not including your benefits. So if you work and make over $880 a month excluding your benefits, then you'll enter the Trial Work Period.

Tasha (not verified)

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Can I get a part time job if my SSID is only 618.00 if so how much can I make or how many hours can I work


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Hi Tasha,

If you make over $910, you'll be entered into the Trial Work Program. Your safest bet is to make below that amount, unless you'd like to enroll in TWP.

Jen (not verified)
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Hi...the answers have been helpful but just so i know if im making around 945 total every 2 weeks which is well over the 880 limit for the ssdi how much will i be losing from my benefits


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Hi Jen,

There's a chance you'd lose your benefits entirely. The current Substantial Gainful Allowance (SGA) is $1,220. If you're making $945 every two weeks then you'll be making over the monthly SGA. The SSA may re-evaluate your case and find that since you can make over the SGA, you are no longer eligible for benefits.

Valerie Gonzalez (not verified)
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I just got back on disability and am receiving $813 every other week. My job was very demanding and I couldn’t do the tasks anymore due to my Addison’s Disease. However, that income isn’t enough for living. I am a licensed caregiver also, that requires just watching over my patient. Am I able to work part time and still collect my disability benefits?

Aziza (not verified)
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Hi I get 631In month from ssDi I and I work part time job my gross is 1200 effect my disability check

Mary Ann Lennon (not verified)
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So if i get ssi an work making less then 880 a month they won't reduce my benefits is that correct

Quenna (not verified)
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My ssid check is $771 how many hr can i work and not let it affect my check

Donna (not verified)
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My husband is on disability. How would this affect my husband if I go back to work?


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Hi Donna,

It depends on what type of disability benefit he is on. If he is receiving SSDI then he should be fine. If he is receiving SSI then your income may reduce or stop his benefits.

Debbie (not verified)
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I am 64 years old been on disability for 5 years but I need to get out of the house because i am to isolated just need to meet people can I work a part time job working like 12 hours a week


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Hi Debbie,

The number of hours you work does not matter. You need to make less than $880/month or you'll enter the Trial Work Program.

Jim (not verified)
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I'm on disability I make 891 a month can't make ends meet how much can I make without it affecting my disability.

Deb (not verified)
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If I made less than $880, do I need to report the income?

Anonymous (not verified)
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So if on Ssdi and work only 10 hours a week, that earned money will not be deducted from my monthly ssdi benefits?


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Hi There,

As long as you make less than $880 a month, you won't enter the Trial Work Period and your benefits should remain unaffected.

Mark A. Watters (not verified)
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Will what i earn be deducted from my monthly benefits?

Julia (not verified)
Tue, 11/26/2019 - 15:23 Permalink

Hi, I’m currently on disability but the pay cut percentage isn’t enough to cover my monthly expenses. Can I do something like delivering food on the side to make more money. I read that I would have to claim it and there could be a possible cut in my pay and that would defeat the purpose of doing the extra “job”


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Hi Julia,

The following link will go into a little more detail if you want to read more after a quick overview. Basically, half of any income you earn while working on SSDI will be deducted from your benefits. This means that in terms of income, working will rarely hurt. Just be sure to keep the SSA aware of everything that you are doing and be aware of the substantial gainful activity limit.…

Curtis (not verified)
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What is the purpose of the SGA of $1220 if we can't make more than $880 ?


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Hi Curtis,

After you make $880, you'll enter into the Trial Work Period. If you make the SGA during that time, then the SSA will review your case to see if you are still eligible for benefits.

Joe (not verified)
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hi! so i receive 925 from my ssa. my question is if i start working again, as long as I don't make more than 925 in a month I'm fine?


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Hi Joe,

You have to keep your income from working under the SGA, which is $910 for 2020. If you go over, then you'll enter the Trial Work Period.

Gladys Coles (not verified)
Thu, 01/02/2020 - 22:55 Permalink

If I work 20 hours a week at 14.70 an hour will that affect my ssdi

Skylar (not verified)
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How much money am I allowed to make in either two weeks or per month if I am on disability?

Kristen (not verified)
Sun, 03/22/2020 - 21:06 Permalink

I started working while getting ssdi. I am self employed and do contract work less than 80 hours per month but make a substantial income some months. I think I am on the verge of exhausting my 9 trial work months. Or perhaps this is not the case since I always work less than 80 hours a month??


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Hi Kristen,

It depends on how much monthly income you have been earning. For 2020, anything over $910/month is considered part of the TWP. For 2019, it was anything over $880/month.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I won't to work part time get SSI Disability how much can I make a month and my check will not be touched


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Hi There,

You can make under $910/month. If you make more than that, you'll be entered into the Trial Work Period.

Zanita (not verified)
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I made 10,254 for the 2019 year. divided that by 12 to get the monthly of 854.50 SSA benefit. The benefit and the part time work needs to be under 1,220? So at min wage of 11.25 hr at 30 hours a month make 337.50 ...854.50+337.50= 1,192. That would keep me from entering the Trial work period?


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Hi Zanita,

To avoid the Trial Work Period, you would have to earn less than $910 a month. I would keep it under $900 to be safe.

Renee (not verified)
Thu, 04/30/2020 - 08:08 Permalink

Hi I been receiving disablity over 18yrs and I try to work part time some checks be 7hundred last one was over thousand due to the virus and extra pay they give am i still.ok


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Hi Renee,

That month will be included in part of your Trial Work Period. If you continue to make over the SGA, then your case may be reopened and the SSA will determine if you are still eligible for benefits.

Mona Korsmoe (not verified)
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I am wondering how many hours I can work as a cashier while being on disability?


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Hi Mona,

There is not limit on the hours, but there is no the income. If you make more than $910 a month then you will be entered into the trial work period.

Anonymous (not verified)
Mon, 05/18/2020 - 20:48 Permalink

How much can a make in a month and still keep my Disability

Andrea Alcantar (not verified)
Tue, 07/14/2020 - 01:07 Permalink

I just got a waitress job I have to claim my cc tips and make $2.13 an hour but I work over 40 hrs a week . Will I loose my SSD ? My hours run about 43 to 45 hours a week


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Hi Andrea,

The SSA will not look at the number of hours worked, but rather how much you made. If you make over $910 a month then you'll be entered into the Trial Work Period.

Jessica (not verified)
Tue, 07/28/2020 - 15:22 Permalink

I am currently working and would like to know how much can I make and how many hours I can work? So I will not lose my ssdi

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