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SSDI length of time for back pay?

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My husband was approved for

My husband was approved for disability at the end of March 2014. He received his backpay and his monthly benefits have started. He did an application for our minor children. How long (on average) will it take for their benefits to commence and (ballpark) when should they expect to receive their backpay? We turned in all required originals in person to the SSA rep who took their application approximately three weeks ago. SSA was holding up his backpay (although he did not qualify for SSI nor did he have an attorney) until we contacted our Congressman. We don't want to do that yet for our dependants' backpay or monthly benefit because we wanted to give them a reasonable turnaround time. Any input would be appreciated! Thank you.

My son's father and

My son's father and I are no longer together. He was recently approved for disability and I'm curious as to when I should start receiving my son's check. Don't mean to be ruthless but I have been taking care of my son on my own for four months now. And need the help.

I got email from SS office

I got email from SS office and was told that Im approved for SSA but they have to subtract the payback for any SSI payments that I already received for that same time period... I dont get SSI anymore it stopped few months ago becz I got a job but my ssa just got approved due of 2013 that I didnt have a job and retroactived on 2013 that I m diabled as on that date and theres a 5 months waiting period before i can entitled to benefits so the entitlement is on 2013 so what does it mean and how it work with subtract from SSI payment itself for payback from SSA?

i have had my hearing with

i have had my hearing with alj i feel positive that its favorable if i have already registered an online account with them will the process go smoother or faster and if i set up a bank account will the money come faster could it even come before i receive these letters. I 've heard many people receive money before they even receive there award letter i just wondered if it could come earlier due to technology press of a button. PS i feel so sorry for people that r waiting soooo long but will pray for you all.

Hi Linda, thank you for your

Hi Linda, thank you for your question. If you are unemployed and disabled, you may be eligible to receive either SSDI or SSI. In order to be eligible for SSDI, you need to have worked and paid the correct amount of Social Security taxes (depending on your age) and have a disabling condition, that's expected to last at least 12 months, that restricts you from being able to work. In order to be eligible for SSI, you need to have the same limiting disabling conditions, as well as meeting the asset limit of $2,000 (excluding the home and one vehicle) for an individual, and $3,000 (excluding the home and one vehicle) for a couple

I'f you'd like to learn more about each program, feel free to visit either one of these pages for more information:
SSDI Benefits
SSI Benefits

My ex husband was just

My ex husband was just approved SSDI and we have a minor child that he is supposed to be paying child support on, which hasn't been the case in quiet some time. I understand that OCSE will automatically get all the child support arrearages taken off the total of his monies due. My questions are, he was approved on 05/16/14 and it went back to 10/2012. I have called SS office and they can't give me any information stating that NOTHING is in the system yet indicating that he was awarded. But told me that I needed to set up an appointment for my son on 06/23/2014, and hopefully it will be in the system by then??? Really does it take that long to get it in the system? And when should I expect to receive at least the child support he owes me? Will my son also receive a lump sum other than the child support back to the onset date? And when will we start receiving a regular monthly benefit payment?

We applied for my deaf

We applied for my deaf stepdaughter who is 16 almost 17 and has cochlear but it isn't all that great for her. It's been eight months and it just went from the medical side to the financial side. No one will tell me anything about approval or denial. They said to check the mail. We are currently on TANF for the extra help but we question whether we should get off the cash aid??? Will it help get a favorable decision if we wernt on assistance? Also if we are on assistance will it hurt what she is able to get in payments and back pay? We just don't want anything we are doing to hurt what she is able to receive. Once she's 18 this will be very important for her. Any websites that could help me understand or advice would be great! Thank u!

Hello my mom was finally

Hello my mom was finally approved after five years of appeals she received her letter stating she was fully favorable a little over sixty days she made to much and was denied for ssi so she is getting ssd and has five years of backpay coming to her. She has a savings account set up for the deposit however when she calls all she gets is it is in the payment center. She has lost a lot over the years and really needs this. From what I have red she should have already received her money and she has called most of the time she has to leave messages and they don't call her back. So does anyone know how long it's gonna take for her or maybe had a similar experience. I am the one who has been helping her and she is so ready to get her life back!

We just started the

We just started the application process for SDI and I am scared of how long it will take. Is it recommended to use a disability attorney to speed things up? Also, is there any reputable companies out there that do advanced payments or loans against disability awards while you are waiting to get your first payment?

Hi Maria, thank you for your

Hi Maria, thank you for your questions. The SSDI process can vary depending on your case, however, it typically takes at least a few months for the SSA to receive your information and make a decision. However, if you're approved, you can receive back payments from your application date to approval date

If you have specific questions regarding your case and would like to talk to an attorney for a free consultation, please fill out the form on our home page and a lawyer will contact you. If you would like to read more information about back pay, read our Social Security Back Pay page

OK. Yesterday 8/1/14 I

OK. Yesterday 8/1/14 I FINALLY received my FULLY FAVORABLE! I filed January 2011 and judge set my date of disability 8/2010. That's 4 years!!! I have been waiting 3 years through appeal processes and now here is my question. I'm 38. I worked 20yrs and since I'm disabled young, does that mean since I didn't put in as long as a 50yr old, I'll now get less in my disability benefits? I'm trying to figure out what I may receive cuz the curiousty has gotten to me. I have 3 young children as well and I did file for SSI as well but I don't know the benefit amount either. I'm barely making ends meet off there dead beat dads and I'll need every penny I can get...quickly.

Hi Shari, i'm glad to

Hi Shari, i'm glad to hear that you have finally been approved. Determining the exact amount of disability benefits you will receive is difficult to determine, since every individual's case is unique.

We do, however, offer a Disability Benefits Calculator that can give you a rough estimate of how much benefits you could be eligible for.

Can someone please please

Can someone please please help me. I was approved for ssd in 2014 and am getting around $12,000 backpay from that. Then the SSI people said i would get ssi backpay from 2011 also. they said because i get backpay for ssi for the waiting period that they are deducting it from my ssdi backpay. Then my lawyer called the payment center and they said no i get full back pay from both. But the ssd people are saying no i only get part of my ssd backpay because ssi is giving me backpay also for waiting period. I was told i get a backpay from each program and no one can give me a straight answer can someone please help. I am so confused. I would just like to know do i get all of my backpay from both programs. I did not have one penny income from 2011 until they finally approved me june of 2014. I just wanna cry and i want to know what i get from who. Thank you

My husband has been disabled

My husband has been disabled for a couple of years now. He's been able to return to work a couple of times for short periods of time and then he had to completely stop working in January. Both of his doctors told him that he can not work at all and would not approve him to go back to work. They told him to file for SSD, which he did a few weeks ago. The social security papers that he received in the mail told him that if he were to become disabled, he would receive $1,800 a month. So here are my two questions. IF he does get approved for SSD, how much will myself and our two children get a month (they are 15 & 13) and do I have to apply for myself and my children after he gets approved or does it happen automatically? My husband and I have not lived together for over 10 years but we're still married. The kids live with me and he is unable to care for them due to his disibility. We are on very good speaking terms though.. Could you give me any answers on this?

Hi Barb, you and your

Hi Barb, you and your children may also qualify for benefits on your husband's record and receive what is called auxiliary benefits. This is, however, only the case if he is receiving SSDI.

Please learn more about the eligibility requirements for these benefits on our Auxiliary Benefitspage.

So, daughter got ssdi

So, daughter got ssdi benefits because her father, not living in our home, was disabled. Attorney General applied benefits to child support. Father lost benefits a year and a half ago but no one told us and payments kept coming. Because they were to be used for child support, they were. Social security office sent letter of non eligibility and wants all the money back. I have appealed as they asked, but they said sorry, we want our money. Why do we have to pay the money back after HE defrauded the system. I have called 5 attorneys and they all refused to take the case saying it was too complicated. Now what??

As this seems like a

As this seems like a complicated situation, I would suggest filling out our form for a free consultation with a disability attorney. You can find our form at our home page here. I apologize for not being able to help further and good luck with your situation.

I have been on SSDI since Feb

I have been on SSDI since Feb 2010. I have since had a baby in February 2012, but I didn't report it because I had no idea I was suppose to and that it would make any difference. When the paperwork said to report changes, I assumed it meant living address and income changes due to working, not having a child. I just found out this month from my friend that my daughter also will get payments! When I called the 800 #, I was told that I would get back pay and I assumed from her birthdate because she said it wasn't my fault I didn't know to apply. When I got to my local office, at first the amount was wrong, then I was only going to get 6 months back pay and when I mentioned it, they said I could have 1 year and that that was pretty good. My question is who decides on how far they give back pay? Because of my ignorance, my daughter is just out the $13000? Should I try talking to her supervisor. Don't get me wrong, I am super grateful and it is a Godsend but I have been living in a motor home for the past 2 1/2 years because I couldn't afford anything more and now that I realize I could have improved her quality of life if I had just known....I'm a single mom! It just doesn't seem right that they should keep it because I should have known that when they said left them know of any changes that meant if I had a baby...advice anyone? I'm going tomorrow to get correct form for bank account as after spending 5 hours with my 2 1/2 year old there today, I still wasn't provided everything I needed so wondering if I should try discussing back pay with them again when I pick up form or is it a moot point?

Hello there, thank you for

Hello there, thank you for reaching out to us with your scenario. Back pay is roughly determined by the following:
Back Payment = (Monthly Payment) x (Months between EOD and Approval date - Wait Period)
You can read more about logistics of back pay at our Social Security Back Pay page. Also, I don't think it would hurt to talk the amount of back pay over again, just to be sure.

I applied for my daughter

I applied for my daughter ssdi under my name, because i wasn,t notify that she was entited to it under the age the age of 18. So I called social security, and they told me she was entited to it, but they would send her 1 lump sum from october 2010 to july 2014, since she turn 18 and graduated this year, but they told the paperwork was compleled and approved, and waiting for someone to send it to her checking account, but since sept 3,2014 she haven,t recieved it, I have call several times with her approval to s/s and they told me they sent several emails high prority to that dept to release the funds. does anyone have any suggestions what else I can do but continue to call social security on a weekly basis, some agents told me to continue to call to follow up

I began receiving SSDI

I began receiving SSDI benefits 3 years ago. I'm a single parent and taking morphine to function. I'm in a cloud sometimes, but we do O.K. Usually. I didn't realize my child was eligible for benefits also when I applied. Must be the meds, but I totally missed it! We have an appointment with Social Security next week to complete her application. My question is will we be able to get back pay or retroactive pay back to that time period? What should we expect? I appreciate any help or advice you can provide.

Hi Don, thank you for your

Hi Don, thank you for your question. Your dependent child can typically receive up to 50% of your total SSDI benefits. The family limit is 150-180% of the total SSDI rewarded to you, as the disabled individual. Back pay could also be awarded to your child going back to your EOD of disability. If you'd like to read more about dependent and auxiliary benefits visit our Auxiliary Benefits page.

I was told by a rep from SSA

I was told by a rep from SSA that a decision was made on 08/27/2014 but my letter had not been mailed yet. However in the mean time I started My Social Security account online today and there is no information what so ever. I have received full coverage Medicaid benefits so I contacted the department of Social Services and ask about because I had not received anything from SSA. I was told that she received a letter stating that I was found disabled being that I received full coverage medicaid I am assuming it is SSI. When will i know or receive my letter or be posted on my online account?

Hi TJ, I cannot tell you for

Hi TJ, I cannot tell you for sure when they will let you know about your benefits. However, if they made a decision, then you should check your status often and try calling the SSA to confirm the decision at 1-800-772-1213. Best of luck!

I had filed for disability in

I had filed for disability in 2007, and was denied while i was waiting for any answer I became homeless and had to move, I contacted them multiple times they had no updates then the only one i get is a appeal notice that expired the day before i recieved it by mail and they said that i had to refile my whole case because of a 3 day difference between filing an appeal on said decision regardless of circumstances. I did so even though it seemed unfair, I again was told of process of doctors,and exams, I would be in for. I went again to the their doctor that had done mine previously, He was flustered with them. His prior reports were that my condition would only deteriorate if i continued any work. As it had because i had tried to survive an supply my famiies needs. After another 23 months of delays, courts, doctors. I obtained a lawyer 2 wks before my judge. I was at the court building and my attourney calls to say that we won. (2011) That i had to agree to onset date of last day i worked which was not even a 2 month job,(2010) because i wasnt able to perform it. Then comes the settlement and i agreed to a specific amount, after 2payments i recieve a letter saying that i wouldnt recieve the last payment because now it was SSI an they dont pay 6 months of a year. Plus my monthly payments would be recalculated an I was going to recieve less than projected. Because my spouses wages, exc... were now a factor. My children recieved 3$ a month an my spouse lost her job that winter. We reported it as instructed. My children started getting 2 $More now 5$monthly an i recieved 0$ more. How is this possible??

Hi Rick, thank you for your

Hi Rick, thank you for your question and i'm sorry to hear about your situation. There is a family cap of monthly disability payments that is generally 150-180% of your payment amount, including your payment. Depending on how much you receive in payments and how much your children receive, you could have reached that limit. I'd suggest calling your local SSA office for more details as they will have more information regarding your case.

LaTorra Cotton
Do social security disability

Do social security disability back pay for your doctors visits

Hi LaTora, back payments are

Hi LaTora, back payments are given by the Social Security Administration because the benefits process can be lengthy and it's meant as a reimbursement. You could certainly use the back payments you receive to pay for doctor's visits if you'd like. Please feel free to read more about back payments at our Social Security Back Pay page.

Hi, I had to go before the

Hi, I had to go before the ALJ on 09/04/2014 for an appeals hearing on my disability case. During this hearing, the judge stated that she was approving my disability. She mentioned to my attorney that she did not need the 3 additional pieces of evidence that he had requested an extension on, and that it would only delay my benefits and she said she would like to see them get started as soon as possible. She stated that the decision was going to have to go to a "decision writer" and that would take a little bit of time, and after that I would receive my award letter and benefits will start. The problem is, she did not state how much time this would take. I called my local social security office, and the lady did not even take my name, she simply said that there would be no way that she would already know anything on my case, and that I would know before she would. How is it possible for me to know before the social security office about my benefits? Any suggestions as to how long I will have to wait? I am in SW Missouri. Thank you in advance for any information you can offer.

Hi Nikki, thank you for your

Hi Nikki, thank you for your question. We are not affiliated with the SSA, so I won't be able to give you an exact answer. The decision and wait time can definitely vary from case to case and you could wait 6+ weeks. I would suggest calling and checking in again with your local Social Security office for more information. Best of luck.

Hello to all applying. I

Hello to all applying. I applied for disability back in February 2012 and went all the way to the Administrative Law Judge and was again denied. I filed the appeal immediate after the denial letter and waited months. As of September,30,2014 I received a phone call from a woman who worked at the Appeal Center around 8:00 pm. She asked several questions and i responded. She approved me claim and labeled it "critical" What does that mean. Does that expedite my case? How long does it normally take once your in that status to receive benefits.

Hi Dwayne, thank you for

Hi Dwayne, thank you for reaching out. Typically, critical disability cases include compassionate allowances, terminal illnesses, dire need cases, etc. You can find the Critical Case Procedures on the SSA's website. This means that your case will be treated in a more timely manner. It could normally take a few months to over a year to receive your benefits, and in a critical cases, you will receive them quicker.

I received a fully favorable

I received a fully favorable decision for injury SSD on 8/27/14. I received a one time payment for 31240. but my math doesn't work with theirs. I was told you get paid from time of onset date minus 5 months, mine is 19 months, I have a son and wife, son is 11, wife has MS and has been on ssd for 7 years now, did they maybe deduct my wife and son right out of my back pay? On there web site it shows how they came up with the amount, still doesn't work even with attorney fee removed. I was told they will take my "high One" to get my SSD rate, that is 77290, Highest average from 5 years prior to onset date, that was a good year my 5 year average was 64000. I was expecting a lot more back pay, any help or info would be greatly appreciated, Thank You David J

Hi David, thank you for

Hi David, thank you for reaching out and i'm sorry to hear about your confusion. If you want a more precise answer, i'd suggest contacting the SSA directly about your situation at 1-800-772-1213, or, if you had legal representation, contact your attorney.

Please help anyone! I

Please help anyone! I believed I am approved. I filed 5/2012 and denied and initial stage and reconsideration stage. I had my hearing in which the VE said I am unable to work all of the Judges hypotheticals. After the hearing I received a letter from the ALJ saying he proposed some additional medical evidence be entered and that I can send additional Doctor's statements and I can request a supplemental hearing and he will grant it unless he can find me FULLY FAVORABLE with what I provide. I reviewed everything and realized my medical records were incomplete so I had my Doctor write a letter addressing all of my concerns and I am assuming the Judges as well. Well I called today to check of the status and the man told me my case was closed and I asked of the ruling and of course he couldn't say but he said I should be receiving a letter soon within the next couple of weeks. So based off of the letter of the supplemental hearing it was either Fully Favorable or I am going to a hearing. Am I understanding this correctly? Thanks

Hi Torry, I believe that you

Hi Torry, I believe that you are understanding that right. Wait until you receive your letter and go from there. Best of luck!

I had my hearing on Oct. 2nd.

I had my hearing on Oct. 2nd. I am a disabled vet, did not know I could apply for Ssd until March of this year. I was expecting a LONG wait. For some reason I got denied at first, then had my attorney take over, next thing you know I had a hearing date of Oct 2nd. Less than 6 months I had to wait, as I have seen many waiting years. MY onset date was June of 2011, I'VE been getting my VA benefits starting August last year. My question is, I was told it goes back 12 months from the application date, and I'VE waited the five months already from my date applied. I have 3 children and married. What should I expect next, the judge asked for tax returns from 11/12 (yrs) which we owned our own business before I couldn't work. WILL owning our business, which we closed last year as I couldn't work it, and we also were Foster parents she (the ALJ ) asked for the pay we got for being Foster parents. I sent that all in, now what happens next, I cannot log in to the ssa page, it days it doesn't match with experian....So, what should I expect as far as past or Retro pay since I became disabled in 2011, But didn't file until this year in March, also, do I get paid for my wife and kids or is that separate? THIRD my attorney said as soon as the judge sends the paper work over, it will begin processing.. so I assume the judge decides what you get it how far back (according to my attorney It can only go back 1 year prior and not back to my disability date) I was injured in the military, But became disabled as a Medic in 2011...ANSWER would be appreciated. Thank you. JT

Hi Jason, thank you for

Hi Jason, thank you for reaching out to us. As this is a very specific situation and your lawyer has been handling your case, i'd suggest contacting him or her with these questions for a more accurate answer. Or i'd contact the SSA at 1-800-772-1213

I was approved Aug 1, 2014

I was approved Aug 1, 2014 and received my first check in October, but my lawyer has still not been paid and I have no received my backpay which is over 2 years. I am being evicted. I can not get food stamps because I have a court order for child support however my ex never pays. I have been living off credit cards but they are all maxed out. I call every week and am told I will get it in 2 weeks. This has been going on since September. I am getting monthly but I cant catch up on the 2.5 years bills I have. Has anyone else had a problem with baypay for SSDI? My lawyer gets the same answer 2 weeks. I also go to the office and hear same thing. Last time they told me to write congress. I feel ill be dead and the money wont be here.

Hi there, Backpay will only

Hi there, Backpay will only cover 1 year prior to your application for SSDI benefits. The time between your approval date and time until you receive your back pay can vary greatly. You've already been taking the right steps by contacting your SSA representative. There is not a lot more you can do other than wait. Best of luck.

Deanna, do u know anything

Deanna, do u know anything about my situation? I was approved. Received letters from SSD & SSI stating how much backpay I would get about 7 months ago($29,000 SSD)& ($11,000 SSI) Now I've been told that the SSI backpay (11,000) is going to be deducted from my SSD backpay (29,000) my lawyer already received his $6,000 (was told his came out of the $29,000...although I haven't received MY part of $29,000 SSD) SO...My question is this true? 29,000-6,000=23,000 (-lawyer) then..23,000-11,000=12,000 On TOP of that, I was told (by Very Rude Lady, I'll add) they will also take out the total amount of my monthly checks that I've been getting (234.00 a month for approx 4 months now & that #increases each month) Does Anyone know if this is true? In the beginning the same (rude) lady @SSI told me the amounts stating quote "u will b getting a substantial amount of $, because we (SSI) r paying $11,000 backpay & SSD will b paying u $29,000 backpay" Then months later (last month) the Main SSI office (not local) told me this devastating information!! Anyone know which is right? I am going to try to write another post that goes into more detail, only to provide more info (in case someone needs more to help me AND to maybe help others that I have seen ask questions about multiple things that I have experienced)

Hi Debi,

Hi Debi,
I'm sorry to hear that you've had so much difficulty with the SSA! We aren't affiliated with the SSA so I cannot personally look up your case. I have honestly never heard of a case like this so I don't think I can be too much help to you. It makes absolutely no sense for the SSA to deduct your SSI backpay from your SSDI back pay. I could understand if they didn't award you both, but subtracting the $11,000 makes no sense. I would definitely get in touch with your lawyer and ask him about it.
On top of that, I have also never heard of back pay being subtracted from monthly benefits, but it could the SSA reducing your SSI benefit. If they lump your SSI and SSDI payments into one monthly check, your SSI benefits may be reduced due to the back pay from SSDI. That's the only reasonable answer I can think of, but again, you'll need to speak with an SSA representative (hopefully not the rude one) to learn more about your specific case.
If your lawyer received $6,000, you should not be able to receive less than $18,000. A lawyer's maximum payment is 25% of your back pay, with a limit of $6,000. So if he took 25% of your back pay, your total amount to be received should have been at least $24,000+ (leaving you with $18,000+ after his fees).
Something is very fishy here. I am sorry I cannot be more help, but your payments are not adding up. I would consider going to the SSA office in person to try to work something out. Good luck.

I tried to ask my lawyer

I tried to ask my lawyer about this, but unfortunately he told me he couldn't help. He said all he does is help with the process of getting me approved, nothing else. And since he's already received his $6000.00...well. I am going to try calling my LOCAL SS office, as the Main SS office (in Washington) already told me I should have already received my back pay. To make things clearer (for others here) it was the SSI office that told me the $11,000(SSI backpay) would b taken out of the $29,000(SSD backpay). I pray this isn't so. Although, I did see someone elses post on here saying they were told the same thing! It was post #27 (I think...way back) Also would like to add, S.S. office has always been very polite (& Very helpful)...but as of the S.S.I. office? Every time I have spoken to them they were so rude & downright mean that I'm honestly scared to call them again. I will try to keep any relevant info posted, to help others. TY so much again!

Hi Debi,

Hi Debi,
No problem at all, I am glad to be any help!
Yes, please keep me updated! I had no idea the SSA can actually subtract SSI back pay from SSDI back pay. If that's the case and others have had this same issue, I'll be sure to write a FAQ or blog post about it. I have never heard of this before and there is not a lot of information out there on the subject! It seems ridiculous to me so I really hope that isn't the case. Good luck!

Debi, I am in the same boat

Debi, I am in the same boat with almost the same exact amounts they explained it to me like this SSI is paying you for let's say 10 months because you were approved for benefits on both medical and financial levels. SSI is income based therefore when you were supposed to actually receive your first SSDI check after your 5 month waiting period your were technically "overpaid" by SSI. Even though you weren't recieving it yet. So they are paying you actually up to the date you physically receive your first SSDI check. In a lump sum since you were just approved but SSDI is also paying for those same months so they are taking it back. Actually SSDI should reduce your back pay by the amount of your SSI back pay other than the 5 month waiting period. SSI starts right off the bat no waiting so 5 months of that is yours no penalty the rest should be deducted.
I took my SSDI back pay added 5 months waiting period SSI back pay minus attorney fees and that is the "money in your pocket"
It is a bit confusing and they present is like your getting them both but your not. Take your monthly SSI check times it by 5 and and add your SSDI back pay minus lawyers fees and that what you'll get pretty much +/- a few hundred bucks I bet ya. Hope this helped but probably just confused you more cause I was confused even typing it. Good luck and hope everything works out lord knows I am ready to choke the Social Security office.

When she got her back pay in

When she got her back pay in january of 2013, it did not includ our daughters 300 per month. So she applied for it and got it two weeks later, this also included one year of back pay for the (dependent payments). we are wondering if thay were suposed to go back to 2009 for the dependent payments just like her regular months ??? espically since when Terri filed her applaction in 2010 ssdi knew about our daughter.

Hi Terri and Brian,

Hi Terri and Brian,
I believe that SSI back pay for children only goes back for 12 months. Adults can get payments from when they applied, but many online sources state that back pay for SSI will only last for 12 months. You should call your local SSA office to confirm though.

No question, hopefully an

No question, hopefully an answer to some of yours. I received my fully favorable decision from the Judge on 12/23/14. Received a letter & phone call from local SSI office 2 weeks later. Had my appointment at SSI on 1/12/15. Received 1st $2100 payment from SSI on 1/14/15. Called SSI rep. On 1/30/15 and explained to her my DESPERATE financial problems, received another lump sum payment on 2/2/15 & my first monthly SSI benefit payment on 1/30/15. Received Notice of Award of SSDI in middle February 2015. Received my SSDI back pay on 2/25/15 & my first monthly benefit payment on 2/27/15. I have NOT received a letter breaking down any amounts as my Notice of Award letter said it would be mailed separately. I also have NOT received back pay or monthly benefits for my daughter yet. My SSI rep. says they do that last and at this rate she will be married before she gets it! As for Medicare, yeah I got it, but it's a JOKE! Finally, it is very important to take EVERY IN YOUR FILING CABINET TO YOUR 1st APPOINTMENT WITH SSI!! Pray you have an older more experienced rep. that takes pride in her work and likes her job and ALWAYS be as kind, sweet, caring and courteous as you can be (which is not easy when you have borderline personality disorder!)Tell them how much you appreciate their hard work and is there any way you can let their supervisor know how hard he/she has worked for you! I know with absolute certainty it got me my 2nd SSI packpay payment in a couple of weeks instead of 6 months! And for your reference I live in Indiana.

I applied for SSI for my son

I applied for SSI for my son in february 2013 in florida.. His first denial was June 2013 filed reconsideration in June 2013 found out yesterday he was approved. A friend of his took care of him providing shelter ect. is his friend eligible for repayment from his benefits? and should his benefits go back to the first full month after his application date?

Hi Lynn,

Hi Lynn,
I'm glad to hear your son finally got his benefits. I'm not positive on this, but as far as I know, your son's friend will not likely be reimbursed by the SSA. You can always call the SSA toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 to find out more. As for your son's back pay, it will cover all but one month after he applied, so about March 2013 onward. Because the lump sum will be large, he will probably receive the payments in three installments, six months apart from one another.


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