How many hours can you work if on disability

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How many hours are you allowed to work if on disability

Igg (not verified)
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The number of hours you work does not matter. You cannot work at a job in which you make above the substantial gainful activity (SGA) amount. The SGA amount for 2014 is $1,070 per month.

Leslie Bertucci (not verified)

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what age can I make as much as I want while on disability


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Hi Leslie,
There is no age that you can make as much as you want on disability, however when your benefits convert to retirement there will be no earnings limit.

David Tapphorn (not verified)

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What age do benefits convert to retirement

George kellley (not verified)

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If I work 20 hours a week do I affect my SSI disability


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Hi George,

The number of hours you were per week does not matter, your monthly income determines if you can stay on SSDI or not.

Tracy Brueckman (not verified)

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I'm on SSI and I'm working 18 hours a week will my benefits and being on social security be effected

Samantha brown (not verified)

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So I would be able to work up to 15 hours a week without having anything taken out of my disability is that correct? Because my biggest worry is that if I start working a job and they lessen the amount that I get for disability every month and for some reason I lose my job am I going to be able to get that money back or will I still get the same amount every month no matter what?


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Hi Samantha,
If you're receiving SSI benefits, then they would be reduced one dollar for every two that you earn, but if you lose that income, they would adjust it higher as SSI is based on income.

Mike Rutherford (not verified)

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That's my question. If I try to work and find I cant, do I lose my disability check.

SSI CR (not verified)
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You can make as much money as you want to make and your employer wants to pay you. The Social Security Administration does not stop you from working. But your real question may be how much can you earn from a job and have zero effect on your disability benefits. Way too complicated to give a full answer here. Should go to and search for the Red Book of Work Incentives. Read it. Then ask questions about what you have read.

Brian (not verified)
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I have severe anxiety and sometimes bad n sometimes tolerate. I don't want to lose my benifits specialty my medical side because I see doctors all different times

Kyle (not verified)

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I also have severe anxiety was wondering..and abnormal bone structures in my back and ankles..drs..medical all the same..I just landed a forklifts job easy on body but anxiety is terrible

James hampton (not verified)

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I am approved to work or time. I make 9 dollars an hr. 25 hours a week. And I'm under the acceptable amount

Eddie. (not verified)
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1.Where can I find a Doctor that takes medicare?
2.My son is ADHD (He's11) and my wife pays out of pocket for his doctor visits and his medication.Will SS pay for his meds? (probaly not Im guessing?)
3.I have been disable going on 10 years now,and I want to know if I can get food stamps?
4.HELP!!! Any help will Thanks.


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Hi Eddie, thanks for your questions.
1) You can search to find a doctor who takes medicare nearest you
2) ADHD has severe requirements to be covered by social security, but do not let that discourage you. Research, document, and call SSA at 1-800-772-1213 if you have any further questions.
3) You may be eligible for food stamps depending how serious and disabling your condition is.
4) Hope this helps!

denise (not verified)
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Can I go back to work pt while receiving ssd


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Hi Denise,
You may be able to depending on the SSA's definition of your disability and if you're able to stay within any income limitations that your benefits may have.

keith d. bennett (not verified)

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I'm on CPP Disability...can I get a part-time job. How much can I make and if I was not able to continue work will my cpp claim be re-instated & how soon.

Chris (not verified)
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What the difference betweem ssi and regular disability. #2 what if work 2 day and the i get paid a 1099.


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Hi Chris,
SSI is for people who haven't worked (or kids) but who are very needy. SSDI is only for people who worked and paid taxes. You can still earn some income while on SSDI benefits, but less than $1,130 per month.

Derrick (not verified)

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I am 65 can I work full time and still collect ssdi?

Robert h (not verified)

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I had a question if you are on SSI how many hours within the month are you allowed to work to keep your Social Security benefits


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Hi Robert,
Income, not hours is what counts. You cannot earn more than $1,170 per month while qualifying. Every dollar you earn will reduce your SSI payment by 50 cents.

Veronica Jackson (not verified)
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If I can find a job how much can I make being on ssi disability

Christopher Mi… (not verified)

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Hello Bryan and Veronica. If the SSI monthly payment benefits are $733, then can you make anything on top of that to supplement the income? $733 isn't much to live on? So can you make up to and match your benefit amount? So total monthly gross would be $1466?


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Hi Christopher,
There really isn't a limit, but the SSA will reduce benefits one dollar for every two that you earn.

Christopher Michaels (not verified)

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Thank you Bryan. So if I understand correctly, if an individual is on SSI and getting $733/Month, then they can't make any supplemental income above $733 or the $733 is reduced? So in essence on SSI you can only get $733/month, No Supplemental is allowed?


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Hi Christopher,
Your state can add supplemental benefits to the 733, and it may not count against the federal benefit.

Christopher Michaels (not verified)

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So when on SSI, you Can Not Have ANY Earnings above the $733. So you live on $733 nothing else? Maybe food assistance but no money other than the $733 from SSI?


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Hi Christopher,
That is not correct. Many people are still eligible for benefits even if they work, but the SSA would reduce their benefits one dollar for every two that they make.

Jim metteer (not verified)

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You got wrong info.. SSA and SSI is different.. SSA AND SSDI are same..


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Hi Jim,

SSI and SSDI are the two different disability benefits that are provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Hope that clears things up!

James (not verified)
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Is there a limit on hours per day you can work or does it only apply to weekly hours


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Hi James,
there is no limit on hours worked for disability benefits, however there are limits on monthly income.

Lynne (not verified)
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I see you tell people a dollar amount per month. My question is, Is that dollar amount in ADDITION to what they are receiving already from SSDI. Or does that dollar amount inlude the SSDI? Thank you!


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Hi Lynne,
That is total earned income, and it does not include the benefit check you would receive.

Michael (not verified)

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Thanks for the answer on that question

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