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Hi Curtis,
If it doesn't work out, you may still be eligible for benefits without re-applying.

Mel (not verified)
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I have been disabled and drawing 646.00 (started out lower) for about 25 years. I have a crippling disease that run in our family (about 40 that has it) I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and other things, but I am only 53. I ride a scooter, at all times. I would like to know if I would lose my disability money if I subbed at the school (2nd-4th grades) a day or two a week to get me out of the house (days I feel like it) making 60.00 a day.


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Hi Mel,
If you're receiving SSI then you may need to report that income to the SSA, however you may have a reduction in your benefits because of the fact that you're gaining an income.

Mel (not verified)

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Is SSI not the same as SSDI? I can't have a time of a 9 month trial period? I guess after reading answers of others questions like mine, I'm not understanding why I would have a reduction in my disability amount if I don't make near the 1130.00.


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Hi Mel,
SSI is not the same as SSDI and it does not have the trial work period. However, you may have a reduction in benefits if you earn over a certain amount with SSI.

Debi (not verified)
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I was just approved for sad I & will start receiving $1145 per month. Am I understanding I can earn up to $1030 per month without effecting my benifits?


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Hi Debi,
That $1,030 per month is the figure that they use for SSDI eligibility, if you make less than than you would be considered eligible for SSDI benefits.

Sophi (not verified)
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I got mail about ticket to work last November. I had been given ssdi that October. All i remember is reading ticket to work so i had found a easy job paying me 300 to 1000 a month. I did know until yesterday when i got flyer in the mail and read in full what this was. I did not contact ssi what will happen?


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Hi Sophi,
You may be held liable for any overpayments that the SSA determines you had received.

Lynne (not verified)
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How many hours can I work while I am on disability, I only get 691 a month!


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Hi Lynne,
You may work as many hours as you'd like, however you would still be limited by the income limits for SSI and the Substantial Gainful Activity limits for SSDI.

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I get ssd and I want to know if I'm able to go to work how much can I make a month and still receive my benefits


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Hi there,
You may be able to make up to $1,130 a month, however it may be a good idea to contact the SSA and confirm that you would still be able to work under their definition of your disability.

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My girlfriends son had a stroke at age 11 and collects 675.00 for ssdi. Also food stamps which he gets 110.00 a month. He never had a job to pay any taxes for social security, so I was wanting to know if there is any way he should get more than that or can he work part time for extra income without losing any of his benefits he has now, because he is 24 years old now and he has never had a increase in his benefits and wants to live on his own but can't afford it with what he receives now. I would appreciate any useful info.


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Hi Tony,
Yes, your girlfriend's son may be able to work, however there are earnings limits that he would need to stay under to keep receiving benefits. It may be a good idea to contact your local SSI office for assistance, as they can go into detail regarding the limits that your he may need to be aware of.

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I haven't worked in about 15 years due to disability. On ssdi about 11 or 12. Originally for fibromyalgia, ptsd and anxiety. More recently I was diagnosed with a brain issue, spinal cord abnormality, mild cognitive dysfunction, word finding and some other crappy stuff. I worked with children and infants before, which I know I can't do again. I can't lift babies or walk carrying them, etc. I have lifting restrictions and balance issues and couldn't handle the noise. I know I sound like a total basket case! But anyway! I want to do something. Anything that I can do! Something! I read that I have to make a certain amount under the ticket to work. I think $810 per month. I don't think I can work enough hours to make that much! But I would like to TRY to work some hours. Maybe shoot for 8-10 hours per week at first and see how it goes!?? But I spoke to one of the agencies from the ticket to work website and they weren't really interested in me, since I'm not confident that I can immediately return full time. I'm discouraged! :( Do I have to start out full time? Can't I try for a few hours per week and see how it goes? Do I have to work with an agency? Do I have to have a referral from an agency in order to go to go to work?


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Hi Kim,
You are not required to make $810 a month for the ticket to work program. Depending on what benefits you have, you may be able to start working part time without any change in your benefits. You may not need a referral from an agency and you may not need to work with one at all, either.

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I have a son who tried to start his own business. He was VERY optomistic and had a couple of clients. He reported, of course, and we set a minimal buisiness plan. Socials security figured out some kind of (inflated) net amount per month and reduced his SSD accordingly (to $400 or so). It lasted about 3 months with the last month's earnings of $300. He told them it didn't work out (one of the real reasons may have been Social Security contacted his clients asking how much he gets paid and scared them away).... Anyhow, he went in and spoke with someone and reported his failed attempt and heard no response. We went back in a month later and are now told that NOTHING will change...he remains at the $400/mn until he files taxes for the year...which he can't do until around Jan 19th (when the IRS allows it). In the meantime, he can't pay his rent or any other expenses. He tried working because he thought if he was honest with them and it failed, things would be re-instated...We had read through material on "Trial Work Periods"... and thought it wouldn't hurt him for trying. Now he is nearly without housing and can't fix his car. The little he did have set aside to pay self-employment taxes is gone. They are telling him there is nothing they can do... he has to file his taxes first and will get a lump sum back-benefit. they are encouraging him to do side jobs...but he never earned enough to buy tools for the jobs he is capable of...they were "borrowed" in the past with the contingency that he would be buying his own....So, now he is trying to live on $400/mn which isn't working. Is there any thing we can do? (They said he could borrow money form someone:) That won't work.)


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Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear about that! It appears that your son may be receiving SSI benefits rather than SSDI, which means he may not be eligible for the trial work period.

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Anonymous (not verified)
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My son is on SSDI. If I leave him an inheritance will he lose it. Would a trust be the answer?


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Hi there,
They may not lose their benefits because SSDI benefits do not have a limit for unearned income.

Kaye (not verified)
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Would an inheritance affect my son's SSDI?


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Hi Kaye,
If your son is receiving disability benefits based on his work record ( those are SSDI) rather than income ( that is SSI benefits), then he may not have a change in his benefits due to inheritance.

Anthony (not verified)
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I know you can't make over 810 a month and be counted a trial work period but how does Social Security look at the hours if you get paid $6 an hour and it takes you 60 hours to make that $810 will they look at the hours worked or just the money


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Hi Anthony,
They may only look at the overall income for that month rather than hours worked.

John Carter (not verified)
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How many s hours can i work. And get my check

Annmaria (not verified)
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I'm on Ssi disability I get 733 .. I found a place thats paying $8 an hr for 35-40 for helping a lady around doing light cleaning and mostly just keeping her ocuppide till her daughter gets home .Itpays every 2 week.will it affect my Ssi. I'm single mom and I'm struggling off a $700 month Ssi income.


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Hi Annmaria,
you may be able to work at this job and keep your benefits, but it may be a good idea to contact your SSI caseworker to find out exactly how it would affect your benefits if you do get the job.

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How many hours can I work while being on SSDI or is it how much can I make in a month being on SSDI?


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Hi Sheree,
You may be able to make up to $1,130 a month while still being able to receive SSDI benefits.

tonya fondren (not verified)
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I receive ssi for lupus I am hearing impaired I have been working for this company this October 2,2015 part -time 18 hours they have been over workingn me and I have gotten sick abfew times so I have been looking for a less physically job well I found one and they offer me the position for Dietary aid it's 32 hours pay 8.65 will I loose my ssi I can loose my ssi payments.


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HI Tonya,
You can work as many hours as you are able or that you'd like to work, however if you make too much income you may lose your benefits. It may be a good idea to contact the SSA for detailed information.

vicki west (not verified)
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Can i still work a couple of days a week while receiving ssdisability

Charlie (not verified)
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Had a double lung transplant 5 years ago. Been on SSDI before transplant. Now o have less than 50% lung function but I'm sure there is something I could do to make a few extra bucks each month. I'm scared if I go back to work SSA will say if you can work 15 hours a week then you can work 40. I tire real easy and manual labor is out of the question. I'm oxygen dependent with exertion. Just wondering if it's really worth the risk of making $500 a month and loosing $1550 a month? Btw I was a firefighter/medic and I know I can't go back to that.

Bob (not verified)
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On s.s.d.i. for social anxiety, and.bipolar review coming soon, I'm trying to work partime but not making much, and it's not going good so far. Do I report this to assdis and if so when

Amy (not verified)
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I receive $927 per month for my disability. What can I make if I work part-time so that my benefits aren't affected?


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Hi Amy,
It really depends on the type of benefit that you're getting, but if you earn under $1,130 you may be able to keep your benefits.

Vanessa (not verified)
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Hi I have been working on and off but iam not making that much and it is part time abot 500 dollars a month but I dnt tell ssa iam on ssdi can I get in trouble


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Hi Vanessa,
You may want to tell the SSA that you're earning that money, but it may not affect your benefits because SSDI is based on work history, not income.

Brian Shoemaker (not verified)
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I collect SSDI. i would like to try and work part time with out losing any benefits. if you go back to work PT do you have to contact SSDI and tell them you are going back to work PT? what do you mean that they base the $1,130.00 a month off your past work history?
so i could make $1,130.00 a month before they tax me?


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Hi Brian,
Yes, it is a good idea to contact the SSA if you plan on working while receiving disability.

Anonymous (not verified)
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One of your replys said you can make $1,130.00 a month the other one said $800.00 a month?
if you get $1,700.00 a month SSDI you can only make 800.00 a month with out triggering the TWP? if you make more than 800.00 then you would go into the trial work period?

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