how do I stop being representative payee?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 07/01/2013 - 13:47

I have been my brother's re-payee(sp?) for several years and feel that he is more than capable of handling his own money. What is the process to change this arrangement?

Ghie (not verified)
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My soon to be exhusband is receiving SSI and he applied benefits for our baby. He is the payee. Our divorce was filed and we moved out when the baby was 2mons for safety reason. My baby now is 6mons old and his father refused to support and help. Is it possible that I can be a payee (mother). My baby is with all these time and his father the one receiving the money. i can't work full time because I am taking care of my baby and paying all the bills (baby's need, car rent). We got help from kind friends and distant relatives. We went to SS office Vallejo and the rep there said. I need proof that my baby is with me. He said the medical doctor records, mediCal that my baby my name, process divorced, tax that i claimed my baby, ids not enough. Need to wait for the court order - full custody that I have my baby with me. It is so sad that it will take time in the court. He emphasized with me but can't help at all.

Dorothy Shieldsi (not verified)
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I no longer wish to. Be my daughters representative what forms do ki need to fill out from so tal security disability

Christine (not verified)
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My cousin is having problems his grandpal is his payee and he should have gotten his money on the 1st of this month, but his papal said no he ain't putgin no money on his card cause he said he will spend it all in 3 days or something like that, and kyle all ready has 4,000 save up in the bank but its in his grandpal bank account its not in kyle name or account. He so upset cause his grandpal won't put his 1st of the month money on his card so how can I help him.

Regen (not verified)
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Hi Bryan,

I'm late-middle aged and I receive the type of social security that was described to me as the lesser of the two because I had not worked enough during my lifetime so far.

My relative (half my age) has been my payee. She wants to relinquish that responsibility. I've been a very difficult person to deal with as I have ADHD, bipolar, amongst other things and it's been flaring up for quite some time. I pay the bills I'm supposed to pay but oftentimes I will buy things compulsively like clothing or books and tell myself it's educational material. I do this to my detriment. (I keep the debit card for logistical reasons).

It feels like a real mess. Communication has broken down. I left a message that I hoped she/he would contact social security and just do what I stated above as it's stressing me out. My own behavior+his/her frustration+needing help. But haven't heard back. Plus my relative is semi-famous and incredibly busy and I really want him/her to be free of it.

Is it possible for her to inform social security she relinquishes these duties, period? Because I called them about seven months ago and asked if they could help me find a new payee, the man said they would get back to me, and they haven't. I'm very fearful of calling them again. I have a fear of phone calls and mail in general but social security seems terribly mysterious and impenetrable. And just scary.

I wrote more than I intended but I've needed to ask about this and am very solitary. Thanks if you respond. It was nice just to type it out.


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Hi Regen,
Thanks for getting in touch! Your relative can relinquish the responsibility of being your payee, however you may need to assign another one. You may want to reach out to another relative that you trust who would be better able to work with you as a payee.

Lorrie (not verified)
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I don't want to be my son's rep payee any longer. He is 30 and threatens me daily. I have been to social security several times and they are no help. They say they don't assign new payees. They say it's my responsibility to get him a new payee. They say if I take myself off as payee, his checks will stop and he will be homeless. I have no one willing to take this over. I am at my wits end.


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Hi Lorrie,

Sorry to hear that. You can go to your local SSA office and let them know and the SSA can assign someone else.


Lorrie (not verified)

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I have been to my local SSA several times. They say they can't assign someone else. They say it is my responsibility to find a payee or my son's responsibility. They said they are too busy to do that.

Foley Nash (not verified)
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I need to stop being a representative payee. What is the process for me to initiate this change?


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Hi there,
You would need to contact the SSA and request to have someone else be assigned as payee.

Krist (not verified)
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Do any one know how long it take to get ssi check after rep payee is changed?


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Hi Krist,
I really could not say, but you may want to stay in touch with the former representative payee regarding this as they can confirm that they have stopped receiving benefits for the person that they were payee for.

Jess (not verified)
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If i longer want to be someone's payee will it affect their payments without one??


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Hi Jess,

If you wish not to be someone's representative payee, the SSA will assign someone else and no it will not affect their benefits.


Tina Parchman-Hill (not verified)
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Me and my husband are separated and he put me down on his disability claim how do I get my name off.


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Hi Tina,

You would have to go to your local SSA office and they will assign another payee.


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