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I received two lump sum payments, but I have not spent all of the funds. I want to make a funeral arrangement and buy a car. How soon must I spend the lump sum payment.


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You're very welcome!

laura knight (not verified)
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I'm on SSI supplemental income I have received 2 payments of 2,199 of back pay I have one payment left of 1,700 due me on December 31st but I have recently become homless ,I have found a house to rent in another state and need thay money to get there on a bus and pay the rent will they give me that last payment early?


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Hi Laura,
You may be able to get backpay expedited if you contact the SSA with some documentation of your need for the backpay ( such as past due bills, eviction notices, ect)

Jennifer (not verified)
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My mother is on medicare and was just released from a rehabilitation healthcare center that she's been at for over 2 months. They JUST tried to calculate what she owed (after several weeks of the place putting it off) and today she recieved her disability back pay (~$9k) which they now say she will owe ~$5K instead of the ~$1,200 originally expected. Can they take her back pay lump sum to pay the medicare bill? She was completely unemployeed for a year with no unemployment benefits, then got cancer, had reumatoid arthritis flare-ups, intersitial lung disease, broken back bones, about 2 dozen blood transfusion and diabetes ALL while waiting for disability to kick in. She finally qualified for medicare this may (65th birthday) and today she recieved the disability backpay. She has fallen so far behind on getting necessary things for herself that she needs this money to continue to survive and I was wondering if it was legal for them to do this. Is the full amount considered income even though technically she would've recieved that amount over years and it won't be consisitently that amount? It hardly seems right.


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Hi Jennifer,
Generally, disability benefits are not able to be garnished, so the care facility may not be able to take the lump sum. I would also contact Medicare regarding the change in pricing, they may be able to help you regarding that.

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Can i buy a car with a lump some if i recieve ssa

Debra Hatfield (not verified)
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Social security has owed me a back payment of $350 since 2015. They have not responded or paid me. How do I get them to pay me what they owe me plus interest. I went to the office and talk to someone who told me they owed me this money and they would give it to me on my next months disability payment. That was May of 2015. This has not happened yet. Do I need to go and speak to the administrator of Social Security? I will go as high as I have to go.


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Hi Debra,
I'm sorry, but I would not be able to say whom to contact regarding this, as we are not affiliated with the SSA. Additionally, I am not sure that they'd pay you back with interest as they are not a bank.

Patricia Burt (not verified)
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Last lump sum was February the twelve of 2016.when should I get my next one


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Hi Patricia,

Unfortunately I do not know the answer, but the SSA may. You can call them directly at 1-800-772-1213. Good luck!

Stacey (not verified)
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I was approved for ssi they gave me back pay of $357 but I am also owed $550 for back pay but keep getting the run around I have been told the check has been sent out but it hasnt. What should I do? I have called them and went to their office same thing.


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Hi Stacey,
If you've already received one SSI back pay installment, you will most likely not get your next back pay for another six months.

Lillie chappell (not verified)
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I got my daughter lum sum in July 2016 when will she get her second one

Sara (not verified)

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I received my first ssdi payment 8/17/2016 and my attorney received his payment in October from my lump payment. I still have not received my lump sum payment. I have called every week and can't get a solid answer on when I would get it. I was told this week it would be some time this month possibly but if I don't receive it, to call back next month. Do any of the yahoos know anything that does the customer service for social security? My attorney hasn't been much help ever since they received their payment. It's so frustrating. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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Hi Sarah,
It generally takes about four months from the time you start receiving monthly checks to receive a lump sum, so it may be this month. We are not affiliated with the SSA or the federal government, so you may want to contact them regarding your lump sum.

Anonymous (not verified)
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If I appled for my social security back n Feb I got approved said payments will be on the 3rd of each month now my question. Is will I receive a back pay from when I applied till now ?


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Hi there,
If you're just approved now and you applied in Feb, you will be entitled to back pay. SSI recipients are entitled to back pay if they need to wait longer than one month to be approved.

Bonnie (not verified)
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Hello! My child's father started receiving I guess his ssi but he as well pays child support. I called the social security office so my daughter will get it as well but my question is will she get a lump sum or just month payments and how much? Will she still get her child support check?

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