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My childs father had applied

My childs father had applied for SS im not sure if he will qualify for SSD or SSI if he only gets SSI will on going or past due child support come out of his benefits?

Unfortunately, I cannot

Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question. Child support is determined by Child Services, not SSA. It is up to Child Services to decide if a person on disability should pay child support out of the benefits.

I am receiving SSD if I go to

I am receiving SSD if I go to work will my child continue to receive his monthly checks

Hi Marvin,

Hi Marvin,

It depends on how much you would be making at your work. I would contact the SSA to see if they can shed some light on this.

I’m confused. I was approved

I’m confused. I was approved for SSDI snf when I filed for my kids, they’re gonna receive hardly nothing. I curious as to how they came up with such a low amount.

Hi Sherry,

Hi Sherry,

The Maximum household income limit is around 175% of one beneficiary's entitlement. Basically, your household income limit is 175% of what you receive as your monthly payment. For example, if you receive $1,000 per month, your total household monthly payment cannot be more that $1,750.

My ex gets disability is my

My ex gets disability is my daughter suppose to get a check sent to her

Hi Deb,

Hi Deb,

If she doesn't have a disability of her own then she could possibly get auxiliary benefits if she is under the age of 18.

Michelle Brinkl...
Ok im 35 and my biological

Ok im 35 and my biological father was just approved for ssdi and my sibling and i are to recieve a large amount of money from his back pay or whatever it is however my biological mother is threatening to keep this large amount of money for herself and not give it to me and my family or my sibling and their family. Are we entitled to that money or is she? If so how do i go about protesting to where she dont get it but my sibling and i do??

My ex-husband informed me

My ex-husband informed me today that if my children receive back pay for my SSDI application that money is yo be used to offset his child support?

My first question is would my children receive any type of back pay since I am the one disabled?

Second, would any back pay from my children be an offset for child support?

I was under the impression child support in Texas is based on my exhusbands income?

What would be the reasoning to offset his child support?

My daughter turns 18 on the

My daughter turns 18 on the 30th of august. SSD sent me 2 letters stating that they would not be sending her money this month, but they did. Is it because her birthday is almost the last day of month or an oversite

My son recieves benefits for

My son recieves benefits for bipolar disorder. Can his daughter recieve benefits too?

Hi Jackie,

Hi Jackie,

It is possible that she may be able to qualify for auxiliary beenfits until she is 18.

My 14yr old has total hearing

My 14yr old has total hearing lost in left ear and genetic problems. She lost her SSI. Why

Hi Betty,

Hi Betty,

If the parent(s) make a decent income, then the child's disability could be lost or denied. This could be what happened. I would call the SSA to see if that is what happened to your child. Their number is 1-800-772-1213.

rhonda jewell
I receive $750.00 a month in

I receive $750.00 a month in SSI. Should my 15 year old daughter receive anything. I have never receive nor expect to receive child support for her.

Hi Rhonda,

Hi Rhonda,

If you are receiving SSI, then your daughter is not entitled to auxiliary benefits. Sorry!

Sarah McGraw-Laputa
Is my grand daughter who I

Is my grand daughter who I have legal permanent guardianship of able to collect a portion of my disability payments?

Hi Sarah,

Hi Sarah,

Grandchildren can only qualify for auxiliary benefits under their grandparents if your granddaughter's parents are disabled or deceased, or if you legally adopted your grandchild.

I have 2 children and my ex

I have 2 children and my ex is $16,000 past due on child support. He just got approved for disability and told my son to apply for SSDI. If my son gets SSDI, how will this affect the arrearage of child support (which was for both kids)?

Hi Donna,

Hi Donna,

Social Security disability benefits is a federally run program while child support is mandated by the courts, so they do not impact each other. But, if your ex was awarded back pay then that may be garnished to satisfy child support debt.

I have some custody of my

I have some custody of my daughter and the mother is 4000 in arrears on support and is not part of her life.Support enforcement says they cannot enforce because she is on social security disability they said I might be able to check with social security and tag my daughter onto her claim and at least get something from social security for her .Is there any real chance of this or is it a waste of time?

Hi Mike,

Hi Mike,

There is a chance your daughter could qualify for auxiliary benefits. She would have to be a dependent of her mother's to qualify.

My mother owes $26,000 in

My mother owes $26,000 in back child support and is receiving SSI. Not disability. Can she get in trouble for not paying anything. Even after receiving SSI?

Hi Tab,

Hi Tab,

SSI and child support are two different programs. SSI is a federal program and child support is decided by the court so SSI and child support are two different programs. But if child supported is mandated by the court, the responsibility does not stop once someone begins to receive benefits.


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