Lump sum back payment

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I received two lump sum payments, but I have not spent all of the funds. I want to make a funeral arrangement and buy a car. How soon must I spend the lump sum payment.


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Hi Tamika,
SSI Back pay is paid out in installments six months apart, and you had two installments before this last one. I'm not sure how likely it is that you would receive the money on the 21st, as we are not affiliated with the SSA.

Ella (not verified)
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I really need my back pay from my ssa need to pay my bills the money I do get paid the rent need to buy a car my daughter works all the time she don't have time to take me and she have a two year Old and going to have a baby.


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Hi Ella,
It may be a good idea to contact your local SSA office with this information, as we are not affiliated with the SSA. If you bring documentation of your need for an expedited back pay payment, they may be able to get you the money sooner.

Kelly Ann (not verified)
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My husband,daughter and myself moved in with my mother to take care of her.Well she recently passed away,We have to move by November 1,for the house to be sold.With my husband's ssdi payment and my pension,we can't even pay rent plus bills.Is there anyway we could request a hardship for back pay to purchase a home?


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Hi Kelly Ann,
I am sorry to hear that. I am afraid to say that I do not believe that there is any way to get additional income from the SSA to afford a house, UNLESS you are still owed back pay. This may be a perfectly reasonable hardship (potentially becoming homeless) to expedite backpay.

Smith J (not verified)
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I was approved for SSI. My first back pay installment will likely be taken completely to cover a debt to county general assistance. I'm in California.

1) I live in a rural area and I can get to doctors appointments fine. But the bus only stops near my house on the weekdays. I need to be able to pick up my prescriptions when the refill dates fall on a weekend. Would this qualify as a medical need that can facilitate an early payment from my back pay towards a vehicle?

2) I have a car that needs repair, registration, and insurance. I know there is a provision for the purchase of a car but nothing is said about repairs to a car. Do they allow for repair, registration, and insurance down payment? If they do, what kind of proof do they need?

3) I also saw that there is an exception to provide for repayment of rent and to buy a house. But will they also help with first, last, and deposit on an apartment for rent? I say first only because I may have to move mid-month.

I am in a situation where my roommates are subtly hostile and now they're making frivolous complaints to my landlord to get her to help them harass me. I think she is an unwitting accomplice but hostile none the less. I am mostly physically disabled but have severe anxiety that is brought on as a side effect of my physical condition. (As far as the harassment situation I will be seeking legal aid so I probably don't need advice on it but it couldn't hurt either.)

I hope this will be of help to others with questions on here to. I did read the SSA's guidelines for early payment but they seem very limited in information.


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Hi Smith,
This is probably not the answer you are looking for, but you may not be able to get expedited back pay for your car. The only way you would be able to do this is if you could show an EXTREME need, and like you mentioned, you do have (limited) bus service. I would recommend contacting the SSA representative who handles your case to discuss your need for a car and how that can help your wellbeing.

mary (not verified)
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I have requested an early release of my bad pay. My case worker from ss had called me on June 25th and said that he got the amount I requested released but still nothing on the card. Will they send it to the car lot where I got the estimate for a vehicle or will it come to my card. Have appointments this week. Need to get to them bad.


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Hi Mary,
Congratulations on getting the expedition approved! It unfortunately can still take a few days to process, so hopefully it arrives soon.

Amber (not verified)
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I received my back pay payment the 4 of January so I'm expected for the second installment July 4.will it still come that date because it's a holiday?or when should I expect to receive it?


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Hi Amber,
The SSA sends back payments the day before a holiday if the payment would fall on a holiday otherwise.

Steve Disabili… (not verified)
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my SSDI was approved :)) but iam now appealing the date of judge hearing. my year start date 6/2008 & SSDI'S "WIGI Board" said Feb 2014.

I have received 2 checks of my monthly SSDI per my approval notification letter.

My question: Just received a substantial check which covers back pay to Feb 2014?

***Does negotiating the check effect the case of my appealing the 2008 date to a SSDI Judge hearing. I do not want to release them of any liability by negotiating this large check. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Steve


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Hi Steve,
Generally SSDI back payments are limited to as far back as a year from the date of your application. If you did not apply in June of 2008, you may not be eligible for back pay from that date.

Isabelle (not verified)
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Hi my sons SSI was closed but I just got a letter stating that SSI owes him back payment of around $2,800 and it says that would pay this money and send another letter but I don't understand why


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Hi Isabelle,
They may have either made an adjustment to the amount that he was eligible for prior to the loss of SSI, or that may be a lump sum for any back pay that he was owed earlier.

Trecie lynn (not verified)
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Im owed back pay and i need some of it asap im homeless no car and i need to know how to get some of the money owed to me


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Hi Trecie,
You should contact your local SSA office and let them know about your situation, they may be able to help. You can call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213

carlos manzanet (not verified)
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Hi carlos manzanet. Lose hear. I can't talk, hear. Today receive the letter by Lumpsum $10,00.00 each and every week for an entire. Year and provide I'd number. When cash send me Lumpssum?


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Hi Carlos,
I think you might want to show that letter to someone you trust, because the SSA would not send you a letter proposing to send you $520,000 over the course of a year. That letter might be a scam of some sort.

Ava (not verified)
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I just received the first lumpsum I have to pay som bill now I need more money my son therapist tell me my son his really depressed now I have to move my iprea day shooting a lot did you think I can get the money I need to move

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