What is This Condition and Can I Qualify for Disability?

Throughout the course of a medical diagnosis, you may have heard a symptom or diagnosis that you didn’t quite recognize. Even if it is uncommon, it is still possible to qualify for disability benefits.

Using The Blue Book

The SSA has a guide that lays out the specific medical criteria that is needed to qualify for disability benefits with specific conditions. That should be the first place to look and see if you qualify. First, locate your specific diagnosis and see if there is a listing. If you are unable to find a listing, it is possible that your diagnosis is a symptom of a larger condition and you may be able to qualify based on the criteria for the overarching condition.

For example, if you have been diagnosed with Reiter’s syndrome, there might not be a specific blue book listing. However, Reiter’s syndrome is a form of arthritis which is well documented in the blue book.

Using An RFC

If you have been diagnosed with an uncommon condition or symptom that is not listed in the blue book, it is still possible to qualify using a Residual Functional Capacity test. An RFC is something that can be filled out by your doctor that explains exactly what you can and can’t do as it pertains to your job.

If you have been diagnosed with a symptom or conditions that you don’t recognize, learn more about qualifying for disability benefits here:

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