SSDI length of time for back pay?

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When I initially met with my attorney, I was told that back pay would go back one year from application, minus 5 months (I had already waited over 2 years to file because I was told I would have "full recovery" after my 2 fusion surgeries). I've received my acceptance letter but not my back pay yet, and during my search for more info on the process I came across a SSDI page stating that even if it takes 24 months for your claim to get approved, you can only receive pay for 12 months. Can anybody help clarify this for me please? Also, I have friends who received their back pay before or immediately after their approval letters (NY), but I've seen posts by people saying it took several months so I was wondering if there was a formula for when I can expect mine? I'm not looking to go on a spending spree, but I have a mortgage, car payment, property and school taxes, and children to feed and clothe as well as one in an expensive college. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and all input is appreciated.

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I became sick in 2010..tried to go back to work but they finally medically retired job contract states if im off after 365 days..i had to file for ssd...i denied..appealed it...won in federal court july 2016..went back to court jan laeyers didnt have i certain she postponed until sept was lawyer told me before i left that i won...its nov long will it take to get anything??..a monthly chevk?...i was told by the first lawyers i had that im entitled to my back pay...with reading everyones question and answers..i know now i may not get anything til after the holidays...these last 7 and 1/2 years has been brutal..a real struggle...robbing peter to pay have gotten bigger...expenses is greater...i have worked my whole life...i paid into it...and theyre treating it as tho its coming out of their pockets snd bank accounts...something needs to be done on how they handle things...last year i almost died...was in ICU for 6 days and i feel everything ive been through...ill die before i see anything...a letter..back pay(if entitled) first that what theyre thinkin...prolong the ppl money in hopes they would die???..from the beginning they take it from you weekly...when you need got to go through hell and high water to prove to those judges that you are disable...then they take their time giving whats owe to you.....ridiculous....


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Hi there,
I am very sorry to hear that. It can take up to four months to hear back from the judge regarding your claim, so try to hang in there! The good news is that it sounds like you probably won your claim.

Phillip (not verified)
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I got my decision Tuesday the last week of October fully favorable l was approved back in June on Saturday December 4TH l got a check for 6000 dollars no letter l don't understand is this my back pay

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Can you still get ssi back pay, if in my award letter I was denied back pay, can I hire a lawyer to go back and help me get it. It's been about 4 or5 since I started receiving ssi monthly payments.

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So update. I am eligible for bk pay but they only can go back 4 yrs or I would have gotten the 13 yrs im actually due. I asked where all the rest of bk pay goes that I won't receive she said "well I guess it will just sit there" nice. Smh.

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Quick question guys im so confused. I went to my hearing and got approved right then and there. My attorney said to just a month or so to receive my approval letter .. I did already . Now I'm all waiting for is notice of award . How long can it take to receive it.?

Barry (not verified)
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I have had SSI for 11 years now and filed for SSDI disability concurrently. If I get approved for SSDI does that mean 11 years of back pay?


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Hi Barry,
You may be able to do so, however they may deduct the amount for your SSI funds as they would be paying you the same amount twice if they did not.

Blake (not verified)
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In 2010 l was doing chemo and was given ssi payments for 6 months . Soon after due to surgery l became permanently disabled due to major nerve damage in entire right leg, foot and abs. I was denied for payment then 2010. Have been on medicaid for whole time now 2017 and they want me to apply again and now also Diagnosed With PTSD also. Will they go back to my claim from 2010 and go from there or will they make me start over a claim new And 2017? I'm still disabled from the nerve damage that is the main problem even though they're telling me the PTSD will make it where I get disability quicker... but I don't want to start over a new claim I'm trying to go off the old one will they Allow that if I'm still claiming disability due to the major nerve damage caused by the surgery from cancer? Or will they make me start over a new claim Since now PTSD is involved? so I guess my real question being is should I fill out the new paperwork or is there a way to use my claim from 2010 so I'm able to get the back pay for the years that I have missed not being able to work due to the nerve damage? also if this is possible will they pay back pay all the way back from when I first got denied in 2010 or will they just start a new claim? Or I am just out of everything truly owed since I've been disabled the entire time from the same situation? ( Will they back pay that far back if it's still same claim? And should l add the ptsd to it or...?)


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Hi Blake,
You may need to make a new claim, but the SSA may pay back pay from the time you were eligible for benefits.

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I have been waiting 154 days now for the judge to make a decision. This is crap I filed for ssd/Ssi..... This system is messed up.... I live in ky I know this back log excuse is making more angry. Its been five years that they will have to pay four.


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Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may want to contact your local SSA office regarding this. Hang in there!

Shawna (not verified)
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I applied for SSDI in Jan 2013 with a disability starting date of July 2012. If I am approved for my SSDI will I recieve back pay for almost 5 years?


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Hi Shawna,
You may be eligible to receive back pay from the time of your established onset date.

Thelma murdock (not verified)
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I have kidney failure ,,I applied for ssdi back in December 2,2015,, but I find out in 2017 that ssdi didn't add my 2015/16 taxes ,,so I'm getting less monthly payment,do they owe me back money for that time?


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Hi Thelma,
They may owe you back payment for that time if you are able to establish that your taxes were not calculated correctly by the SSA and you were eligible in the time that they calculated your taxes.

Paula (not verified)
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I have been receiving my disability since 2013. They recently discovered an error - where my minor children were not receiving benefits for my disability. They gave verbally gave me a monthly amount that we would now receive, and said that previous money was due. I was not given a claim/confirmation number. How long should it take before I start just receiving the monthly portion? I seem to have figured out that the backpay would be at least 4 months AFTER that.....thank you in advance.


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Hi Paula,
We really could not say, however you may receive confirmation of the award from the SSA, but you may want to follow up regarding this with them by calling the SSA at 1-800-772-1213.

Thelma murdock (not verified)
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Ssdi didn't add my two year tax's on before they made a decision on my monthly payment now they said that I have credits,,what do that means credits?? And how long?

Maria (not verified)
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I have gotten a letter stating i would receive my back pay around November 25th. Can anyone tell me how long it will actually take to see it?


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Hi Maria,
We can't really say as processing times can vary by financial institution, but you may want to contact the SSA at 1-800-772-1213.

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There should be back pay 6months wait time with no back pay. The rent is due. This is why people are homeless. 6 months. No back pay. Rent is not getting payed

Anonymous (not verified)
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I think when you get approved. For SSDI. Should not be 6 months wait. With no back pay. How do you pay rent??? Not sure how to make it for 6 months. Pay rent pay bills. Worked all my life.. What to do.


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You're right. It is a longer process than it should be. However, in certain circumstances, one can be approved for expedited payments from the SSA.

Kyle (not verified)
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I was APPROVED back in August 2017 for 5 1/2 years SSDI retroactive back pay; however majority state it takes 90 days from 1st (Paid Out Benefit/Monthly Amount). However, I have received 4 benefit check's to date. And the main issue had been whether or not I needed a REP PAYEE/I had 6 months of Workers Comp. payment's I had received prior. Would not assume it would take much MATH to figure out deduction's thus pay it out! ! ! I get roughly $1,299+ per month. Curious if other folk's had issue's like mine, and had to wait it out even longer stated I needed funds to stay current/catch up on some stuff though I have not heard back yet.

Deborah (not verified)

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State of MD, waiting for retro since approval 9.18.17... SSA rep called back saying wait time for SSDI retro taking 12 months. Wondering if I'll live to see it!!!

Frank (not verified)
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My kid had got her disability back pay all paid up and now is no longer disabled.
How can we send the money on her?

Michelle (not verified)
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So I just got my fully favorable decision but im confused about back payment. I applied a twice before this cycle, one in 03 and one around 06. Both times due to stress I didnt follow through. This time I applied on 6/15. And had my case seen 10/17. When I applied in June, the SSA worker told me if approved they would go back 1 year from June, so 6/14. But the judge in his decision put my EOD as 11/02, the date I became disabled. Thats 15 years, my lawyer thinks I will be paid all that. Does anyone know or heard of this?


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HI Michelle,
You may only be eligible from the time you made your last application if you apply more than once for benefits.

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Question if my son receives ssi and I quit my job due to my pregnancy being high risk will it affect his monthly amount

Tina (not verified)
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I am frustrated with SSDI. I won my case and recieved an approval letter in June of 2017. It is now Dec 10, 2017 and I still have not gotten an award letter or any back pay, much less not even the starting of my monthly payments. Judge approved my disability to be since 2014. I dont understand what the hold up is. I have talked to my Attorneys Paralegal, and all she ever tells me is that they are understaffed and there are thousands of others who have applications in with Soc sec. It has been since June that my case was approved, thats 6 mo ths ago. This doesnt seem right to me. Does anyone have any ideas other than me writing my local Congressman??)

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I first went to ssdi in april 2012 ive been denied 4 times 3 by mail and 1 time in court in september 11th 2017 i went to court again today is 90 days the only thing is when i was denied i founx out right away let me tell everyone whos going threw the struggle its been 5 1/2 long slow suffering ive lost my morgage ive spend my retirement plan 401k im behind on all utility bills my credit score is shot from 730 now smashed to 480 the only thing to get me above water is my back pay its said not to know whats my next move ive worked 40 yrs every since i had a whole shoulder replacement in feb 2013 and a number of other its chrismas time and i dont want to have another depressing waiting for an approval is woest then holding your breath .need hope and answer

Ed (not verified)
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I will be classified as disabled 2 years ago this coming July 2018 - still no back-pay !
I am in Texas.

Regina Lovelace (not verified)
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I wanted to let you know my experience. I have DDD and Epilepsy. I initially applied for SSD on 2/17/15 and was denied twice. I had my hearing 10/17 this year. I received my approval letter less than 2 weeks later and my back pay was deposited 2 weeks after that. I received my approval letter last week. I'm not sure whether it was a bench decision that moved my case through so quickly. I had representation and did agree to adjust my onset date at the end of hearing. I gave up a lot of back pay but am grateful for the approval. I pray for everyone here that your decisions are all positive and your wait times are as short as possible

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hello so my mother apply for benfits in 2012 you didnt know what benifts she was applying for but she got deney from the judge in july of 2017 but re apply in oct and got approved after seeing a mental doctor should they give her back pay from 2013 or only from july

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