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John (not verified)
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Can I rent out a room in my house to help pay my medical expenses and still get SSDI?

What is the most you can make in Oregon on SSDI and qualify for extra help for medicine on SSDI

Can I do odd jobs occasionally and still get my SSDI to help pay for my medicine?


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Hi John,
Yes, you may be able to do so and receive income as a landlord, however you may want to contact the SSA and the office that administers medicaid in Oregon to find out if you would still qualify for benefits.

Len (not verified)
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Hi when u are doing the try period which is 9 months do u have to report it to ssa even if u are just making 500 a month iam on ssdi

Amy (not verified)
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Thank you, Bryan. I have been in touch with Social Security. I have exhausted all of my trial work periods as I have been trying, for some time, to return to work but have been unsuccessful. I believe I am in a better position to make this work but fear, if it doesn't, that I will not be able to collect benefits again. I have heard that you can get your benefits back. Is that true?


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Hi Amy,
You may be able to have your benefits reinstated after a successful trial work period, you may be eligible for up to five years after successfully going back to work.

Nicky (not verified)
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I was wanting to know I get 780 month ssdi the trial work how much can I make and still get benefits and does it count against me if I have a review could I lose my benefits


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Hi Nicky,
In your case it may be a good idea to contact the SSA before seeking work to make sure of your eligibility for benefits while working.

savitri (not verified)
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how many hours can a disable person work and receive ssi?


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Hi Savitri,
There are not set hours that you can work, you would just need to earn less than the SSI income limit to maintain eligibility.

Jane (not verified)
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Hi how many hour can u work while receiveing ssdi and do u have to report the hour to ssa


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Hi Jane,
You can work any number of hours you want, however the amount of income that you can earn would be capped at less that 1,130 a month. It may be a good idea to contact the SSA if you plan on working while on disability benefits.

Mandi (not verified)
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I get SSDI ! However the letter said it was determined j may get better and will get reevaluated in a couple months! I'm in ticket to work ! Getting wsyunder 810 a month! I was diagnosed with osteo arthritis today in both knees! Rewuirtkng shots , a script for a cane and handicap placard! Should I tell ssa about new diagnosis ?


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Hi Mandi,
I am sorry to hear that! Evaluations are not always related to the Ticket to Work program--they occur every 1, 3, or 7 years for most disability recipients. I would absolutely fill in the SSA on any updated medical information.

catie (not verified)
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All these answers that you can work under SGA and keep benefits. I have done extensive research online and it says that if you get called for a medical review, you could very well lose the ssdi because if you can work, it very well may show your condition has improved over your initial determination, where you could not work for at least the following 12 months? very confusing.


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Hi Catie,
Medical reviews happen regardless of how much income you earn, either every year, 3 years, or 7 years. So long as your disability is just as severe as when you were approved, you should be just fine.

Anonymous (not verified)
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Hey i get ssi for my son who has adhd i just started working 22 hours a week as a hha will ssi lower my son cheack do i have to tell them


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Hi there,
This will definitely lower your son's SSI check. Any income will affect SSI benefits, aside from the first $60 earned in a month and infrequent payments. All in all, someone on SSI can make around $1,500 per month before losing SSI benefits completely (although I'd never recommend this, as the SSA will seriously question your inability to work).

Bonnie (not verified)
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I am on disability. I have started a seasonal job. Just till jan or feb. It is just $10 hour till dec 2nd. I am having a hard time working. Very painful. But will this hurt my benefits


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Hi Bonnie,
If you're receiving benefits based off of your income, you may have a reduction of one dollar for every two dollars that you earn for the months that you earn them.

Victora (not verified)
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Hi I have been working now for 4 months ia
M on ssdi I did not tell ssa I only make 200 dollars every two weeks will they find out iam scared to tell them I do not want to lose my benefits


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Hi Victoria,
It's a good idea to tell the SSA that you are earning income, but SSDI benefits are based off of work record rather than income.

Ly (not verified)
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Hi, i have been receiving SSDI for alzheimer for 20 years. can i work as an inhome service person for 700.00 a month and still receive my full SSDI benefit?

Dorothy (not verified)
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I have not worked for 23 months due to my disability, I have been offered a part time job, 15 hours per week, to help an elderly person on and off the toilet. Will I loose my benifets if I accept this position?


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Hi Dorothy,
It may be a good idea to contact the SSA regarding this so that you do not lose your disability, you can contact them at 1-800-772-1213

Anonymous (not verified)
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I have had double spinal surgery suffer from depression also have f ybromyalga on loads of mediation and will be for the rest of my life can only work part time would I be able to claim any disability allowance

Veronica Ventrice (not verified)
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i was offered a very small partime job just so im not bored it would only be about 10 hours a week can i do it being on ssd and extra help for my meds


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Hi Veronica,
Yes, you may be able work at this job without losing your benefits, however if you are on SSI benefits then your benefit may be reduced one dollar for every two you earn.

James (not verified)
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Hello I have been receiving ssdi since 2008. I am a lower left leg amputee and suffer from ptsd. I just tried returning to work unsuccessfully. I work for about five months at a shop and for three of those months I made over $1300 a month. Will I lose my benefits? I need to try to return to work because my wife had a vape pen explode in her face last February and we are in real danger of losing our apartment and winding up on the streets. We barely eat as it is and our gas is set to turn off tomorrow..


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Hi James,
You may not lose your benefits, as it is possible to earn over the Substantial Gainful Activity Limit of $1,130 while on a trial work period. It may be a good idea to contact the SSA regarding the trial work period, they can help you figure out exactly what you would need to do.

Anonymous (not verified)
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What if you go over income limit

Juli (not verified)
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I have just been awarded ssdi but it only comes to about 680.00 per month. Recently the job I had to leave three plus years ago called me and want me to come back part time and are willing to work around my limitations. If I go back how much can I earn a month without messing up my benefits?


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Hi Juli,
I wouldn't recommend earning more than $800 per month, as you could trigger a "Trial Work Period" and lose your benefits eventually. Anything under that should be safe.

Jeremy (not verified)
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I have started working at a supermarket doing a very non stressful job. I'm working about 23 hours a week at $8.10 an hour. Do I need to worry about losing my ssdi? Also I get paid bi weekly how does social security figure out how much of my check goes to what month? Thanks


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Hi Jeremy,
Right now you're right on the edge--you shouldn't have your benefits be affected, but if you earn more or work a couple more hours, you may trigger a "Trial Work Period," which is where the SSA sees you're working and could potentially take away your benefits if you continue to earn a decent income.

Jeremy (not verified)
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Is vacation pay figured into the sga calculation

Jeremy (not verified)
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Sorry for so many questions if I go over the trial work period amount because some months have five weeks then I will probably run out of twp in 4 years or so...from what I can read I would go into an epe for 36 months what happens after that? And does social security ever say that since u can work part time u can work full time....with my mental conditions I don't think I could handle that and my psychiatrist and therapit think so too


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Hi Jeremy,
After the TWP, if you earn anything over SGA once, you will lose your benefits, but there will be a period of rapid reinstatement if you find you can no longer work shortly after. So long as you avoid using all for your trial work months, you should be ok.

Skeen (not verified)
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I have Medicare and Medicaid. I haven't never used my Medicare I Dont need it because I have Medicaid. I pay a premium every month and they paid a 1,976$ premium out of my back pay. I do not want Medicare am I entitled to this premium back?


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Hi Skeen,
This is an excellent question, and one I unfortunately do not know the answer to! I would recommend contacting the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to inquire about this.

Anonymous (not verified)
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Hello I collect ssdi of 913.oo a month I have been offered a part time job working for the hotel here in my area part time 24 hours a week. At 8.25 an hour would I lose my ssdiwhich would be 792.00 a month with out taxes taken.


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Hi there,
You may only lose your SSDI if you are earning over $1,130 a month or if you are performing work that the SSA had determined that you were unable to do.

lawrence fontana (not verified)
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i have been on social security disability for almost 5 years, but can i still go back to work part time, cant do a full day hard on the feet being diabectic, just want to make 400-500 dollars extra

Donna D'Onofrio (not verified)
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I'm working part time making approx $600 per month. I receive 1,550 from SSD. My husband works pt making around &600 per month. His SSD take home is 2,004 per month. Are we ok with this or should one of us cut back on hours? Thanks for your support

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