How many hours can you work if on disability

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How many hours are you allowed to work if on disability

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Eric. u commented on my question about my childs back pay and my ssi. but u commented about a blind person. which has nothing to do with my question. can someone please help me understand what is going to happen to me. PLEASE????


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I am so sorry for any confusion. Can you please re-state your question and me or my colleague will try our best to give you the most accurate answer?

Again, my most sincere apologies for any confusion I brought.

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Ok Been receiving S
S Disability for 5. Yrs Now Can i. Work part time 15 to 20 Hours A. Week. I .Get. 1298 .a. Month will i .b .ok. For P.T Work


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Hi There,

It looks like you will be making above the 2018 SGA limit. That could in fact effect your benefits.

Thomasphelps (not verified)

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I get 935 a month. How much can I earn if I work


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Hi There,

It looks like your monthly income will exceed the 2018 SGA limit, that could affect your benefits.

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If work 4 hour weekly 10.00 perhour what is my monthly limit while ss is 849.00is

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Can I work partime while on ssdi even if your spouse works fulltime

Anonymous (not verified)
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How hours can I work a week and still get disability

Anonymous (not verified)
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My spouse works im disable he gets over weekly for the month he earns about 2,025.00. why do ssi keep cutting my benefits off?


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Hi There,

They are taking into consideration his income as apart of your own, since you are married. SSI is based on income.

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I get $750 a month S.S.I. How many hours a week can I work at $12 ph?

Michelle (not verified)
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My daughter, who is 16, gets a check with her farther’s check, but would like to work part time. Will this effect their checks?

brenda (not verified)
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how much could i make per month if i'm on ssdi and earn $2280 per month
i have chance to do some substitute teaching i am a nurse back and hip surgery and not permitted to do activities of a nurse

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