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Hi there,
You may want to contact the unemployment office for New Jersey, they may be able to let you know what you would be eligible for as far as unemployment benefits.

Liz (not verified)
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If I receive a social security survivors check I'm I able to work 40 hours a week


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Hi Liz,
If you're receiving it due to the death of a loved one, then you may not have restrictions on income or work.

La'cedra (not verified)
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I have been cut from SSI benefits because I'm doing good in special education classes with a and b but I have ADHD and PTSD emotional distress and anxiety it's hard for me to consintrate I suffer from depression I never had a job and I can't cook I never lived alone some does everything for me and I don't understand I gave them all the paperwork so I am applying the SSI thing because not or rwright I need help I am going to job Corps after highschool because I won't do good in college right away I am in senior year highschool 18teen


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Hi La'cedra,
You may be able to apply again, as it seems that you had been receiving it based on your parent's income. You may want to contact your local social security office, they can help you apply for benefits and explain your eligibility.

Cathy (not verified)
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I have been disabled since the age of 3. My mother started receiving ssi for me at age 15 (I can't remember the amount). After my father died, I found out I could receive the death benefits because I was disabled before I was 21. It was $255.00 a month because he didn't work much. So my question is why the ssa stopped those payments after I started working. I was told back then (in 2006) that it would never be affected.


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Hi Cathy,
They are generally not affected, however if you are able to earn over $1,170 a month, you may not be considered eligible due to your ability to do Substantial Gainful Activity.

deborah lynn mudd (not verified)
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I am on s.s.d. and was wanting to take a small job sitting with a lady in a wheelchair. how many hours could I work a month?


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Hi Deborah,

The number of hours don't matter, as long as it doesn't exceed the substantial gain activity (SGA). The SGA for 2017 is $1,170/month or $1,920/month if you are blind.

Best Wishes,

asking for a friend (not verified)
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A friend of mine has been receiving ssd for some time now. He wants to go back to work full time. Can he do this and still have his medicare or will he lose all benefits?


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Hi there,
Your friend would still be eligible for medicare for about 8 1/2 years if they return to work, even if their SSDI benefits are cancelled.

Bonnie (not verified)
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I have SSDI and receive $939.00 per month benefits. I would like to try to work part time at a at home job. How much earnings( from this part time job) can I make before I would loose my SSDI?

Ali (not verified)
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I am confused about the whole TWP of 9 months at $810(?) But not going over $1140. So if i understand this right.. I can work for 9 months up to a total of 36 months making the $810 amount but not going over the $1140 amount or I will lose my SSDI payments until I make under that amount..then they will reinstate my SSDI payment for that month and 2 following months even if I go over that amount but then it will be taken away again? I can stay under the $810amount and not worry but if I go over it is a TWP so I can make berween $810 & $1140 for 36 months before they consider that I am not disabled and take away my SSDI money or go over the $1140 and they take it away?


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Hi Ali,
You can make more than the SSA's figure of $1,140 while in a TWP, however after you complete the trial work period, you would only be eligible for benefits for months where you made less that that figure, for 36 months.

Bill (not verified)
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Currently I am receiving SSDI payments. Can my spouse make any additional income?


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Hi Bill,

Yes your spouse can. You were approved for SSD based on your own work history and current medical condition; therefore, your spouse’s income or current employment status has absolutely nothing to do with your SSDI benefits.

Best Wishes,

Kristi (not verified)
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I am wanting to try to re-enter the workforce. I am going to use the TWP. Is there forms I need to fill out or do I need to contact ss directly?


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Hi Kristi,
As far as I'm aware, it automatically starts after any month that you earn over $840 ( in 2017). You may want to contact the SSA regardless, as they can give you specific information about your case.

Pete (not verified)
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I work part time for my local school district 9 months out of the year I have kidney failure My income is slightly over the maximum for some of the months during the school year but for a twelve month period it is under the maximum amount allowed to make I have dialysis and barely get by now

Ro (not verified)
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I have been receiving SSDI for 5 years now. I want a part-time work and have been sent paper work from SSA about a ticket to work. I have an up coming interview and I have not worked since 2007. In 2011 I suffered from Congestive Heart Failure. If I work 15 hours I week will I still receive my SSDI of $1240? Because I tire easily and this is a work from job.


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Hi Ro,
There is not limit for hours worked with SSDI, however if you make over the SGA of $1140 a month, you may become ineligible for benefits based on your income.

Faye8998 (not verified)
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I have serve thyroid problems, I was borned without a thyroid gland and of course on thyroid meds, but have issues with my health because of it, now much older my weight and other issues are a problem can I qualify for disability just on thyroid issues alone, I'm considered obese and very hard every day to do my job, my memory is not like it use to be and my job proformance is going down hill because I can not preform my job duties like I once did I'm already 56 yrs old. Just wanted to know if I could qualify before I even apply because from what I have been reading some ppl Reponses this can take a long time, and I think I might be losing my job because I just can not my job anymore due just hard to stand for long periods of time and my memory just can not remember what my boss tells me anymore and think they are getting aggravated with me

mother mary (not verified)
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iam on ssd thinking about working part time do i have to contact ssa and would my employer know i am on ssd

Christine (not verified)
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Please help! I am 59 years old with SSDI benefits since 2001 for single household. My concern: At what point does SSA determine a trial period if I need to work part-time? What is this 5 year period you speak of, EPE, etc.? How will I know that my disability benefits are not jeopardized? You have said that if you don't go over the SGA, your benefits will continue. For how long? Doesn't SSA know how much you make when you file a 1099 with an employer? Is that when the trial period starts? I am so confused. Thanks...

Deblynnrae (not verified)
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so how soon after you know you are approved, will I get any$ . from reading a lot of peoples questions and answers seems like a long time. I never gave them my banking information over the phone or on paper so I know it just will not appear in my checking account will there be forms for me to be filled out or something. should I be contacting them now or just wait to see if I was approved , do they still mail checks to your house or is it only electronic deposit now ?


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Hi Deblynnrae,
It will often take 4 months to receive your first payment after getting approved, but it may be less if it took you a while to be approved.

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I live in Wisconsin can I work if I receive ssdi


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You can only if it doesn't exceed the 2017 SGA. In 2017, that amount is $1,170 for non-blind disabled applicants, and $1,950 for blind applicants.

Best of Luck,

Brenda (not verified)
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I make $825 on ssdi and have been disabled since 2011 due to my epilepsy and a permanent ankle injury. Both of my parents don't work and have someone from the county saying I can get pd to take care of them. How many hrs can I work without losing my benefits?5


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Hi Brenda,

The number of hours doesn't matter, as long as it doesn't exceed the substantial gain activity (SGA). The SGA for 2017 is $1,170/month or $1,920/month if you are blind.

Best Wishes,

Karen (not verified)
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I am on ssdi and have been since 2009. In 2010 I began working parttime from home for an attorney in another state who offered to pay me $10,000 per year. I did hardly no work at all each month, but could not get paid anything until the case was settled. The case was settled 5 years later and I was paid a lump sum of $44,000 which amounted to $833.33 each month. I received the check in January 2016 and didnt report it until 2017 in March. Will I have to pay any of my benefits back for failure to report it?

Lynn (not verified)
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I worked Made over the limit for 5 months I no longer work. I only works for 5 months I did not report I worked. will I have to pay, I filed my 2016 taxes reported to ssa was 18k please advise next review is 10/19


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Hi there,
You may want to report this to the SSA, you may be able to earn over the SGA limit for a limited time while receiving benefits.

Anymous (not verified)
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I found out I only have 30percent lung capacity due to COPD.would I qualify?

Marci (not verified)
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I have been on disability for 5 years due to a back injury at work.I was wondering if i could work pt and do i have to report it to ssi and let them know. And how many hours can i work? I really need to work.


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Hi Marci,

Yes, you definitely need to report the income to the SSA.

The number of hours doesn't matter, as long as it doesn't exceed the substantial gain activity (SGA). The SGA for 2017 is $1,170/month or $1,920/month if you are blind.
Best Wishes,

Tracy (not verified)
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I'm on soc sec disability and get 966 monthly now if I were to take a part time job how much can I bring home? Is the $1170 total or on top of my check?

Anonymous (not verified)
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Hi I just wanted to know is I'm on ssi can I work part time


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Hi there,
You may be able to do so, however it may be a good idea to contact your local SSA office just to check in regarding any restrictions in working that you may have.

Anthony (not verified)
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I am a functional disabled person. I was born with a spinal defect and was diangosed with hydrocephalus and I have a shunt in my head. I was thinking about applying for a job to work part time and I wanted to know how many hours can I work without having my SSI decrease or cut? 25hours?


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Hi Anthony,
The SSA would modify your benefits based on income rather than hours, you would have a reduction of one dollar for every two that you make at work.

Anthony (not verified)
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I do get a lot of back pains here and there though and sometimes need to go to the hospital but still want to work.

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