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Hi There,
You may be just fine, the SSA may consider his part time work an attempt to return to work that was not successful in their view. It may be a good idea to get in touch with the SSA and ask them their policies about working while receiving benefits.

dave d (not verified)
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I have been unable to work for 2 years But doctors can't find out what's wrong with me, I was making good money at The career I'm in but no longer could do that kind of work, I'm going to try and do something that takes no physical effort, They Think it's neurological But don't see any signs of MS or anything Wrong, Can I get disability, Should I file? I have depleted most of my savings And wondering what to do. Thanks Dave

Nicole (not verified)
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I applied for ssi and ssdi in august 16 and was approved in december. I was told i would receive ssi but online it says my payment for jan 2017 is 0.00 but has a one time payment of a few hundred for ssi backpay i guess. I work a part time job that brings in 630 monthly to support me and my 3 children. I was told i was approved for ssdi as well but am not in pay status yet and told the amount. It is enough that i wont receive ssi anymore but i cant suffice off of just that amount. Can i keep my job to supplement income or will my children receive benefits from me? so that i can make it through and not work because its hard i cant take my meds and work and i hurt all 3 hours a day that i do work. If they receive benefits we can suffice but i was wondering will they?


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Hi Nicole,
Your children may be eligible for benefits based off of your work record, and you may be able to continue working while receiving benefits. You may want to contact your local SSA office, they can give you details about what you would need to do to keep working and still receive SSDI benefits.

John cox (not verified)
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I have a job and get ssdi will I lose it if I file my taxes


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Hi John,
So long as you are not in violation of the SSA's guidelines, you may not lose your benefits if you file your taxes.

angel (not verified)
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I have a pt job I've been on ssi for 5 yrs. I just started doing pt. How many hrs a day or week can I do? I know the 1st 9 months you can't go over $840( TWP) how much can I make a month to not loose my ssdi


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Hi Angel,
If you're on SSDI, then you would need to make less than $840 a month to ensure that the SSA does not consider you in a trial work period.

Lois (not verified)
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I have been working pt 4 8months making roughly $700 a month my employer makes special considerations 4 my disability my question is can i still work after 9mo is up & still receive my ssdi?


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Hi Lois,
You may be able to keep your job after 9 months if the SSA determines that you have not completed a Trial Work Period.

harold (not verified)
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If I got a setlement for having a falling accident. The settlement is 4500.00 would this affect my ssdi .


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Hi Harold,
If you're receiving SSDI, it would not affect your benefits as they are based on your work record rather than your income or resources.

Anonymous (not verified)
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How do I qualify for ssdi? I'm on ssi,I have hydrocephalus, epilepsy, anxiety, and short term memory loss,fine motor loss in my right arm. I really wanna work,cause my anxiety is really high, when I'm sitting at home doing nothing or taking care of my boys. I need answers like asap


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Hi there,
SSDI benefits are provided based on work record, so you would need to have the appropriate work history to qualify for SSDI.

Debbie (not verified)
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I receive SS disability and I work part time from home answering the phone for my daughters company, the hours very. I earn under 1,130.00 a month will they take away or deduct money I earn from my check after the 9 month period.


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Hi Debbie,
if you're receiving benefits based off of your work record, then the SSA may not change your benefits due to that income. However, if you are in a Trial Work Period the SSA may cancel benefits after nine months of earning over $840.

Just Wondering.... (not verified)
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I have been considered disabled since 2011. I know that I am not able to work because my conditions are so unpredictable. I am sick more that I am well. On those occasions that I feel well enough, can I do surveys, etc. and get paid for doing them. How much am I allowed to make? I do not want to have any SSDI earnings taken away, because I do not know how often I could even work. Could I make, maybe, $300-$500 without reducing my SSDI income.

Thank you!
I am so confused!


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Hi there,
yes, you may be able to make $300-500 a month in earned income if it does not contradict the SSA's determinations about your occupational ability and if you are receiving benefits based off of your work record.

Anonomus (not verified)
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I get 871.30 SSDI after they take out Medicare. part a and b. I'm not able to live on that as I have to pay rent electricity etc...
I am in the process with dshs to possibly getting the medicare help. Where the A and b wouldn't be taken out. So I can get both is that correct. !!? Also what if I can get a very limited part time job. I have a tough time sitting and or standing all the time. I'm totally disabled due to a car accident. Memory loss too and it's so embarrassing. I don't want to have my Ssdi taken away. I am trying to find something to help pay the bills I can't even find that. It's hard to find anything in my small town Please help. Before and after $$ on above questions. Thank you


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Hi there,
Yes, you may be able to get Medicare Parts A and B subsidized by your state, which may allow you to receive those benefits without a premium.

Julie (not verified)
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My Dr limited my work week to 24 hrs. A week...I make 9 a hr that's 864 a month and my lawyer at gallon and tatacs says I will not be approved for disability because I DO long as I work even if it's only 1 hr a month that's 9 dollars a month you will NOT win disability just because I DO work even though DR says I can't work more than 24 hrs a if I was to quit my job disability THAN I could work 24 hrs a week..but as long as I'm working while they are making decision they will NOT approve it


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Hi Julie,
I'm sorry to hear about that! It's true, the SSA may only approve you for benefits if you have a demonstrated inability to work.

Brianna G. (not verified)
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I have been receiving ssi for 10 yrs BC of kidney failure so I am married so my husband gets paid 341.00 a week and I get 651.50 a month and I have a part time job making 12.00 as n hr will I lose my check


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Hi Brianna,
You may be able to keep that check and still work, but it may be a good idea to contact your local social security office regarding this as they can help you make sure that you're working within the limits that the SSA sets.

Michelle Brunell (not verified)
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I make 1458 monthly on ssdi. I may have the opportunity to go back to work 8 to 12 hours a week. If i get the job can i keep the job forever with out losing ssdi benefits. The most i would make is around 400 per month. I am completely disabled with mental health issues.


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HI Michelle,
That's great! You may want to contact the SSA regarding any earnings that you make, just to be on the safe side.

Michelle (not verified)
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If I receive SSID benefits. And I stayed working for Uber. Do I have to report my weekly earnings or do I wait until the end of the year when I go my taxes. Because you don't have taxes taken out until the end of the year?


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Hi Michelle,
Even though you're an independent contractor, you may want to report your earnings at least monthly. It's probably a good idea to contact your local SSA office, they can give you information about what your reporting requirements would be.

Lisa (not verified)
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I only receive $745.00 in addition I also receive $8.00 SSI pymt. I'm considering a part time job . There are a couple of things i need to know . How much can I earn without even be considered a TWP? And right now I'm dual eligible insurance wise will working this little job effect my cover?


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Hi Lisa,
You can earn up to $840 a month before you would enter a trial work period. If you're eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, you may still be eligible if you work, but Medicaid rules can vary by state. In addition, you may lose the SSI payment due to increased income.

Jenn (not verified)
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I get SSDI but it's not enough to survive without the help from my mom. I think from what I understand you are allowed to make 1,130 per month in 2016 (before taxes right?) I plan on getting a part-time job if my doctors are OK with it. What if your job offers 401k? What if you want to get a used car? I am trying to save up for one so I can start getting out of the house. (To get a part-time job and maybe volunteer) Are those things possible and allowed? Unless I misunderstood I read in another website that you can't have any assets (house, car, money in the bank, 401k, stocks, etc). So does that mean I can't save up to buy a used car? I just don't want to lose my benefits because I am constantly running to doctors, therapists, etc but I think a part-time job would help me feel better.
Thank you!!

kiki (not verified)
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I am on permanent disability and waiting for a settlement from workmans comp. If or r when I receive the settlement will I loose my disability. I also have a brother who has mental disabilities and has to move into a home where he can be constantly monitored. If he moves in with me and pays rent and living expenses will I loose my disability?


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Hi Kiki,
If you're getting SSDI, you may not have any change in your benefits because they are based on work record, rather than income or financial resources. However, if you're receiving SSI, you may have a change in benefits if your income changes.

Deborah Postle (not verified)
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I am on SSDI and I just got offered a part-time job, do I have to tell my employer that I am doing the TTW program? Do I just let SS know that I have a job and give them my earnings?

Dawn (not verified)
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I work only part time because I just had surgery Ona diabetic ulcer which was on bottom of my foot which has no big toe cause it got cut off by a lawn mower and half of my foot do I had to go down to 24 hrs a week instead of 40 hrs a week plus I have neuropathy and I make gross 1224 a mount will I be able to get ssdi I did apply for it


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Hi Dawn,
If you're unable to work due to your condition and you have the right work record, you may be eligible for benefits.

Angie (not verified)
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I draw a disability check each moth but was wondering if I could work to help make ends meet I have seizures and have had brain surgery


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Hi Angie,
You may be able to, however it may be a good idea to contact the SSA office in you area for some more information about what you would be able to do.

mike (not verified)
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Someone who has a website pays me on occasion to do some research work. It doesn't take long and it is sporadic. He pays me $250 a month to be available to do this work. I can do it because there is no requirement to work at the task until it's done. I can work a little, take a break, and then come back to it. Will this affect my benefits?


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Hi Mike,
If you're receiving SSDI benefits, then it may not affect your benefits at all, however if you're receiving SSI the SSA may adjust your benefits based on your income.

Rudolph White (not verified)
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I'm currently getting SSID and I want to know what is the procedure and what do I have to have into the social service administration building for me to work what do you need from my boss


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Hi Rudolph,
You may not need to go to the Social Security Administration building, you can reach them at for more information.

Ran (not verified)
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I'm not sure how to post in a specific topic.
I can't find out if working PT and under SGA will raise my SSDI payment.
I know SSA does some kind of recalculation but I can find no real info.
I have a couple zero years, and two years with only a few hundred dollars
in each year in my work history.
ANY info appreciated!

Anonymous (not verified)
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I work full time and have MS. I tried applying for disability twice and was denied. They stated that I was able to work. Can I apply for partial disability?

MBS (not verified)
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Do I qualify for unemployment benefits in the state of New Jersey, if I just lost my job and I am still within my 9-month "trial work period" of my SSDI? I am looking to get back to work asap. I was laid off from my new job after only 2.5 months, for no fault of my own. I do meet the minimum wage criteria using the alternate base period.

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