Lump sum back payment

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 09/26/2011 - 13:04

I received two lump sum payments, but I have not spent all of the funds. I want to make a funeral arrangement and buy a car. How soon must I spend the lump sum payment.


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Hi Ava,
You may be able to if you contact the SSA with some information as to why you need the expedited back payment.

samantha (not verified)

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Hello my daughter got approved for ssi in June well last week women did money split it up I have called and called no answer so why is it taking so long


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Hi Samantha,
If you're waiting for back pay benefits, then those generally show up around four months after you are approved for benefits.

Diana (not verified)
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I am a widow and will be 60 soon. I have also filed for disability in 2014. I'm waiting on a hearing date. My question is if I take widows benefit and then get approved for disability will I lose the backpay by widows benefit?


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Hi Diana,
I am sorry for your loss
If the widow's benefit is larger than your disability benefits, you may only be eligible for the widow's benefit.

darlene (not verified)
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My judge has made decision on my ssd how soon will i get the decision letter

chanyn (not verified)
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I have 21k in back pay owed to me and I was told I could / or my payee could request to get some of it early.. Is there a standard form or a method of getting this done ?


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Hi Chanyn,
you can contact your local SSA office with some documentation that you have an immediate need for the money, like a past due bill, the SSA may be able to help you out.

Roxy Verner (not verified)
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My disability back pay was from 1/21/15, before I applied and received SSI, I was receiving retirement. I got SSI back pay, no back pay for SSDI, when I called I was told that my SSDI had been used to restore my retirement & that I was not owed anything, I never received a letter regarding the amount of backpay, I received nothing. I don't understand how they can do that without acknowledging me in a letter, something. Can you give me clarity on this matter.


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Hi Roxy,
If you're eligible for retirement benefits, you may not be eligible for SSDI benefits, and vice versa.

Huggins (not verified)
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Hi, I have been getting the run around with ssdi. I did get a letter showing when I will get my Social Security check. Nothing from my lump sum/back pay$. My question is, is SSDI two different checks? One from your age and one from a disability like MS.

Thanks, Huggins

Sharon (not verified)
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I recently just turned in all info to get my back pay. I am in deep need to get it ASAP!!!! I go to the SSA in roanoke rapids NC. Who do i contact? What do I do??? I can't lose my car Because I am going to school next month. And I need that. I don't have a job... I have been fired because I didn't meet the needs they wanted. I am looking for another job but noon's calling back


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hi Sharon,
You may want to contact your SSA office in roanoke rapids, if you have documentation of your need for your backpay you may be able to have your backpay expedited.

Michael Strickland (not verified)
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I got in may 2016 my first back pay from ssl but now i need a car because there is no public transportation where I live and I also have my mother that lives with me that is very an able to get around and we both have doctors appointments I have had missed a few due to not having transportation plus I have to have a major operation iHip a knee replacement and I have no vehicle 2 used for when I get home or why I'm in the hospital for somebody to come get me or to bring me things and Social Security is the night to help me to get a car even though Naomi 27000 and back pain what can I do because I still have one student in the house which will be graduating hopefully soon but I still need a vehicle and I went to a car lot like they told me to wanted and could afford which was only 5700 and they denied to help me get it because the payment of $2,100 purchased synonyms for myself that they didn't like it was a purchase of guitars because I had to sell everything you might had fighting for 5 years to get my Social Security and so I felt that there is no problem with me replace something that I had to sell as I was fighting with them buy beers after getting hit by a semi being in a coma heaven 11 surgery so far and they wanted to replace my hip and knee in July reliable transportation so what can I do


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Hi Michael,
The SSA may not include a car as a financial resource, so I would contact the SSA and let them know that you plan to use your backpay for a car, they can go into detail as to how you can stay eligible while purchasing a car.

Mann (not verified)
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I got approved for disability. My first payment was april of this year for 2000. I'm looking for 6500 from back pay. Do you know when I'll get it and will I receive it all in one?


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Hi Mann,
That 2000 is the first third of your back pay, you will receive it in installments six months apart.

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