Lump sum back payment

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I received two lump sum payments, but I have not spent all of the funds. I want to make a funeral arrangement and buy a car. How soon must I spend the lump sum payment.


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Hi Michelle,
You may be able to, it's a good idea to contact the SSA with documentation of this ( like an eviction notice).

Brittany (not verified)
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I need my back payment released now for rent but I am not due until October but I've had it done before years ago I just needed to bring in the apartment lease agreement but I am not living in an apartment, I'm renting a room but I owe back rent. So my question is will they take a hand written rental agreement


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Hi Brittany,

I can't say for sure. You may be able to get expedited payments from the SSA. I would recommend speaking to a representative from there just to be sure.


Gabriela (not verified)
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Hi i live in Illinois. My son receives SSI benefits he is 5yr. He is receiving back pay. I was told the back pay has to be spent on medical or educational. Or things that benefits him. I called the SSI 1800 and asked if i could use some of the money for a new bed for my son and my car needed new breaks and I asked if i could use some of the money to fix my car they said yes because I benefited my son.. Well today and had to go to my local SSI office and they asked me if ive used the back pay i said yes. Had to fix it breaks on my car and a bed for my son, i told the lady that I called the SSI 1800 number to make sure it was okay to use the back pay and that they said yes it shouldn't be a problem. Well the lady today told me no and I have to put the money back that I used. I don't know what todo is there anyone to could call to sort this. And what will happen if i dont pay back the money.


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Hi Gabriela,
I'm sorry to hear about that! Unfortunately, you may be required to repay the SSA regarding that use of funds.

Linda Cantley-Smith (not verified)
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My daughter, Sara Lindstrom has mental illness and she needs the remaining balance of the back pay monies. It's for hardship, many things late for payment. What does she need to do


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Hi Linda,
You may want to contact the SSA regarding this hardship with some documentation of it ( for example, an eviction notice, past due bills, ect).

Michael (not verified)
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My son is 12 years old and use to get ssi but his mother says that he's now owing back ssi $15,000 and she didn't recertify for it again because she doesnt want it and thats too much to pay back.the problem is im the father and i got injured on my job in 2014 and applied for ssdi in april of 2015 and was denied in july 2015 .apply the appeal in july of 2015 and was granted a hearing in july of 2017 where i was found fully favorable.i want to know with my son mother owing $15,000 TO SSI AND ME GETTING AN AWARD FROM SSDI WILL THAT SSI OWING BY MY KID MOM AFFECT MY AWARD.I DIDN'T KNOW THAT THEY OWE BECAUSE MOM WAS GETTING IT FOR HIM.SO I WANT TO KNOW WITH MY SSD BACKPAY. AWARD WILL IT BE GARNISH WITH MY SON OWING SSI AND HE'S ONLY 12 YEARS OLD AND HIS MOM WAS RECEIVING OT FOR HIM.PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT IS GONNA BE THE OUTCOME PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU CAUSE IT'S KILLING ME INSIDE IF I HAVE TO LOOSE ALL MY BACK PAY FOR THE INJURY THAT I RECEIVE ON MY JOB.THANK YOU


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Hi Michael,
If your child's mother was the representative payee for his account, she may be liable for any money owed to the SSA.

Wayne (not verified)
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My daughter was born primitive at 1lb5onces. She was hospitalized in nicu at 29 weeks. Me and her mother set up a SSI claim for her were she started reciveing $30.00 payments per month while she was hospitalized. She was discharged 3 months later.We continued receiving her $30.00 payment from June 2014 January 2016 so far we gotten 2 lump sum payments of $2,000 every 6 months. How do I request my daughters last lump sum payment of $9,500.

Michelle Elain… (not verified)
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I emailed our local congressman yet I also went to my local office with documentation of my health taken a turn for the worse and also being kicked out. Because I became sicker. Lol. I wanted the money to buy a small camper to set up at a local park one payment pays all bills and the one I found the man was willing to hold 2 days and I had only seen pictures. My Congress secretary submitted an inquiry and a case worker gave me paperwork to fill out to turn back in that day. It was a wed they close at noon and when I made it back the guard was holding door for people to exit and would not let me turn it in. I was so upset I called my worker left message and he returned my call before I made it home. He is aware of everything and u became very sick and they still don't no what's wrong. He advised me to be careful and said I was approved but be very careful. Go look and make sure it's what it's suppose to be and see if he will hold it a few more days. He said there was no way it could be processed by Friday and it would definitely be following week. Have him write a description amount and contact num and bring it back next day. Well it was a dump. But I found one where I'm from of people I new off and got everything together and dropped off. I'm waiting on tests ect to find out what's going on and want my own place to recipe and live that I can easily move if need be. I'm praying it will be deposited Monday but it was wed when I was approved and I pray into the system the next day. This turn for the worse and trusting has really taken a toll on me. Do you think it can be in as soon as Monday?


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Hi Michelle,
I really could not say as we are not affiliated with the SSA or the federal government.

Crystal Miller (not verified)
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Hello everyone,

Well I've been going through the decision making process with my 10 years old son since September of 2012. We finally made it to go in front of a law judge in June 2017. I was told that I brought in enough information so my son will be entitled to his pack pay. I was wondering how long do it take to get the approval letter. When I called they said it is still processing. Also, his diagnosis changed over the years but, I made sit to turn in all information. He has autism and other things.


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Hi Crystal,

Congrats on the approval! Unfortunately there really is no timetable, but just continue to regularly check in with your status online.

Best Wishes,

BRYANT (not verified)
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I got approved for ssi on August 29 2014 then I got approved for ssdi on August 10 2017 do I get any back payments??

Brian (not verified)
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I am still waiting to see the ODAR judge in ky. I have applied for both SSDI/SSI. My attorney says I have a great case just have to see the judge. what I would like to know when I am approved and I receive my back pay for the 17 months, I was told I can get my SSI back pay all the same time and the SSDI over time is this true?

D.R. (not verified)
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I received a lump sum payment from my 401k which brings me over the allotted 999.99 I can have in my bank account. Can I do a voluntary payment to SSDI in order to remain on disability? I really do not want to have to be taken off disability and then re-apply.


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Hi D.R.,
If you're on SSDI benefits, you would not have a limit to how much you can have in your bank account, and your 401k may be counted as unearned income, which SSDI recipients do not have an eligibility limit for either.

CK (not verified)
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I've received 2 lump sum payments but I got emergency funds in July will that effect my last lump sum payment?

CK (not verified)
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Will getting emergency funds affect when I get my last lump summer installment?


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Hi CK,
Yes, because they had paid out emergency funds. You would receive the back pay you were owed minus the emergency funds you were given.

CK (not verified)

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What I Meant was because I got emergency funds in July will I still get my last lump sum payment in September?

Ck (not verified)

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Thanks Bryan Have A Great Day!!!

Angelina (not verified)
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Will ssi help with a advance payment to help me move somewhere where i can have someone help take care of me and to buy a electric wheelchair

Mark (not verified)
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I just got my closed time period approved? How long before I get lump sum?

Jazmine (not verified)
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I'm waiting on my sons 3rd lump sum they told me I will receive it and August but I haven't yet do think they took it back or what happen

Anonymous (not verified)
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I was just approved for my social security disability because of back problems fully favorable went to Social Security office SSI did the review told me I should have a check in a couple of days and the back payment lump sum I'm waiting on SSD to figure out what I'm old they went back to June 1st of 2013 until present is there anyway I can check on the status of my money and when I might get it since I've been disabled I've become homeless vehicle less even lost my dog the judge expedited my case at the hearing I'd like to get back to being a productive member of society any idea when or how I can find out when I might get some money


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Hi there,
I really couldn't say, but since you've been granted expedited benefits due to your need, it may be soon. Hang in there!

dani (not verified)
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hi I received my first ss disability july 2017. my onset date is 12/14/16. when will that money be sent thanks dani


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Hi there,
I really could not say as both the SSI and SSDI programs have different rules regarding when benefits would start.

dani (not verified)

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hi again bryan I am collecting ssd since july. What happens to the 5 1/2 months I was waiting for disabiliy to kick in dani


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Hi Dani,
The SSA may provide back pay for that, if you are set to receive back pay they would include the back pay for those months in there.

Teri (not verified)
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My son received a very large back payment from social security. He is also on SIS and has Medicaid for his secondary insurance. Can we spend that lump sum payment so to not lose his SIS and Medicaid, or do we have to lose SIS and Medicaid and reapply when the money runs out?


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Hi Terri,
You would either need to spend it or you may be able to put it in a special needs trust. It may be a good idea to contact your local SSA office regarding this.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I applied for SSI in 2015 I finely got approved how much will I get in back pay?


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As of 2016, monthly SSI payments were $733/mo + any state supplements. You should receive a lump sum for all the months you've missed. This lump sum should come in three separate installments. Hope this helps!

Amy (not verified)
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I just received a letter stating they were with holding $ 18,000 for SSI back pay to pay lawyer and Human Re. I am thinking that is food stamps. Do you have to pay back all food stamps

Deana (not verified)
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Hi, my son has spina bifida, he is 4 years old and was just approved this month. We applied when he was 6 months old. We haven't had our last appointment yet, due to phone tag with the office. Today my car broke down and im a single mother. I have no way to get to work or any of his doctors appointments. Will he receive back pay and is there anyway we can rush the process due to the dire need for transportation?


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Hi Deana,
You can, you may want to contact your local SSA office about this with documentation of your need ( like a repair estimate or bill).

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