Do I Qualify?

Submitted by Deanna on Fri, 10/23/2015 - 13:11

I was just wondering if i were to qualify for social Security. I have Cerebal Palsey and epilepsy seziures. I recently turned 18 and my parents said i was able to collect social security since i was diagnosis at the age of 3. But they never did because they were my parents. But now since im growing up i think it would really help me out. I'm the only one in my family to have a disability with sezuires and epilepsy seziures. This is all new to my parents and I so i would very much appreciate the help. Please and thank you!


Sheridan (not verified)
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Just wondering, I've been working for the past 16 years with the same company. I unfortunently was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, mastectomy, chemo, which was brutal then radiation. I still worked most of this time! My position has caused me to push, pull and twist heavy residents. Now I've been told I'm lazy and wearing all the young ones out. This has caused huge stress to me, my self confidence has gone, my ability to work through the stress has given me lymphodema to my right arm, I feel like I have a foot ball under my arm, I wake up every night in pain and having anxiety attacks, my arm swells. I cry everyday not knowing what to do, or what my future holds, I'm now using my long service leave. If anyone can help me I'd be grateful.


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Hi Sheridan,
That sounds terrible. I'm sorry that you're in such a situation.
I would definitely apply for benefits, you may qualify for SSDI based off your work history. It might also be a good idea to reach out to a disability lawyer or advocate, if you fill out the evaluation on the left of this page we can have one reach out to you. You can also find the evaluation here :

Rita (not verified)
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I am on SSD right now but I recently turned 65. Do I have to re apply for SSD ? Or does social security notify me of income


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Hi Rita,
SSDI benefits automatically convert to retirement benefits when you reach full retirement age.

Jennifer (not verified)
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I have Narcolepsy/Excessive Daytime Sleepiness and was officially diagnosed in 2012. I've searched for Narcolepsy under the disabling conditions with no results. I have worked since before I was even old enough to work so I have plenty of credits paid in to Social Security and FICA. I also have high cholesterol, corporal tunnel as well as hypothyroidism. I'm so Severely tired every day that I'm on 30 mg of adderall 3 times per day to wake me up and I'm also on a federally regulated sleep medication to help with better quality sleep where it allows me to go through all the sleep cycles instead of just REM sleep. Even with the stimulants, I still get extremely tired at different times during the day to where I can't think of anything thing else but sleep. Along with many other effects of Narcolepsy, I cannot stay focused on one thing but for a few minutes then I wander off to other things just to get sidetracked a million other times. I'm really hoping I can get disability benefits to help because we can't even afford our health care right now since I got let go from my job a few years ago. The last few years we've just been barely getting by but things have gotten worse and I've been off most of my meds for a month already.


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Hi Jennifer,
I am very sorry to hear that. What I can tell you now is that it will be very challenging to qualify for SSD benefits when you are not taking your prescribed medication. You will need to go back on the medication your doctors have given you and prove that you are still experiencing symptoms that keep you from working. I would not recommend applying until you are back on your meds for a couple of months.


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Hi Richard,
That's great! If it's to treat a condition that you are receiving benefits for, or if you'd like to apply, you may be maintaining your eligibility for benefits.

Richard (not verified)

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I'm not received any benefits. Honestly I would prefer to keep working. But it's difficult because the seizure medication is not quite right. I feel like I've been put out to pasture. My regular provider only wants to see me every three months. The nerve doctor does not return my calls. Im prescribed adivan. But told not to take it unless really needed. My best guide has been my physical therapist for my knee.

Jessica (not verified)
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I received ssd after being diagnosed with psuedo tumor and depression after about 3 years I thought I would be able to work since I was not feeling depressed I would still get head ache but I was able to manage them well two years later my depression is back ihavestop working due to my headaches and vision loss and memory loss associated with the psuedo tumor I already loss vision in my left eye now my right is damaged this I think this what's making me depressed I'm now on medication to help with headaches do I need to reapply and can i receive benefits while they determine my case

Tanya (not verified)
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I am a 53 years old woman. I have been suffering with the pain caused by herniated disc in the last at least 16 years. There is rarely any day I don't have to deal with the pain. I have been pushing myself, but the pain is unbearable since I am getting older.

If I sit more than 15 minutes, I will have a very hard time to stand up, my left leg and foot are too painful to carry my weights. The back pain also causes the stiffness of my shoulders that I always feel like I am carrying hundred of pounds on them. The fact is I cannot carry even a gallon of milk. If I do, I will pay for that careless action dearly. I cannot function daily without taking the Alive pills (e.g putting on my trousers is a challenge). These pills are to help to numb the pain at least a few hours a day.

I have been seeing doctors about this pain and my primary care physician only shook her head when she saw the result of the MRI. She recommended me to surgeon, but I did not have the surgery due to the consultation with the surgeon: 50/50 the surgery might help or might not, and there is a chance that I can be paralyze after the surgery.

I am still working. I was granted with the remote work because of my back pain and the danger I might cause other drivers if I drive (my doctor sent the request to my employment). However, with the pain I am having now, it is a huge challenge to concentrate and to focus to perform my responsibilities.

With all of the details above, do I have a chance to apply for disability?


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Hi Tanya,
Yes, you can definitely apply for disability. I would not be able to say if you would be approved, but you seem to be dealing with a debilitating condition that is affecting your life. The SSA denies most of the initial claims that they receive, so you may want to reach out to a lawyer for some more guidance through this process. If you fill out the form in the link below, we can have a lawyer or disability advocate reach out to you:

Tanya (not verified)

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Bryan - Thanks very much for the prompt response and info. I will fill out the from in the link that you provided.

#1granmaw (not verified)
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I was diagnosied with depression an ra i have Liver deseise an copd can i get ssi

Dan M (not verified)
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I was involved in a head on collision both going 70mph.This happened in Feb of 2015. The other party was at fault and had the minimum insurance coverage. Most of my issues have been resolved but by back was broken in the lower L regions. I have been getting injections very painful they have to put in 8 different needles to inject steroid. It helps but only works for about 3 weeks. I am also on a high dosage of oxycodone to help with pain. They are now going to input a spinal cord stimulation device. It will get rid of approximately 60% of my pain. I cannot currently stand,walk or sit for any length of time. I am 61 in August. I will probably have to retire but I dont know if there are any options .


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Hi Dan,
I am sorry to hear that. I would recommend asking your doctor to fill out an RFC. This is a form that discusses how much (or how little) physical activity you are able to do.

Juanita west (not verified)
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Hi I had a tripple authroddessi which I'm left with 3_screws in my foot will I be eligible for ssi payments


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Hi Juanita,
It is hard to say. Usually, a foot problem will not qualify for disability benefits. You would need to be able to prove that you are completely unable to preform any jobs that you are qualified for. If you are ONLY qualified for jobs where you stand, you could potentially be approved, but again, it's unlikely.

Kelly Martinez (not verified)
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I was wondering before i go through the process of making doctors appointments (that i cant pay for) to fill out paperwork if i would even be approved. I have had migraines since I was 6 and in high school they became more frequent to everyday I have basically gone through every treatment possible since they can figure out what is causing them. To add to that around Oct 2015 I was diagnosed Rheumatoid arthritis. Is has hit me like a whirlwind with severe joint pain and bad tension headaches adding on top of my migraine pain. It took me 6 months to get into the specialist and have been on the "starter" meds methotrexate for around 2 months and no change. Each day is increasing in pain. I went from working 40 hours a week to around 7 (using fmla which im afraid i am gonna run out of fast) I am currently behind on all my bills and never wanted to be "disabled" before i turned 30. Does anyone think i would qualify? I am concerned I would be denied since I just started on treatment for my RA.

shawn (not verified)
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My Doctor said I could work 40 hours but with restrictions no lifting more then 10 lbs and no pulling stretching no bending no standing more then 30 mins I have CRPS (Chronic Pain Syndrome and I sufferer from Depression and I have arthritis in both knees I have to have shots for Pain I lost my job due to illness and im left handed and my wrist and forearm has been swollen for 3 yrs I have hearing for SSD coming up soon will I be approved ?

tonyatu (not verified)
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I am a 57 year old woman that retired after teaching for 27 years. Was injuried in a car accident, no fault of my own. Have been going to therapy and cioropratice since January 2016. Want to know if I am eligible to apply for SSD soon?

Tracie (not verified)
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Well, I just started a job a month ago and I have a leisure in my knee that is keeping me from working, the Dr wants me to stay off my leg, due to the problem in my knee I have to walk on crutches at all times, I can't work and may have to have surgery which will keep me out of work longer, am I able to file for disability? I am 42 yes of age.


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Hi Tracie,
If you're going to be out of work for 12 months or more, you may be eligible. It may be a good idea to speak with a disability advocate or lawyer during the application process, if you fill out the form on the left we can have one reach out to you.

Mike K. (not verified)
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Am i qualified for receiving SSI again after an appeal,which rendered a partially favorable judgement which incidentally was ruled one yr.later then the first ruling?


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Hi Mike,
You may be qualified for SSI benefits if the judge did not grant you a approval of a "closed period". That's when you are granted benefits after it is determined you were disabled for a period of time but are no longer disabled.

sumanta (not verified)
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i did go for assesment for my ESA benefit they score me zero Friday the 3rd of June i went for hospital my appointment doctor diagnoise me that i have got fibroyalgia am going to appeal againts the decision do u think i will my benefit back

Kathy Smith (not verified)
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My daughter is 14, she has diabetes, hypertension, and just found out she is post menopause. Does she qualify for benefits?

Richard (not verified)
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Hello.. I have a arthritic knee, epilepsy, anxiety, and a slipped disk between c6 and c7. I have honestly tried to keep working. But it seems like lately either anxiety or a seizure takes over. My boss is very understanding but the emotional toll is tearing me apart.


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Hi Richard,
You may qualify for benefits, however many people are denied at the initial application stage. It may be a good idea to talk to a disability advocate or attorney, if you scroll to the top of the page and fill out the form on the left, we can have one reach out to you.

jan (not verified)
Tue, 07/12/2016 - 15:41 Permalink

I w as diagnosed with major depression and social anxiety, also I am 50 yrs old, the most ive ever worked is 3 mos. my whole life time. the drs are also watching my cholesterol every 3 months. do you think I may qualify for dissability

Brittney (not verified)
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Would you know if I would be able to get social security disability, because of several reasons. 1. I was born with a diability, I was born with microtia which means my right ear not developed like it should have been, I have had many surgeries to form it almost to a perfect ear. 2. I have type 1 diabetes which means my blood sugar is always high and I take two medications for it. 3. I have hyperthyroidism which means my thyroid count is high and i have to take medication for that too. 4. I have pancreatitis which means my pancreas inflames and when it does I am in constant pain. I have already been hospitalized for it and was there for a week. 5. I have depresion and it causes me not to wanna do anything and i have very low motivation to want to do anything. I take meds for this too. 6. I have bipolar disorder which means i have trouble being in good mood. I have many mood swings and sometimes suicidal thoughts and i take meds for this. Called lithium. Which also makes it hard for me to get along with people and or bosses. 7. I have migrains that the dr diagnosed me with and i take strong meds for it cause if i dont i am down and out all day till it goes away. I have to be in a dark room, no lite or sound and its got to be cold in the room too. I also throw up it gets that bad. I even pass out from it. 8. I have back problems too. I fel at my furst job and got badly hurt and in the winter my back is always in pain. 9. I have knee problems too. I have had 1 knee surgury for staff and i may have to have another one soon from another fall at a diferent job. 10. I have stomach ulcers and acid reflucs wich makes it hard for me too eat certain things and when they act out it makes it hard for me to get out and injoy life. I also have a learning disability wich makes it hard for me to learn new this and to pay atention and do what im suposed to do. I get engerd alot and it takes me a long time to get beter. So can you tell me if i can or not. Im not lying about none of this.


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Hi Brittney,
That sounds like a lot to deal with! You may be eligible for benefits based on your conditions, but many people are rejected after their initial application. It may be a good idea to speak with a disability advocate or attorney, and if you fill out the form on the left, we can have one reach out to you.

Angelique (not verified)
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I work for a company 3 days and got injured I fell over liquid on floor doctor says I need therapy am I eligible for disability


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Hi Angelique,
I wouldn't be able to say for sure, but if you're unable to work from your experience of falling over liquid on the floor, then yes, you may be eligible for benefits.

Kaytlynn (not verified)
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I was wondering if I would be qualified for disability I am a 16 year old girl in need of a hip replacement and I was also wondering how much would I get for it


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Hi Kaytlynn,
You may be eligible for benefits based on your condition, however I would not be able to say how much as I am not qualified to make that assessment. It may be a good idea for you and your parents to contact a disability advocate or attorney in this case, if you fill out the form on the left we can have one contact your parents regarding this.

Mandi (not verified)
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I am 36, and have been experiencing severe depression with episodes of me lacking focus or concentration and it does affect my job. I am a medical assistant. I haven't been eating well for almost 3 months and have been losing weight. I have no interest in anything physical, sexual, or even have a desire for any sort of attention or affection from my husband. I have experienced a lot of verbal abuse at my jobs and it has really only increased my issue with depression as well as anxiety. I have a history of panic attacks and when they happen at work, I completely shut down. I've been this way for most of my life, but in the last several years it has increasingly got worse. I have occipital neuralgia, a bulging disk in my neck, mild chiari malformation, and severe debilitating migraines. I know I am young, but with theses issues, doing my job has become difficult. Would I qualify for disability.

Helen (not verified)
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Hello, I am 60 years old. Since I was 22 I suffered from depression and anxiety. I have seen pyshciatrists over the years and all have diagnosed me with major depression disorder. I also suffer from diabetes type II, fibromyalgia. I am presently not working and don't know how I could ever return/ Could I be eligible?

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